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Norn9 is a visual novel video game series developed by Otomate and published by Idea Factory. The series has received an anime adaptation.

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PlayStation Vita English version (2015)
Kakeru: I was strong, once. I never had these kinds of worries and doubts. But that was only because I had my dad telling me what to do. How could I even worry when I had no will of my own? I hate this new me. I'm weak. I'm pathetic. I hesitate and second-guess, and I screw up all the time. I can't stand it. Whenever I'm with you, that's the me I become. I love being around you, but at the same time, I can't bear it...
Koharu: ... That's very admirable of you, Yuiga.
Kakeru: Huh? Admirable...?
Koharu: Yes. You realized that you are weak and instead of running away, you are doing your best to deal with it. ...But I didn't. I got scared and tried to run away by forgetting everything. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, though. And don't hate yourself. I think the worst thing anyone can do is to try and kill off their heart. Pretending that you don't care or that you forgot is one thing... But when your heart is so hurt or so sad that you can't forget or ignore it... Facing that pain, facing that sadness one little piece at a time... I think that's how people learn to get stronger. Being confused and doubting yourself is an important part of that process. Making mistakes and acknowledging them is proof that you at least tried to move forward. In the end, what's most important is that you never stop trying to keep moving forward.
  • Kakeru's Happy Ending

Mikoto: Researching traveling to the moon seems like a far more rewarding thing than spending time on making weapons and going to war. Are you certain you are not wasting your life?
Natsuhiko: ...I may be.
Mikoto: Ah...
Natsuhiko: It is a feat that will require an overwhelming amount of time and effort. But the more research is done, the more new truths and facts will be discovered. Those discoveries birth further curiosity. Curiosity is the fuel that drives scientists. It's the stuff that makes dreams become reality.
  • Natsuhiko's Route, Chapter 5

Sorata: If you can't even comprehend the fundamental flaws in your plan, you're already not a human. There's no point in continuing on a path that you know is going to fail. Don't burden an entire generation with your futility.
Shiro: ...Your eyes.
Sorata: Huh?
Shiro: They're honest, they're the eyes of someone who has never committed a crime. There's nothing scarier than that. You don't understand. Meeting the one person you could give your whole life to. The one you'd devote every fiber of your being to... And, the utter despair of losing her. The thrill of your creation rebuilding the entire world. The fear of wiping out everything humans had built up. The constant crippling physical pain. The emptiness of your heart. Any of these could easily make a person go insane.
Sorata: ...
Shiro: This all started simply because I wanted to see the person I loved one more time. But after putting the Reset into motion, I, as a scientist, desired to confirm that my course of action was the proper one. The heart is a scary thing. Emotions are spiraling out of control. However, the scariest thing is that even these emotions have their bounds. ...I can't do it. The fact that I'm coming clean to someone like you, is a sign that this is truly the end for me.
Sorata: ...Maybe I was wrong to say you aren't human any more. I didn't realize that people could ever go this crazy.
Shiro: Humans are the opposite of animals. Animals thrive on instinct. We rely on emotions, and that is why we give life to insanity. Even if I didn't create weapons, I know the result would be the same. No matter how many times we performed a Reset, war kept repeating. As the man responsible for the 'World Culture Reinitialization Plan', I can give the answer. The Reset was wrong. It's time to cede control back to humanity and let them do as they wish.
  • Epilogue

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