Noddy (TV series)

TV series

Noddy is an animated children's television series based on Enid Blyton's children book series, Noddy and the US debut for the Cosgrove Hall/BBC adaptation, Noddy's Toyland Adventures.



Season 1


Episode 1: The Magic Key


Episode 2: Monkey Business


Episode 5: Tinkle, Twinkle, Little Goblins

Aunt Agatha: Yoo-hoo! Behold! I am prepared for our night under the stars.
Kate Tomten: Sorry, Aunt Agatha, but we're still getting ready.
Aunt Agatha: Oh, that's going out right, dear. Because I'm ready, ready to have some fun.

Episode 14: To the Rescue

[Aunt Agatha and Charlene von-Pickings were at the Noddy shop]
Aunt Agatha: Well, what do you know? [picks up the hat] It's on the floor. Oh, yes. Um, with pleasure. [places the hat on Charlene's head] Don't you just know that these new styles hug you head. It's like giving your hair a great big kiss!
Charlene von-Pickings: It feels wet.
Aunt Agatha: Oh. Well, that's the new wet look, you see. I mean, uh, it keeps you coolin'. [spots Lurk Goblins on Charlene's hat] AAAAH! THERE'S A RODENT ON YOUR HAT!
Charlene von-Pickings: [puzzled] A what?!
Aunt Agatha: A RODENT! [Lurk Goblins leaps off Charlene's hat. Aunt Agatha and Charlene scream while running around in fear and Noah opens the door] Come back! I have hats without rodents in the back!

Episode 24: Following Directions

[after a bubble bath fiasco at Johnny Crawfish's fish tank]
DJ Johnson: I can't believe you put a bubble bath in the fish tank. Don't you know how bad that is?
Kate Tomten: I know, I'm sorry. I should have read the label.

Episode 41: Anything Can Happen at Christmas

Davy Gladhand: Oh, smell the freshness! Yes, siree-bob, Captain T. You know how to pick them.
Carl Spiffy: Very nice. Very nice, indeed. So let's decorate it.
Aunt Agatha: Oh, oh, oh! Not so fast, Mr. Spiffy. Nobody's decorating this tree until we got it exactly in the right position. Now Noah, could you turn it just a bit to the left, please? [Noah spins the tree around] No, no, the other way. That's good, good, good, good. Oh, goodness me. Will the work ever end? First we have to finish this tree, then we have to put up the outdoor lights, then we have to go the ice sculpture parade, then we...
Noah Tomten: Agatha!
Aunt Agatha: What?
Noah Tomten: I've got customers to wait on.

Season 2


Episode 1: Little Swap of Horrors

[Kate, DJ and Truman walk out the Noddy Shop when they see the new crossing guard Bud Topper appear from the corner of the street]
DJ Johnson: [sees Bud Topper] Who's that?
Kate Tomten: Oh, that's Bud Topper. He's the new crossing guard.
Truman Tomten: Maybe he can help us find Planet Pup.
Kate Tomten: Good idea. Um, Mr. Topper, could you help us find our lost dog?
Bud Topper: Oh, AWOL canine, huh? [takes out his notebook]

Episode 2: Dance to Your Own Music

[The toys were enjoying the music just until Aunt Agatha and Bud Topper walk in the store]
Aunt Agatha: Oh, how much organization this dance contest needs. First, we have the registration list, then the stage, then the curtain, then I've got to check the sound system, then there's the judging and the prizes, and then there's... I've forgotten something.
Bud Topper: Hey, what about time for us to practice our dance?
Aunt Agatha: Oh, pish-posh, Mr. Topper. We've got all day for that. Come on, we've got to fetch the bunting to festoon the dance-stand.

Episode 19: Slugger

Bud Topper: All right then, young people. What's all this about?
DJ Johnson: Oh, hi, Mr. Topper. We're just playing baseball.
Bud Topper: Oh, baseball, huh? Then for that one, DJ, of course, you can't play baseball without an umpire.

Episode 22: Growing Lies

[Itchy was about to catch Lurk and Snipe Goblin with his jar until he accidentally knocks Little Benny off the counter]
Noddy: Oh, no!
Boobull Goblin: Uh-oh. Itchy's gonna be in trouble.
Truman Tomten: Itchy, what did you do? You broke it!
Itchy: It was an accident! I was trying to catch the little people in my jar!

