One Night with the King

2006 film by Michael O. Sajbel

One Night with the King is a 2006 religious-drama film that follows a young Jewish girl born into poverty who grows up to become a beauty who catches the eye of the powerful King Xerxes and ultimately becomes his bride. But despite her position, her life is in danger, as the state has decreed that all Jews will be put to death. Defying warnings to remain silent, she struggles to save her people, as she attempts to hide her heritage.

Directed by Michael O. Sajbel. Written by Stephan Blinn, based on Hadassah: One Night with the King by Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen.
Feel The Touch Of Destiny

Esther/Hadassah Edit

  • If I perish... I perish.
  • [in her prayers] Obedient I have been. I walk before you with a loyal heart and now I stand in the hour of trouble precisely because of my obedience. I beseech you father. Let there be another way. Rise up a deliverer and let this pass... let this pass.

Mordecai Edit

  • God, every day I pray for you to give me the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon. And what do you give me? You give me the endless equivocations... of a beautiful, young woman!

King Xerxes Edit

  • [impassioned, kissing Esther deeply] Know you how many times I tried to come for you after that first night... How many evenings I spent counting the stars to keep my mind off you... How many excuses I created just to avoid the other candidates. [kissing her wholly]
  • [presenting Esther to his kingdom] Persians! Your queen!

Dialogue Edit

Hagai: [in Xerxers’ chambers] Queen Vashti, your majesty. [steps aside, revealing the beautiful Queen]
King Xerxes: Enter. [gathers his shirt and goes to her, kissing her hand] The night’s festivities hold not your interests?
Queen Vashti: It is long since you summoned me here. (looking at his work table) Your hands have not been idle.
King Xerxes: Not idle... not gifted either.
Queen Vashti: You do know why the Princes have asked you to extend the feasting another night.
King Xerxes: [turning to leave] You're to late if you seek me to deny them, especially now. With such clamering to march upon Greece and avenge my father's death.
Queen Vashti: [stopping him, pleading] How long have dreamt of molding Persia into a pillar of learning and culture? Afraid to make even the greatness of Greece buy a shadow. You know as well as I that this not something that is won in battle, but in the hearts of men.
King Xerxes: [unbelieving] You would have me do nothing then?
Queen Vashti: You're no warrior, no soldier... I'd have you stay... enhance your kingdom, preserve your thrown. [hesitates and leaves]

Queen Esther: [on the balcony, watching the feast] They go to fetch the Queen. She must be lovely, reigning in a place such as this.
Jesse: None is more lovely then you, my queen. [kissing her hand]
Queen Esther: My thanks, fair prince.
Jesse: Prince?... Why is it for years you threaten to join the caravan for Jerusalem, yet you never do? What holds you back?
Queen Esther: [forlorn] Perhaps the courage to face it alone.
Jesse: What if you had someone to join you?

Hagai: [to Esther as she is feeding the monkeys] I am curious, to whether you frustrate me of sincerity or to ensure you're never chosen Queen.
Queen Esther: [getting to her feet, turning around] You assume I actually care about being chosen Queen.
Hagai: I am serious!
Queen Esther: Serious of what? Finding a real Queen? Is that why you subject us to these beauty treatments? These... classes?
Hagai: You do not like our fine instructors?
Queen Esther: They simply neglect to teach us some things.
Hagai: Such as?
Queen Esther: Well seemingly anything to do with actually being Queen. The thought well thought; the word well spoken; and the deed well done. As it is said in the great books.
Hagai: [very amused] You read?
Queen Esther: Many times.
[Hagai turns away and starts laughing]
Queen Esther: [going after him] Before I received your 'invitation', I was reading of Gilgamesh and the Babylonian!

[Queen Esther in Xerxes's chambers, walks towards the chair]
King Xerxes: [standing in the shadows] The scroll is on the stool. You may begin when ever you are ready.
[Queen Esther glances at the stool and back towards Xerxes]
King Xerxes: Is there a problem?... Did they not tell you I weary at this procession of candidates? I simply wanted someone to... [stops and looks at Esther] Wait. You were the one who read to me before. You tried to beguile me with love stories. Did you not think I had the sense to see through your little parable? The arrogance, you speak to me as I were this Rachel, in need of help to look after my father's sheep!
Queen Esther: My lord, I meant no disrespect.
King Xerxes: [walking towards her] And this is how you come to see me? Your only adornment before your one night with the king.
Queen Esther: It is, your majesty.
King Xerxes: You consider yourself of so little worth, that I could purchase your love so cheaply.
Queen Esther: I was taught... that when you visit a King, rather than expect a gift, one should bring one to lay at his feet. [removes her necklace and offers it to him] This is my most valuable possession in the world. It is my past, my present, and my future. And all of it is yours.
King Xerxes: [takes her necklace and turns away] Some would call you foolish, indeed. As they would call your Jacob. Of all commodities, love is the easiest... and the most cheaply purchased.
Queen Esther: If it is for sale, my lord. It is not love.
King Xerxes: Even you... [moving closer] Even you must have a price.
Queen Esther: I am neither a buyer nor a seller of love.
King Xerxes: Suppose, my lady. A man offered you a more treasured gift. Say a kingdom.
Queen Esther: [near tears] The only gift I would accept is your heart.
King Xerxes: [taking her hands] Then it is yours. And you didn't have to serve 7 years to get it. Tell me, Esther of Susa. Who are you really? Tell me of your people. Teach me of your ways.
Queen Esther: My father told me it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter. And it takes the honor of Kings to search it out.
King Xerxes: Than marry me and we shall spend an eternity discovering this 'truth'... together.

