Omar Mukhtar

Leader of the Libyan resistance against the Italian fascist occupation

Omar Ben Mokhtar bin Omar (20 August 185816 September 1931) was the leader of the Libyan mujahideen against Italian forces in Libya, from 1911 untll he was captured, tried and hanged in September 1931.

We do not surrender — we win or die.
I am not sorry for what I did because it was God's will.


Trial proceedings (15 September 1931)Edit

Quotes from Omar al-Mukhtar : The Italian Reconquest of Libya (1986) by Enzo Santarelli, Giorgio Rochat, Romain Rainero and Luigi Goglia, as translated by John Gilbert
  • I never submitted to the Italian government: I only had conversations with it.
  • I took part in all battles. If sometimes I was not there, the operation was likewise carried out under my orders.
  • It is useless for you to ask me single facts. Whatever has been committed against Italy and the Italians for the past ten years was willed and permitted by me, whenever I did not personally take part in the acts themselves. … The raids, too, were ordered by me and some of them carried out by me.
  • I am not sorry for what I did because it was God's will.
  • From God we have come and to God we must return.

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