Nina Vaca


Nina Vaca is an American entrepreneur, civic leader, and philanthropist. She is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Pinnacle Group, the Fastest-Growing Woman-Owned Business in the United States in 2018. She currently sits on the board of three publicly traded companies and is a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) through the United States Department of Commerce.


  • There have certainly been challenges throughout my career, but instead of looking at them as drawbacks, I look at them as opportunities and blessings.
  • It is very important to be selective about who you choose to surround yourself with, because no one accomplishes anything on their own.
  • I also believe in the value of excellence and bringing your best self. My father used to tell me if you’re going to do something, be the best at it.
  • What I enjoy most about being an entrepreneur is making a difference. By building a business we create jobs, pay taxes, and build families and communities.
  • I’ve never considered being a woman or a Latina to be an obstacle. In fact, I usually consider it to be quite an asset, in part due to the incredible entrepreneurial culture of the Hispanic community in general and my family in particular.
  • It’s easy to only look forward when you move to the United States, but I believe it’s vital to look back and remember your roots, to remember where you came from.
  • I was the second woman to hold that position in a thirty-year period—and that wasn’t acceptable to me. Clearly, there wasn’t enough awareness of the contributions women can bring to organizations and the economy.
  • There is nothing more powerful than the silent example.
  • Education is a journey — and getting your degree doesn’t mean you’ve finished learning.
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