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OOMPH! is a Neue Deutsche Härte band formed in 1989 in Lower Saxony, Germany. Their lyrical style has varied from the themes of religion, nihilism, love, sexuality and existentialism.


  • Wir sind so allein, so unendlich klein, im endlosen All
    • We're so alone, so infinitely small, in the endless universe
      • "Menschsein".

  • Das hungrige meer hat mich fast umgebracht
    Ich - kämpfe mich durch die Flut, Ich - schmecke mein eignes Blut
    Land in Sicht, Du bist mein Land in Sicht, Ich kann dich sehn, Du bist mein Leuchtturmlicht
    • The hungry ocean has almost killed me
I - fight my way through the flood, I - taste my own blood
Land in sight, You are my land in sight, I can see you, You are my lighthouse
  • -"Land in Sicht".

  • Nagelt die Vernunft in das Volk
    • Nail rationality into the people
      • "Feiert Das Kreuz".

  • So swallow your frown, my love; and follow me down, my love
    • "Swallow".

  • Doch nur zum Schein, denn die Massen wollen betrogen sein.
    • But it appears that the masses want to be deceived.
      • "Gott ist ein Popstar".

  • If there's a chance to heal these wounds in my hands, to fill this hole in my heart, to kill this hate in my soul; if there's a way you know I'd beg you to stay, you know I'm trying so hard, but now I'm down in this hole.
    • "Down In This Hole".

  • Du bist das Blut, das meinen Hunger stillt, Du bist die Glut, die meine Venen füllt, Du bist die Flucht vor dieser kalten Welt, Du bist die Sucht, die mich am Leben hält.
    • You're the blood that satisfies my hunger, You're the ember that fills my veins, You're the escape from this cold world, You're the addiction that keeps me alive.
      • "Hunger".

  • I'm going down, as you see, I can feel your hand reaching out for me
    • "I'm Going Down".

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