Okage: Shadow King

2001 video game

Okage: Shadow King is a RPG game released by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in October 2001 exclusively for the PlayStation 2. Okage's story centers around a boy named Ari whose shadow becomes possesed by the evil king Stan. Ari is then forced into becoming Stan's avatar on a quest to take over the world.


Evil King StanEdit

  • "Don't get fresh with me, suckling! Do you know who you're talking to?!"
  • (To a villager) "The dark raging fire that is my unyielding evil freezes his soul."
  • (To Rosalyn) "Atta girl, fat legs! Attracting suspicious old men!"
  • "These villagers here, they conspire to infuriate me!"
  • "What is she going to do, providing dreams to humans? Why isn't she providing despair and pushing humans off into the black abyss? Hmmmm. Looks like she needs more coaching. Heh, heh, heh. You, slave. Go to Linda. I will train her so hot... I mean, so hard!"
  • "This looks evil. Really evil. So evil I'm jealous. I should be like this."
  • (To a child of Tenel) "Gaze into my horrifying visage and fear it! Cry! Pee your pants!"
  • (To Annie) "Shut up! I said I'd cure you! I didn't say I wouldn't turn your shadow pink!"
  • "I am a purely evil, evil King. Let my malevolence and sheer badness awe and terrify you!"
  • "Yes, I have waited for three hundred years in a bottle due to some deplorable error..."
  • (To Kisling and Rosalyn) "Hey! Professor Crackpot and Bat Woman!"


  • (Mocking Stan) "I'm Stan! I'm so evil! I'm sooo supreme! When I appear, the heavens quake with fear!"
  • "Oh, where the hell is he, that darn creep..."
  • "Pink, you know, pink! And not even a tasteful pink, but a fluorescent pink!"
  • (To Stan) "Co-dependent much?"
  • (To Stan) "Just because a pretty girl uncorked your bottle doesn't mean you need to cheerfully come out!"
  • (To Stan) "Y'know, you should just stop, because I'm starting to feel embarrassed for you."
  • (To Stan) "See, you wanted to step on it from the beginning. Denial is dorky."


  • "Well, according to me, who possesses a linguistic sense as precious as true love or really good lasagne..."
  • "Brilliant! Using the threat of social stigma! A subtle but potent attack. Stan never would have thought of it."
  • (Talking about an evil machine in the sewers) "It makes the butt kicking powers of the one who stands on it, even more crankin'!"


  • (To Julia) "There, there country girl. Cool down your temper. Would you like a cow?"
  • "How boring, to go gently about facing evil!"
  • "You who aspire to be a sophisticated villain with your housewife lies!"
  • "As long as I am princess, I will not tolerate the existence of such tacky evil!"
  • "Servant Ari. Prepare a cup of tea."


  • "It's okay. Linda is sad, but easily distracted."
  • "I dunno. I'm still cute, though."
  • (Talking about a door) "Thinking's hard. Let's just kill it!"
  • "Everyone's all brainwashed and happy!"
  • (Epros just floated away and Linda is Fantasizing about him.)"Epros Wait! You Said you would give me a bubbly and a Cuddly!"


  • "Um...yes, that was thrilling. Shall we then? Onto the killing..."
  • "Permit my hazard into your plight. Once life sucked, now 'tis alright?"
  • "Ah at last you arrive! Everything is as was contrived. Pray mercy that at my hand thou dost survive..."
  • "(About what Linda Just said)Thy meaning I fear I cannot cipher. Plus you're too perky and overly hyper."
  • "My own plans, I reveal not, lest they add to thy Confusion. A Caveat bide! Corporeal Attacks will be futile As this Form is But an Illusion. Now enter Stage and draw Steel, For this Battle is nearing its Dark conclusion!"
  • "Who is this James? I fear I know him not by his name."

Big BullEdit

  • (To Rosalyn) "Hey sister, where's boss?"
  • (About Epros/Phantom Evil King) "He should be smashing and pounding people! Not being all floaty. That's not power!"