Aunt Agatha: [walks in the store] Yoo-hoo! Looking for another one of your trinkets, big brother?
Noah Tomten: Well, not exactly, Agatha. Truman said that a person came into the store and walked off with Mr. Gladhand's little toy bear.
Aunt Agatha: WHAT?! Thievery?! Here?! What were you...
Noah Tomten: I--
Aunt Agatha: We must alert the authorities! [spots Noah's two customers who are about to walk in the store and drives them out] Oh, no! No, no no, no! You can't come in. We're looking at...
Noah Tomten: Agatha! Agatha, those are my customers!
Aunt Agatha: You can come back later when we solve this case. Excuse me. Sound the alarm! [blows her whistle two times] Sound the alarm!
Bud Topper: All right. Hold it, hold it, Mrs. F. What seems to be the problem here?
Aunt Agatha: Foul deeds are afoot! There's been a robbery at my brother's store!
Noah Tomten: Look, let's not panic here. We don't even know what happened.
Davy Gladhand: Howdy, Captain T, Aggie, Mr. Topper. I just came back to check on Little Benny.
Noah Tomten: Mr. Gladhand, I got some bad news for you.
Davy Gladhand: What? Not about Little Benny?
Aunt Agatha: Little Benny's been STOLEN!!!
Bud Topper and Female Asian Customer: Stolen!
Aunt Agatha: Yes!
Davy Gladhand: No! Not Little Benny!
Aunt Agatha: Oh, yes he has! We're gonna find him! [the five people, minus Noah, begin talking at once while Truman and Itchy hear the commotion from inside the store]
Aunt Agatha: [blows the whistle three times] Come on! Let's not just stand around here doing nothin'! We gotta do something about this!
Bud Topper: All right, just stick to the facts, Mrs. F. What did the thief look like?
Noah Tomten: Well, Truman and Itchy said he had beady eyes, glasses, big ears. Oh, yeah. Fangs. [chuckles]
All: [in unison] FANGS??!!

Davy Gladhand: [takes a piece of rope out of a trash can] Uh-huh, look what I found.
Bud Topper: Oh, let me just have a look-see here, huh? This could be a clue. Looks to me like this rope has been chewed.
Aunt Agatha: You know, there's only one person who could chew through a rope like that.
Davy Gladhand and Bud Topper: [in unison] Who?!
Aunt Agatha: The Chewer!
Townspeople: The Chewer?!
Bud Topper: Oh! Bingo, Mrs. F. I remember hearing about the Chewer when I was a kid.
Davy Gladhand: Wait! Are you telling me that the Chewer has my Little Benny?!
Aunt Agatha: Well, what more proof do we need that the Chewer's been here.
Kate Tomten: [arrives] Hi, guys. What's going on?
Davy Gladhand: The Chewer has Little Benny!
Aunt Agatha: And justice will be done! All right, listen up, everybody! I want some of you to go thattaway, and I want some of you to go thattaway. The rest of you, follow me! We're gonna find the Chewer! [the townspeople set off to find the Chewer]
Noah Tomten: Wait! Wait! Wait! We don't even know if the bear's been stolen!

Noah Tomten: Well, did you find that Chewer fella?
Aunt Agatha: No, didn't see a trace of him. He's a tricky one, that's for sure.
Noah Tomten: Now, Agatha, don't you think it's time to call off this silly search altogether?
Aunt Agatha: No!
Bud Topper: [notices a piece of paper on the ground] Hello, what's this? [picks the paper up] Scrap of paper.
Davy Gladhand: Does it say anything about Little Benny?!
Townspeople: What's it say?! What's it say?!
Bud Topper: [raises his hand to silence the people] It says, "Get some granola, vegetables, apples and a pencil."
Noah Tomten: Sounds to me like it's somebody's grocery list.
Bud Topper: Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Even everything on this list has got something in common; They're all things... that you CHEW! [this shocks Aunt Agatha and the people]
Aunt Agatha: Ohh! The Chewer has been here again! I know it!
Davy Gladhand: Oh, look! Look, the note is dirty. What does that tell you, Chief?
Noah Tomten: Well, it tells me that it was on the ground and I swept it up.
Aunt Agatha: Wait a minute. I remember there's a dirty cave filled with bats on the other side of Mount Hiyahoney.
Bud Topper: Bingo, Mrs. F., again. I wouldn't be surprised if our suspect is hiding out there RIGHT NOW this very moment!
Aunt Agatha: That's right.
Bud Topper: Follow me! [the townspeople set off once again]

[Aunt Agatha, Bud Topper, Davy Gladhand and the townspeople return to the Noddy Sho being covered in spider webs]
Noah Tomten: [notices Aunt Agatha and the townspeople returning] So did you find the Chewer in the dirty bat-filled cave on the other side of Mount Hiyahoney?
Aunt Agatha: No.
Davy Gladhand: He must have moved.
Aunt Agatha: But the bats didn't.
Woman in Pink Coat: So where's the Chewer now?
Bud Topper: Oh, I don't know. We've looked everywhere, you know, except...
Adults: Where?!
Bud Topper: The old forgotten sewer tunnel by the abandoned typewriter factory. [Aunt Agatha and the other adults exclaim in disgust as Bud shakes his head]
Davy Gladhand: [takes out a picture of an airplane] What about this picture we found in the cave? It's a picture of an airplane ripped out of an old newspaper, which could suggest the Chewer went to the south sea some time ago and is chewing on some things down there.
Man in Purple Bowler Hat: Maybe it wasn't the Chewer. Maybe the Bark Men did this.
Adults: [in unison] The Bark Men?!
Bud Topper: I remember hearing about them when I was a kid. Heard a lot of barking.
Davy Gladhand: I don't remember the Bark Men, but I do remember the flea people.
Townspeople: [in unison] The flea people?!
Bud Topper: No, no, no, no. It couldn't have been the flea people. They just get scared and run away.
Aunt Agatha: Oh, they do? [Aunt Agatha, Bud Topper, Davy Gladhand and the adults get in an argument]


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