Njoki Susanna Ndung'u

Kenyan judge

Njoki Susanna Ndung'u (born 1965) is a Kenyan lawyer and an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya. Justice Njoki S. Ndung’u is a former Member of the Pan-African Parliament and of the 9th Parliament in the National Assembly of Kenya.

Njoki ndungu in 2019

Quotes edit

  • "Politics is the management and determines who gets what get and how."
  • "If you are absent at the table; so are your interest."
  • "Even though Women and men are equal we are different from the moment of birth to the onset of menstruation the rite of passage the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth mother hood menopause these are issues that affect us very differently from the other gender the list is actually endless."
  • "The next time you vote the next time you pay tax the next time you experience discrimination please don't wait for the time to become involved get a seat at the table."
  • "He made us fight so much, he made the women movement very strong infact we became almost militant."

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