Olufunke Adeboye

Nigerian professor and social historian

Olufunke Adeboye is a Nigerian Professor of Social history at the Department of History and Strategic Studies of the University of Lagos, Nigeria, where she is also the incumbent Dean of the Faculty of Arts. Adeboye's research interests include gender in Africa, pre-colonial and colonial Nigerian history, nineteenth and twentieth century Yoruba society, African historiography, and Pentecostalism in West Africa.

Quotes edit

    • [1] Speaking on the political terrain in Nigeria being too rough to accommodate female politicians.
  • The Nigeria political terrain is still very rough. It’s not as if we don’t have capable women. We have very competent women. Is it not this same set of women that excel in other professions? Look at Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, where she is now at the World Trade Organization, look at several other women at home that are doing well. Women are well educated, they are competent but when it comes to the political terrain, the way Nigeria practices politics is very problematic.
    • [2] Speaking on the Center of Digital Humanities as part of her faculty’s scheme to familiarize her students with technological innovations around the world.
  • The Center for digital humanities was organized for graduate students and senior undergraduates to help them appreciate the world of digitization. Digitization does not apply only to sciences but also to humanities and all other courses.
    • [3] Speaking on why parents force students to study sciences.
  • If the society is all about sciences, there will be a lot of tension, there will be a lot of issues that we will not be able to resolve because the thread that brings out the human in us is what the disciplines in the arts educate the students on, so it is very important.

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