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Noir (ノワール, Nowāru?), is a 26-episode anime series from 2001, a story of two young female assassins who embark together on a personal journey to seek answers about mysteries from their past. The following quotations may vary slightly depending on the particular English subtitles. It was produced by the Japanese animation studio Bee Train and was licensed for American distribution by ADV Films.

  • Make a pilgrimage for the past with me.
  • Noir… It is the name of an ancient fate. Two maidens who govern death. The peace of the newly born, their black hands protect.
  • Who am I? I am Noir.
  • I can kill people so easily. Why then don't I feel sad?
  • When I woke up, everything was there. My name and an inscription. All false. Who am I? I am... Noir. I couldn't remember any more than that. However, even when it was false, I had it in my hand.
  • We are Noir! All those who fear the heart of darkness, make way!
  • I knew it all along. Yes... I should have known. Only, a part of me wanted to believe there was a normal me somewhere. Only, I didn't want to know... But now I know... Please... Mireille... Don't look at me like that.
  • If this cat has a name, then he's very different from me. He is only lost. I have no name. Yuumura Kirika is just a lie.
  • Myself within the darkness. No, the darkness within my self.
  • Noir is just a name!
  • Noir… It is the name of an ancient fate. Two maidens who govern death. To ward the darkness from the nursing babes, their black robes serve as shields.
  • Lets start, with the simple fact that I kill people for a living, I'm not in business to help you. Then, there's the simple fact that I have always preferred to work alone, and I intend to keep it that way.
  • I have no grave, but this should not sadden me. Because this is the path that I chose for myself. To be sure, this is not your grave... But... so what if it isn't?
  • (To Kirika) The thread between us must surley be black. A thread darker and more profound than the darkness itself.
  • But you'll stand aside if you fear the heart of darkness!
  • A wounded beast only sees the pain it feels itself
  • Even when I was in a crowd, I was always alone
  • When making a date, proper educate dictates that introductions are in order.
  • ...really chafes my derriere.
  • I'm going back, to my homeland, Corsica. I was afraid, but now.
  • The winds must blow in the same direction, my darling Chloe. Do you recall how the breezes ripple through our beautiful vineyard? What happens when the winds from different directions collide? Whirlwinds, chaos, and needless eddys arise. We must work hard, my precious Chloe, so that our delicate grapes will not be bruised.
  • It is a story as old as history itself. It was a thousand years ago, at the end of the tenth century, when people finally saw the true shape of this world. There had been an abominable plot, an attempt to gain power. Many people were killed, neither the old and infirm nor the youngest child were spared. The worst atrocities that man could commit against his fellow man were committed. But there were those who survived that hell, people who saw the depths to which men could descend with their own eyes. And those people understood; they knew then the true nature of man, that the earth was filled with evil and despair. Those who had survived swore to each other that they would seek revenge against this world, that they would help the weak and the persecuted, that they would realize justice on this earth. They swore a vow of secrecy and loyalty, and from that seed the roots of the Soldats first took hold in the land of men. The blood of the Soldats will seep throughout the wilderness and flow into the great river. The seeds of the Soldats scattered to the wind, taking up secret lives in the darkened shadows of human every part of this world where men might live.
  • If love can kill people, then surely hatred can save them.
  • Though the ages come and go, the world of man does not change. The lands overflow with grief and men commit wicked deed upon wicked deed. And as for heaven, heaven maintains its silence. But someone must bear the sins...someone...must bear the sins. Amongst the Soldats of old, the legend of two maidens began. Two maidens who served God, yet dared to take up their swords...whose valor was greater than that of thousands of knights. Blessed with the mercifulness of the Holy Mother, and the Grim Reaper's heart of stone. Two maidens whose black hands played attendant to the Soldats' highest priest, two maidens whose name was Noir.
  • It is in the nature of man to commit sin. And no matter how he struggles, no man can escape that fate. It is, therefore, our duty to soil our hands for the sake of man. Just as the sins of the Soldats of old were committed in atonement for the sins of man himself. Noir will commit sin upon sin. The history of sin will be repeated without end...for all eternity.
  • The surface world is full of suffering, but Noir is always there in the dark, fighting to protect the grieving children. This is the true form of the Soldats of old: two maidens who forge a perfect balance.
  • Noir... It is the name of an ancient fate. Two maidens who govern death. To the depths of hell's fire, their black souls lure the lost children.
  • I am the True Noir.
  • If you'd like, we can see who's faster.
  • I made a promise to the General. If at all possible, I would very much like to keep it.
  • I will do anything if it is for Altena or you.
  • Altena, to be loved by you is bliss.
  • To be sure, love can kill, but always remember, hate can never save. Never!

Minor characters

  • Those who are starving can be strong indeed.
    • Don Luccio Greone

  • To wash out blood, you must first shed more blood.
  • The light of the moon is merciless and exposes those who would hide.
  • There is an old Sicilian proverb, "Revenge is the greatest act of forgiveness."
    • Silvana Greone, "The Intoccabile"

  • Power and wealth are what make the world turn upon its axis.
    • A leader of the Soldats


[In Kirika's house after gun battle]
Kirika: There we go.
Mireille: That's an excellent field dressing. Did you train as a medic?
Kirika: I don't know.
Mireille: This is your house.
Kirika: Yes...
Mireille: But it isn't your house.
Kirika: Yes. Yuumura Kirika, that's my name.
Mireille: But it isn't really your name.
Kirika: Yes.

