Once Upon a Forest

1993 film by Charles Grosvenor

Once Upon a Forest is a 1993 animated children's film about three "Furlings" who go on an expedition to cure a friend that has been poisoned by chemical fumes.

Directed by Charles Grosvenor. Produced by William Hanna, David Kirschner, Jerry Mills and Paul Gertz. Screenplay by Mark Young and Kelly Ward.

Cornelius edit

  • Well, what do you have to say?
  • [after one of his books crushed his invention] Great honk! Look, what you've done!
  • Well, Furlings, there are times when we must learn to accept... setbacks.
  • Marvelous! Magnificent! Stupendous! You three, you have changed so much these past few days, I hardly recognize you. [happily] You're no longer my Furlings. You've grown up.
  • No, you wrecked months and months of work!

Michelle edit

  • [notices everyone is gone] What happened? Where is everyone? MOMMY! DADDY!
  • Uncle Cornelius, your mouth is hanging open!
  • If Uncle Cornelius asks, tell him it isn't MY fault you're late!

Edgar edit

  • Michelle's none of those things! She's our friend, understand? We've gone too far to be stopped now! Step aside! Russell? Abigail? Are we doing this together or not?
  • [tapping a road with his foot] This ground isn't normal. It's... it's hard.
  • You know, Abigail, sometimes I wish I was brave... like you.

Russell edit

  • Good thing you're a slow climber!
  • Gee, and I thought meals were ALWAYS out of control at MY house!
  • Wait a minute! I know how to get up there. We'll use Cornelius' Flapper-Wing-a-Ma-Thing.
  • Yeah. And you're a mole, right? Think this is your home? [sniffs] Only stinky!

Dialogue edit

Abigail's Father: I'll have you know that when I was a Furling, I couldn't WAIT to get to Cornelius' class!
Abigail: Yes, daddy!
Abigail's Father: Well, at least he's taught you to behave! But you never stop climbing trees!
Abigail: Yes, daddy!

Edgar's Mother: Edgar! Oh, Edgar! When we ran from the gas, I was worried sick about you! Oh... did you forget your scarf somewhere?
Edgar: No, Mama. This is what I forgot.
[Edgar kisses his mama]

Russell: [whining] Mom, they won't give me a chance for breakfast!
Russell's Mother: [washing dishes] Well, you'll just have to be quicker, Roland!
Russell: [annoyed] I'm not Roland, Mother! I'm Russell! RUSSELL!

Michelle: [speaking really fast] Guess what? You'll never guess what, I'll betcha! Uncle Cornelius said I could go with you on your ramble today, but I'll betcha he's forgotten all about it, and I'll never, EVER get to see what the big surprise is! [inhales deeply] What took you so long?
Abigail: My dad!
Edgar: My mother!
Russell: No breakfast!

Russell: [pushing the tiller of a reed boat] I get to steer!
Abigail: [pushing the tiller back] Don't be silly, you'll sink us!
Russell: [pushing back] Will NOT! Give me a chance!

Waggs: Aha! NOW the truth comes out! They're just here to steal our food!
Edgar: No, we're just looking for lungwort and eyebright!
Waggs: Liar!
Edgar: It's true! We need the herbs to heal a sick badger back home!
Waggs: More lies! Why would a mole, a mouse, and a hedgehog want to help a foul-smelling, worm-eating, good-for-nothing badger?!
Edgar: Michelle's none of those things! She's our friend, understand?! And we've come too far to be stopped now! Step aside!

Michelle: Uncle Cornelius, why do you look so sad?
Cornelius: My goodness!
The Furlings: Michelle! You’re all better!
Cornelius: Oh, Michelle, my child! You're all right!
Michelle: Of course, I am! I just had... [yawns] ... a long nap!

Michelle: Look, Uncle Cornelius! All the mommies and daddies are coming back!
Cornelius: Not all, my dear. I'll never be able to replace your mommy and daddy... but I'll do my best.
[Michelle sniffles]
Michelle: I guess nothing will ever be the same again, will it, Uncle Cornelius?
Cornelius: Well, my dear, if we all work as hard to save Dapplewood as your three friends worked to save you, it will be.

Taglines edit

  • From the creators of "An American Tail".
  • An Adventurous Race Against Time!
  • A high-flying magical, musical adventure that can only happen.

Voice cast edit

  • Michael Crawford as Cornelius, a badger who is Michelle's uncle and also the teacher of the furlings
  • Ellen Blain as Abigail, a young wood mouse and leader of the furlings
  • Benji Gregory as Edgar, a young mole and planner of the furlings
  • Paige Gosney as Russell, a young hedgehog and doer of the furlings
  • Elisabeth Moss as Michelle, a young badger who becomes sick after inhaling poisonous gas, Cornelius' maternal niece
  • Ben Vereen as Phineas, a religious bird
  • Will Estes as Willy, a young field mouse who becomes smitten by Abigail
  • Charlie Adler as Waggs, a squirrel who bullies the furlings
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins as Bosworth, a young bird who was saved from a puddle of oil by the furlings
  • Don Reed as Marshbird
  • Robert David Hall as Truck Driver, the man whose truck crashed and released the gas on Dapplewood
  • Paul Eiding as Abigail's father, an adult wood mouse
  • Janet Waldo as Edgar's mother, an adult mole
  • Susan Silo as Russell's mother, an adult hedgehog
  • Angel Harper as Bosworth's mother, an adult bird
  • Benjamin Kimball Smith as Russell's brother, a young hedgehog
  • Haven Hartman as Russell's sister, a young hedgehog
  • Frank Welker as the Barn Owl (uncredited)
  • Florence Warner as Abigail as an Adult (segment "Once Upon a Time with Me") / The Balladeer (as Florence Warner Jones)

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