Once Upon a Dog

1982 animated short film by Eduard Nazarov

Once Upon a Dog is a 1982 acclaimed Soviet animated cartoon, adapted from a Ukrainian folk tale.

Wolf edit

  • You, again?

Dialogue edit

[first lines]
Narrator: In a small village, there once lived a dog.
[The dog barks as the narrator speaks]
Narrator: All his life he did his job honestly, but then he grew old. His nose couldn't smell as well as it used to, his eyes were not as sharp as before, and his legs felt like they didn't even belong to him.
[The door of the house opens and a hand throws a boot at the dog]
Narrator: His masters were kind people who put up with him anyway.

[last lines]
Dog: Well, you, like...
Wolf: Thanks a lot!
Dog: Uh...
[The wolf walks to the fence, breaks it and walks further, then turns his head]
Wolf: Drop by if you ever need anything else.

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