[At Kirika's school]
Mireille: I've made the arrangements to leave the country.
Kirika: Thank you.
Mireille: So are you about finished?
Kirika: Mmm...
Mireille: I just can't imagine why anyone would want to say good-bye in a place like this.
Kirika: You're right.
Mireille: "Even when...I was in a crowd, I was always alone."
Kirika: Huh?
Mireille: "I'm afraid that's not mine. It's...Ernest Hemingway, I believe."
Kirika: I'm ready to go now, Mireille.
[Later, in France in Mireilles apartment]
Mireille: You know what I do for a living, and for that I can't let you go. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Kirika: Yes
Mireille: Well, then I will help you. They are sure to come after us again. I have something I want to ask them. And when all this is over, I will kill you.
Kirika: I will be waiting for that moment.

[Mireille reads Kirika's letter]
Kirika's letter: Mireille, I have a terrible premonition and so I am writing you this letter. Not long ago Cloe told me that Soldats is my home. I may... I may never be able to see you again. There is another me, I can feel it. I don't mind it if you kill me, however, when that time comes... and I don't have time for my final words, I could not bear that. Because there is... something I want to tell you. Mireille... I was alone. Always Alone. I never had anything. It was terrible and painful, however, I wasn't alone. When I found out Noir was a name for two, well, of course it was a surprise at first, but... My heart rejoiced. You were there for me. Mireille... I was happy because you were there... I was happy... truly happy... Mireille, whom I cherish. I cannot describe it in words... Thank you, Mireille. Thank you.
Mireille: You fool.

[A room at the Manor]
Kirika: The smell of blood...
Chloe: That's right. Over the years, many lives have been taken in this room.
Kirika: It goes beyond this one room; this whole place seems imbued with the aura of death.
Chloe: Yes. You lived here once you know...
Kirika: Of course. It is my home, isn't it?
Chloe: Yes. Would you like to come see my room?
[Chloe's room]
Chloe: We used to live here together, although it really was only for a short time. We were trained and raised separately. You carried out missions even when you were very young. Including the mission in Corsica. That was a task worthy of a maiden with black hands, the figure of Noir. After seeing you that day, I swore to myself that I myself wanted to be like you. To be shoulder to shoulder with you to be venerated as the true Noir.
Kirika: Are you saying that you became an assassin because you saw me?
Chloe: Yes.

[Mireille speaking with Beaufort, a high ranking Soldats leader]
Mireille: I will go to the Manor
Beaufort: Is that all?
Mireille: Don't get me wrong, I'm not going for you. I'm going for my own sake. This does not change the fact that Soldats is my enemy.
Beaufort: Do you want to be a mere assassin forever? Although you may be very skilled, an assassin is just a tool.
Mireille: It's the path I chose for myself.
Beaufort: If you join us, you will have immense power. Much more than your parents ever gained.
Mireille: I have realised why my parents went against Soldats even when this meant losing everything. My partner has lived up to now with a seed of darkness planted in her heart. My parents probably thought, that they didn't want me to be like that. My parents were definitely Soldats, however, they were also parents who loved their daughter. That is all.
Beaufort: What do you plan to do at the Manor? Will you save your partner?
Mireille: Well, who knows? I can only say this. I will find out the identity of those who manipulated my family and my partner.
Beaufort: Very well. Go and try it. The Manor is a place which has been lost in the darkness of history. Even if you return safely from there, the darkness will live on in various places around the world. Do you plan to take on the whole world alone?
Mireille: Not necessarily alone.
Beaufort: This may sound strange, but I wish you luck.

Altena: I now return this to your hands.
[ Altena gives Kirika her gun. After a flashback, Kirika realizes Altena gave her her first gun and sent her on her first assassination mission. Kirika points her gun at Altena.]
Altena: Go ahead and shoot. If that were the ask assigned to you, a Noir must be able to shoot, even if that target is myself. Just what worries you, child? You must never falter. The world of man is always bound in darkness, and in years to come, you will see many black deeds with your own eyes. But you must never look away...not from that darkness, and not from the world full of suffering. We have an obligation that we must bear, both you and I. It is our shared destiny to bear the most unforgivable of sins together. But you already know this, don't you child? The answer that you have been searching for is within these walls. You have returned to your home, this is where you belong, it's time to accept your world. Those gathered here are all family and together we serve that cause.
Kirika: You're saying...I'm a sinner because that's what we must do...this family?
Altena: Yes, the sin within the sin, that is why we live together in darkness. For this is the only place where you will ever know peace.
[ Kirika falls to her knees.]
Kirika: The man within the man, the love within the love, the sin within the sin.
[ Altena embraces Kirika.]
Altena: Poor little one. Do not worry, child. Once you come to accept this life, all will be right once more.