  • "I'm starving. Can we eat?" - Ari (after Rosalyn threatens to kill him to get revenge on Stan)
  • "Uh huh, uh huh. That's right, honey." - Grandmother
  • "Ancient people used rocks to clip their toe-nails." - Ari's father


Wikipedia has an article about:
Big Bull: Yo, sister!
Rosalyn: I'm not your sister!!!

Epros: A tisket, a tasket, a caveat I bring. You can call me something like Phantom Evil King.
Stan: Hey, hey!! You are a fake Evil King too!? They're everywhere!! Like insects!
Rosalyn: So much for being a beautiful and unique snowflake. Hee hee!

Epros: I confess that... 'Twould that I could, a less vulgar entrance I'd have designed... Alas, 'tis the only way I can warn thee within the range of "classification" I am assigned.
Stan: It's you again. You never learn. And it's just like the last time.
Epros: Hush, cheeky king! Our act is nearly done! 'Twas at the Gear Tower foretold that this fight 'twould be won... The key is at the Deep Grave Pit. To war, to wit! To our melee, run!
Rosalyn: Why do you need to say such a thing? Are you trying to show that you are calm? You think you are the Evil King who can replace Stan over there?
Epros: Fortune may smile on I and thee... That I am not him and he is not me. Mark my defeat and the Great Evil King candidate thou shalt see. Ah, the intention in thy eyes... Thou wishes to find it and beget its demise! 'Fore its great evil, the Great Evil King doth exercise! I tell you this thus so that I may learn what I need to know... My purpose is beyond vanity or show... ... Enough! Lest such dalliance Beiloune's notice invite. Fare thee well 'til our fight!
Kisling: Hey wait! What do you want to know...? Oh, he's gone.
Stan: Strange man. I'm not happy with this, slave. It seems like we're being led.
Linda: Oh, but he's, like, somewhat cool. Who is he?
Big Bull: He's not cool at all! Cool means being powerful and smashin' stuff! Not being all floaty! That's not power!
Stan: That's right, Bull! He's not cool! I'm the coolest one here! Good call!
Linda: Oh, Stan darling. Don't be jealous.

Rosalyn: Just because a pretty girl uncorked your bottle doesn't mean you need to joyfully come out!
Stan: Who's the pretty girl? That is quite enough of your lip! You fat butt!
Rosalyn: What the hell part of me is fat? You flat-butted, three-dimensionally challenged Evil King!

Stan:I Don't Believe it! All those Heroes Going after fake evil Kings When a real one is Right in front of them!
Ari:You want Heroes to go after You?
Stan: Humph!!

James:"NONSENSE BUTLER CHOP!"(breaks open a door)
Linda:"That was like, Totally cool!!"
Epros:"Um....Yes, that was thrilling. Shall we then? Onto the killing..."

Epros:(after being defeated) "Ugh...That Rhyming is infuriating...Where'd He learn that?"
Stan:"Yes, the power! It's Returning!" Another step towards the Revival of my Invincible power!"
Epros:"Yes...! Now....!!"
Rosalyn:"Disappeared!? Phantom Evil King?"
Stan:"Bah!, Let him go if he wants! You Boorish, Hair-splitting Hero! The Powerful are supposed to laugh and gloat when they win! Right Slave!? Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!"
Linda: "Yeeek! Stan Darling, Excellent!"
Big Bull:"Excellent Brother!"
Linda:"Phantom Evil King's way of Losing was Totally Cool, Too!"

(The group arrives in the highlands)