Mordecai: Why would they buy belladonna from you?
Jewish Apothecary Merchant: May they seek poison someone. Very deadly. Very quick.
Mordecai: You sold them poison? A Jew sells poison to the king's fruit tasters? [grabbing the merchants face and shaking him] Have you any idea for whom it might have been intended?!?

Prince Memucan: [very anxious] Think not I heard your whispered orchestrations that night and how you drew even me into your schemes!
Prince Admantha: [snapping] In these troubled time, it is easy to name any man traitor! I even recall a certain campaign in Ionia, under King Darius; where someone allowed the defeated Greeks to keep their own form of government. Their democracy, instead of placing the protocol of the empire in control; favoring democracy. They doctrine to which all Persia is opposed.
Prince Memucan: [indignant, turning to leave] I followed orders!
Prince Admantha: [stopping him, chuckling a little] Come. Come. Come. Come. We trouble ourselves with foolish things. The King asked me to speak, I did. I obeyed as you did.

Haman, the Amelekite: Pieces are falling into place, ones we have spoken of. One by one.
Haman's Wife: Soothsaying does not become you, Haman.
Haman, the Amelekite: Oh my darling, I speak of the truth, not of stars. My burden I would not wish on any man! But the blood of my forefather will be avenged! The god will smile down on our sons for our obedience.
Haman's Wife: Are you mad? This is you plan?

Queen Esther: You came back.
King Xerxes: I saw them...I saw the stars.

Hagai: [leading her to the Kings' chambers] Esther of Susa, come...Seat yourself on the stool and read the scroll. It is a chronicles of the King. The royal diary. Through these doors, you're longer candidate, you're a servant...remember the protocol: to approach uninvited is death.
Queen Esther: [nervous about her appearance] I read for the King? Alone? Like This? [she enters, walks over to the stool, sitting and picks up the scroll, as Xerxes is working behind veiled curtains] Daily entry 23: Egyptian wheat reserves were reported at half the normal level due to a recent drought. [stops to glance at Xerxes, then continues] Admiral Ecstese was honored for serving 20 years in the Royal Fleet. After a lengthy speech he promptly keeled over and died. [laughs to herself and looks up once more] 25: 3 head of sheep were stolen from Deremont Mera, Satrap of Media. He requested the crown send out the proper authorities... [wistfully] And so Jacob, also a shepherd by trade was sent off into the far, far off land. Where he came across the fair Rachel, tending her father's sheep. He was smitten. He went and rolled the stone from the well and watered her flock for her. And Jacob kissed Rachel and lifted up his voice and wept with joy. Lavin, Rachael's father, heard of this. He said to Jacob, "Should you serve me for nothing? Tell me what shall your wages be?". Jacob said, "I will serve you 7 years for your daughter Rachael." Jacob served 7 years tending Lavin's sheep and it only seemed but a few days, for the love he had for her. Jacob said to Lavin, "Give me my bride for my days are fulfilled." Lavin threw a great wedding feast, but in the dark of the evening Lavin brought his older daughter into Jacob. Behold in the morning it was Leah, not Rachael. Jacob was shocked. He said to Lavin, " What is this thou has done unto me? Did I not serve thee for Rachael? Why have you beguiled me?"
King Xerxes: [walking in the shadows] Why than...have you beguiled me? [going back to his worktable] I must admit that never before has such a tale been found in the pages of the royal diary. Here I expect to be lulled to sleep by tedious reports. Instead I am beguiled by a love story. And how ends your tale? This Jacob, he is able to have his bride?...He is able to have her?
Queen Esther: [hesitant] Only after serving 7 more years for her, my lord King.
King Xerxes: Believeth you in
Queen Esther: Is it not the greatest commandment, no matter what god one serves?
King Xerxes: How do they call you?
Queen Esther: Esther of Susa.
King Xerxes: [amused] Susa? No! Nothing good ever comes out of Susa. Look at me...[inviting her to see his work] Come. Come if you wish to see what I did.
[Queen Esther rises and walks with him to his work table]
King Xerxes: The Greeks, they have a god of symbol form...his arms will hold the bows; his arrows they say are tipped
Queen Esther: Some arches arrows are tipped with poison, my lord. [her hand touches his as she reaches the statue]
King Xerxes: Sometimes...It's hard to tell the difference. The symptoms are the same...Perhaps in another time...some other place. [acknowledges Hagai then turns back to her, before leaving] You will read to me again.

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