[Amongst the ruins, Chloe prepares to kill Mireille]
Chloe: In the past, this site was used by those who gave their lives for the darkness and presented themselves to the selection of the True Noir. You will die here. In other words, this is fate. Goodbye, Mireille Bouquet.
[Kirika shoots knife out of Chloe's hand, and as a result Chloe attacks Kirika]
Chloe: Why...? Why?! you LIAR!
Kirika: Cloe, stop. Please.
Chloe: And I had to watch you... living with her! and I KNEW! I KNEW! It... it... should have been me! It should have been me!
Kirika: Please, Chloe. Stop already.
[Chloe stops and then runs towards Mireille, drawing a knife]
Kirika: Cloe!
[Kirika kills Chloe with a fork]
Chloe: Noir...
Kirika: Chloe was... my other self... I can kill people, and it saddens me.

[Episode 26, In the ritual antechamber]
Borne: This is a situation we never expected. If one of the saplings failed, we knew that the remaining two would still become Noir. But this! Chloe is dead, and the remaining two have turned against us! Even if we are able to escape from them, an inquiry by the council will surely be awaiting us. Damn you Altena and damn your plans! We should have killed the daughter of Corsica when we had the chance! Are you listening to me Altena?! All that we have worked for is over! For you and your damn Noir!
Altena: No, the ritual will still be performed. This outcome is not entirely unexpected; but there is still one last trial that must be overcome.
Borne: Altena...?
Altena: All that matters is that the blades of old shall be brought back into this world. Yes, even if it already belongs to the Soldats.
Borne: Are you saying that you don't even care what happens to the Soldats because of Noir?
Altena: The man within the man, the love within the love, the sin within the sin. The Soldats were created to address certain truths that exist within the society of man. But in the long years since, the Soldats lost their way. Now, ravaged by the very disease they sought to contain, they writhe like maggots in society's flesh.
Borne: You can't mean...
Altena: To remove that flesh, we need a pure, untainted blade. A blade devoid of bindings, free to cut with the will of God. And once Noir has been revived, that is when the ideals of the Soldats of old, the Grand Retour we have waited for will be realized at last.
Borne: You intended for this to happen all along...
[Borne pulls out her gun, but is shot by Altena instead.]

[Episode 26: Final confrontation with Altena]
Altena: On this altar, the true ritual will be staged. It is a place lost in the eddies of time, and in this forgotten place, your pilgrimage will come to an end.
Kirika: So many people have died. Innocents and Soldats, Mireille's family...and now Chloe, too. What purpose did it serve?!
Altena: Hmhmhm. Foolish child. So foolish, both of you. Your mother was a fool like that as well. Your parents were both fools who let affection for their progeny blind them to the sight of the truth. But they did serve quite well as lambs to be sacrified upon your altar.
Mireille: How dare you, you monster!
Mireille: [drops her gun] You're not worth it. It's not worth soiling a bullet to kill you.
Altena: Isn't it? Then I have no choice. (shoots Mireille in the arm, Kirika draws her gun on Altena) Go ahead child. If you do not shoot, then your friend will surely die. Yes, so many lives have already been taken. So many by your hands. Are you really going to let all those lives go to waste now? Surely you ought to know it as well as I. You are a Noir, my child: born under the mark of Cain, raised in a cradle of sin, a supreme presence that governs death. It is the purpose for which you exist, your sole reason for being.
Kirika: I can' can't be...
Altena: You have committed sin upon sin as Noir. And those sins will exist for all eternity. You needn't be saddened by this. For those sins are necessary as long as the man exists. You are one who has been selected for that purpose. Now, pull the trigger, chosen one. Kill me for all my sins, and live on as a true Noir.
Odette (Kirika's flashback): Please guard my Mireille.

[Altena goes to shoot Mireille, but Kirika intercepts the bullet.]

Mireille: Kirika!
Kirika: Our hands may indeed be black...and perhaps those sins will never vanish...but my sins are Yuumura Kirika's and not Noir's! Because, we are not who you think we are.

[Kirika tackles Altena over the altar's edge, but Altena catches the ledge.]

Mireille: Kirika!!!!
Kirika: Sayonara, Mireille...
Mireille: Kirika!!!!

[Altena loses her grip and falls into the lava below. Mireille catches Kirika's hand.]

Kirika: Let go, Mireille...let go...
Mireille: Kirika...I'm begging you...please...

[Kirika and Mireille clasp hands.]

[Final Scene: Mireille and Kirika leave the Manor to be confronted by Beaufort and a troop of Soldats men]
Soldats officer:Noir?
Kirika: You're wrong.
Mireille: Make way if you fear the eternal darkness.
Beaufort: What do you plan to do now? This is not over yet.
Mireille: We will live on as we see fit. That is all.
Beaufort: In the end the world is in darkness.
Mireille: That is why... we seek the light.
[They walk off into the darkness]
Kirika: Mireille...
Mireille: What is it?
Kirika: What will we do now?
Mireille: Right now I'd like to go back to Paris and have a nice hot tea. We'll talk later. What do you think?
Kirika: It sounds good.
Mireille: You're preparing the tea you know.
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