Omid Djalili

Iranian-British stand-up comedian

Omid Djalili (pronounced "Omeed Jaleelee", Persian: امید جلیلی; born September 30, 1965) is an Iranian-English stand-up comedian and actor.

Omid Djalili in 2010

No Agenda (2007) edit

  • What do you call an honest Iranian businessman? Asif.
  • Its part of a comedy cultural exchange tour: tonight, I am doing the UK and Jim Davidson is being buggered in Baghdad right now, systematically and without cessation, by United States Troops! Such fun.
  • Semtex... with nowt taken out!
    • Imitating suicide bombers from Leeds.
  • A Persian Cat! Not an Iranian cat, no: an Iranian cat has a bomb under the body warmer!
  • I am the only Iranian comedian in the world... and that's three more than Germany!
  • YOU BASTARD! Come to my carpet shop.
  • When the war kicks off in Iran, I will be there. People ask me "Whose side are you going to fight on?" To these people I say "Fight? I'm not going to fight! I'm going to entertain!" Because let's face it, when they see my comedy, they won't have the will to fight. When the American and Iranian troops see the comedy of Omid Djalili, they won't have the will to live! The Daily Mail.
  • So we beat the Croations at football and I was there yelling "Ah, you Crotes!" and this guy says "It's cro-at; learn to speak English." So I was about to retort when he said "Hang on, you're Omid Djalili! You're good! I said "Aww thanks." He says "What are you going to do next?" I said "I'm in a pantomime of Wind in the Willows. I play the TO-AD, OF TO-AD HALL! I get in my BO-AT! And it sinks because it can't FLO-AT! And when I get out of the river, I'm wet and cold so I put on my CO-AT! And I can't get in my house because it's full of ferrets and STO-ATS!" Amusing wordplay but ultimately leads nowhere. The Telegraph.

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