Nonie Darwish

American activist

Nonie Darwish (Arabic: نوني درويش) (born 1949) is an Egyptian-born American writer and public speaker.

Nonie Darwish in 2005


  • I am familiar with what goes on in the Arab countries, and I'm sad to say that most of us want to annihilate Israel. We want to kill all the Israelis... Do you know what they used to say in the mosques in Egypt? "We want to go to the White House and turn it into the Islamic House..." We call upon the Arab countries to stop teaching hatred to the Arab children.
    • "We Must Begin to View the Jews in a Forgiving Light," Middle East Media Research Institute (March 2007)
  • Jewish success is due to a culture that promotes excellence, blessed with self discipline, education, dedication and a quest for leaving this world a better place.
    • Address at the Feat of Tabernacles convention, Jerusalem (2007)
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