Stan:"Hmmm. Is this Where Beiloune Was bragging that He'll make an evil king to match me? My Irresistible Power Will Attack and overpower him and..."
Kisling:"Hold on, King Stan. I Do feel that an evil king is awaiting us around here."
Rosalyn:"It's Kind of Peaceful. I didn't Know a village existed in Such an Out of the way Place...."
Big Bull:"I don't smell Heated combat."
Mysterious voice:"'Tis a shame That a Former Evil king Can't tell, Evil's far More Subtle, sinister Smell..."
Stan:"Huh? Who Are you?"
Epros:"Though defeated, I will not be denied. By a Hero, A party of an Evil King, and a "Not classified"."
Stan:"You again!? Didn't I already Teach you a lesson!?"
Rosalyn:"You want to do it again? I'll take you on, Anytime!"
Epros:"Bide Hero! I have a proposal to Make... I am Here Neither for King nor Hero's Sake. 'Tis for Knowledge of Ari's Power I Ache. Beiloune influences all, Unbated! But Whatever you posses makes Beiloune Frustrated.... To the world Library, Advance! That I may see. Though I admit it's location is Unbeknownst To me.... Upon your arrival, Awaits another Evil King raised by Beiloune. Thy Chances Be slim, if thy Go'est alone. A truce then! An Alliance! Might I, your Consent? Allow me to create a Victory, Imminent!"
Linda:"Umm... That means, In short..."
Kisling:"You Want to join our Party?"
Epros: ..........
Stan: "Um. If that's the reason, It's fine! But from now on, you'll Follow my orders! got it?"
Epros:"I Follow no Liege... No Trick of the light. I am Known as Epros. By Thy Side i Shall Fight."
Linda:"I'll Remember, Epros! Linda's so Happy! Like, I'm Totally Psyched!"
Epros:"That name. A bell Doth ring. Ah, yes. You are the former Teen Idol Evil King...
Linda:"No way! Don't Label Me with such a dorky name! If you dare to take me away from my Stan, Just Call me "Linda" and gimme a Cuddly and a Bubbly!"
Epros:"Wh-What!?! Um...Thy Meaning I fear I cannot Cipher. Plus you're to Perky and Overly Hyper!"
Rosalyn:"I don't Know why, but I'm surrounded By former Evil Kings...Are you okay? Are you Really okay, Rosalyn?"
Kisling:"It's okay Ms.Rosalyn. Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

A little weary guy:"I'm so depressed and I have no motivation to do anything. Recently,Everyone in my family is like that."
Big bull:"It's due to a lack of fighting and your body not being hot enough! Why don't you start a fight with me?"
Epros:"This lack of bliss, what's amiss?"

Rosalyn:"This building. Did you see this during the day?"
Stan:"Hmm.If anything should happen, it must be somewhere like this. Correct? Clearly it is inviting us."
Epros:"This strange phantasm even I cannot snare. Mind Beiloune's hand. On guard, Beware."

Eerie voice:"Whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!"
Epros:"Hark! Listen!"
Stan:"Where did it come from?"

Stan:"A road that opens only during the night seems to be luring us."
Rosalyn:"We have to be careful. Anything could happen..."
Mysterious voice:"Night provides the means for a clever ambush...but as I am an evil king of honor, I would not surprise you as such."
Epros:"A revelation. Sir, your Appellation?"
Mysterious Monster:"I guess I would call myself...The "vampire evil king" self-contemptuously by the way I accumulate my power."
Linda:"Ooo, someone has angst."
Stan:'Bei-what's-his-name was claiming he'll generate an evil king that'll replace me... And is that you?"
Vampire evil king:"yes, it is I. I am an evil being who is "classified" as evil. and now...compelled by the power of classification to be the sumpreme evil king...and gather my power here."
Epros:"Blood in sleep, it flows so sweet..."
Rosalyn:"What? Blood? What do you mean?"
Kisling:"Um, the ways of the villagers...probably it is because the evil king repeatedly sucks their blood. This village is for feeding."
Vampire evil king:"Correct, "Party that threatens the "classified" world headed by a fearful boy". Villagers are "classified" as being "innocent and simple people easily controlled by my power". That is their existence. They have no other function. Alas, there is no way to resist regardless of whether one is aware of the truth. What I cannot resist, I shall thus embrace! I will become as evil as I can be...and suck your blood to become the ultimate evil."
Stan:"Those are bold words blood-sucker! But they are even more foolish.you address the great evil king Stan! I'll suck your power to be mine! That's how it's going to be! Slave! Squash this lipless parasite!"
Epros:" Wary be! He has strong magic. A clever means we must devise. Defeat would be tragic...A direct attack 'twould be fatal to receive. Alas, We'd be goners 'fore we had time to grieve!"

