Nycole Turmel

Canadian politician

Nycole Turmel (born September 1, 1942) is the interim leader of the New Democratic Party and acting Leader of the Official Opposition in Canadian Parliament.


  • I'm honoured by the confidence the council has shown in me as well as my team and Jack Layton. I clearly have big shoes to fill, but I'm also fortunate to be standing on such a solid foundation.Jack Layton has spent eight years building this New Democrat movement for a better Canada, eight years building a team that is ready to tackle any circumstance with hope and optimism. That's exactly what you can expect from us in the coming weeks
  • I have to say, on behalf of the NDP, from coast to coast, I want to thank all Canadians for their wishes and really, their love for Jack.
    • Turmel vows to stay on until NDP chooses leader [1] August 23, 2011.
  • We promise we'll carry on.
    • Turmel vows to stay on until NDP chooses leader [2] August 23, 2011.
  • We have to do it and we will do it. We represent Canadians but Canadians will be there for us too
    • Turmel vows to stay on until NDP chooses leader [3] August 23, 2011.
  • Aujourd'hui, nous pleurons un grand Canadien, un grand leader. Il était pour plusieurs d'entre nous, sinon pour tous et toutes, un ami, un collègue avec qui nous partagions quotidiennement. Au nom de tous les néo-démocrates, je veux remercier tous les Canadiens pour leurs messages d'amour, leur message de sympathie pour Jack. Ceci, je dois vous le dire, nous aide à traverser ces moments difficiles et à continuer le combat pour créer un endroit meilleur où vivre
  • Mr. Harper always has an approach that is divisive and we don't agree with that.Create an environment where people are talking to each other, where they are helping each other, instead of an environment where you create things that will go against the security of the people.
  • New Democrats will continue to propose ideas that put Canadians families first, and push for real action to ensure families aren't being left behind in this economy. The question we have for Stephen Harper and his Conservative caucus is: will they keep sitting back waiting around for the U.S. economy to rebound?
  • We must remain focused on the job of building our party. Jack showed us how we can do politics differently, how we can listen and respect other opinions and at the end of the day, remain united. And that's what we need to do today. We'll take difficult decisions but at the end of the day, we need to walk out of here and be united.
  • Jack Layton believed so much in the power of democracy and of this Parliament. I invite all honourable members in this House to join me in picking up this torch and making this an institution in which Canadians can be proud
  • Jack Layton improved the tone of the debate in Parliament. He firmly believed we could have passionate disagreements without being disrespectful or disgraceful to each other. Let us all honour his memory by conducting the next session of Parliament in this spirit

Quotes about Turmel

  • "I think it's very disappointing, I don't know that I have a lot to say but I do think Canadians will find this disappointing. I think Canadians expect that any political party that wants to govern the country be unequivocally committed to this country. I think that's the minimum Canadians expect."
  • "Nycole Turmel is already doing a very good job, and watch out Stephen Harper.Our team is united behind Nycole Turmel and I have no doubt she'll do a very, very good job in the House of Commons."
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