Ninja Scroll

1993 film by Yoshiaki Kawajiri

Ninja Scroll (original title: Jubei Ninpucho) is a Japanese action thriller anime set in feudal Japan by critically acclaimed director/writer Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Below is a list of quotes from the english version of the film.


  • Oh, my best hat...
  • He's here for me. Stay here.
  • That's impossible. But maybe I can turn your skill to my advantage.
  • Burn in your golden HELL.
  • Gemma, where are you hiding? When I die, I'll take you to Hell with me.
  • If you so want the company of devils, you'd better hurry back to hell, Gemma.


  • FOOL! My body is saturated with poison! It's so strong that even the touch of my lips will kill instantly. No one can touch me, anyone who dares to... Dies.
  • You've no idea... You couldn't possibly understand!


  • I am Utsutsu Mujuro. I have longed to challenge you.
  • You lured me in here because I am blind. Is that your plan?
  • If you want to kill me you mustn't make any sound at all.
  • Your sight is a weakness!


  • Aha! So you beat me. I thought I would stop your mouth in Edo, but I don't think I'd get the chance, seeing as how you so love risking your life. Everything ends exactly as I have written it.
  • To understand people's minds and control them is the secret of the ninja strategy. But only true sympathy can move the human heart. A pompous old ninja like me can't hope to do it.
  • So did you make love to the ninja girl?


  • (to Yurimaru after he turns down her advances) Oh, so what I've heard is true? Hmm. Have many pleasant dreams in Lord Gemma's arms...but Gemma makes love to both men and women. Did you know that he regularly has Benisato? ...Oh so you didn't. (Laughs wildly)
  • Yurimaru, it seems as though Benisato has been killed. Good for you.
  • (After killing Yurimaru and picking up his severed hand) It looks as though Yurimaru carelessly stepped into my trap, and unfortunate accident but his own fault.... Now he's the queen of the devils!
  • (After supposedly blowing up Jubei and Kagero) His body is blown to bits and grilled well done, such a succulent smell... of success!


  • Jubei: (While Tessai is raping Kagero)Do me a favour, you see I'm lost and I need to find the quickest way from here to Kikio, I'm really sorry to bother you but the highway was closed.
(Later on)
  • Jubei: (After Tessai viciously attacks him) Oh, hi. I know the way now, so leave me alone all right!
  • Tessai: Not quite the right direction. The way to hell is, right here!

  • Jubei: (to Kagero) Is it true then that you kill whichever man sleeps with you, by poisoning him?
  • Kagero: (in response) You'll know if you sleep with me.


  • The legend of Jubei, the Shogun of the Dark and the 8 Devils of Kimon.
  • Amazing! Sexy! Mysterious! Ninjutsu Wars
  • The man who must fight to live! A woman who doesn't wish to live!
  • An invincible HERO has arrived!
  • Feudal Japan... a time of danger, intrigue & deception
  • The ultimate in sword-fighting movies
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