(The Group arrives in the Pospos snowfield and sees the Phantom evil king)

Stan:"Huh? Who are you?"
???:"I warn thee that beyond here is "not the world" you know...Actors should not venture too far backstage, lest curtain call the ruler's show..."
Rosalyn:"Cute, but uses cheesy metaphors."
Stan:"Whaat!? what is this!?"
???:"Ha ha ha ha ha... Poor shadow, the world nigh belongs to thee...A shame! Yours,Perhaps it never will be. For a new evil king awakes and soon shall be free..."
Stan:"What!? Another fake evil king!?"
???:"It would serve well thy wish to ascend, if thy attended the beast "stead o" the depths descend."
Rosalyn:"Nigh this, Nigh that. Who are you and why is your poetry so bad?"
Kisling:"We have not told him our names either Ms. Rosalyn."
???:"A tisket, a tasket, a caveat I bring. You may call me something like Phantom evil king...
Stan:"Hey, Hey!! You are a fake evil king too? They're Everywhere! Like insects!"
Rosalyn:"So much for being a beautiful and unique snowflake. Hee hee!"
Stan:"urrrgggh!! Oh you will pay, charlatan! You needn't Worry! I'm coming!"

Rosalyn:"Wh...what... ...Beiloune!? ...Princess!? What happened...!?"
Marlene:"Ah... Ari... I can't breathe... Help..."
Stan:"Well this looks interesting!"
Father:"Oh! Ari! Rosalyn! you came just in time! that man...! This isn't good at all, but some interesting findings may come out of all this commotion."
Mother:"Honey, what are you talking about!? This is horrible! Someone please do something! The princess is...!"
Beiloune:"You came huh? what timing. Is this the power of "classification" that makes a hero be a hero? What a bother..."
Stan:"What are you talking about?"
Marlene:"arrrgh... oh..."
Big bull:"Looks like she's in trouble! Bad trouble!"
Linda:"Omigod! What an evil meanie, making a girl suffer like that!"
Ari:"Leave Marlene alone!"
Kisling:"Are you insane!? You're the Princess' steward! Aren't you? Are you trying to kill her!?"
Beiloune:"No need to worry, This girl is not my lady. Besides, she won't die like a regular human..."
Rosalyn:"What is this man talking about? Anyway...!"
Beiloune:"...anyway I am here to talk to Marlene. Could you leave us alone?"
Marlene:"Bei- Beiloune... Argh... You.........."
Beiloune:"...(Sigh)... Marlene? I have done everything for you. Remember? In the perfect world I created, I've let you play a variety of roles. So why don't you live up to my expectations?"
Stan:"Eh? What was that?"
Kisling:"The world you created...?"
Beiloune:"Humph...Yes it is, Outsiders. This small world was separated by me from the universe by the power of "classification". And you too, Were let live in this small world with the power of "classification". To play the roles that I gave. It was all for my dearest daughter Marlene. To enjoy her eternal life without any boredom...It was... What is "classification" to begin with...? What are heroes evil kings and ghosts? You've never thought about it, have you? you cannot. You are "classified" as naive residents who don't think intelligently. However, for some reason, over time, deviants appear. And one of them is now in front of me."
Ari:"Beiloune, leave her alone!"
Beiloune:"........ ...It is after all due to a mere doll. No matter how strongly "classified", It cannot replace my daughter, who disappeared in this world! Then, Damn this!"
Rosalyn:"Oh no!"
Mother:" No! no!"
Kisling:"A doll!? How!?"
Linda:"What? A doll!?"

(After the final battle against Beiloune)

Beiloune:(after being defeated) "...If you want to kill me, kill me. This world is, no longer...
Stan:(To Beiloune) "Hmm. I wanted to see you like this. But I won't kill you. It's too much work. Now, I'm satisfied. You're free. Go!
Beiloune:......... Erasing the classification of the world. Isn't that what you desired? I am leaving for the vast open world in search of Marlene........ Marlene will no longer be able to find our home by herself... To find me in the unmeasured spreadout world... So, I must search for her... The time is finite now. No matter how long it takes, not a doll but a true........ (walks away and vanishes)