Nils Funcke

Swedish writer and journalist

Nils Funcke (born 17 June 1953) is a Swedish journalist, author and publisher.

Funcke (2011)

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  • The ideal is a totally free debate where everyone can write what they want so that all opinions can be let out, even uncomfortable or insulting opinions. The alternative, to hide opinions that exist in a democratic society, is too dangerous. For example, today we see that there is an obvious skepticism against immigration in Europe. These opinions exist whether we want it or not. But these thoughts might flourish even more if we do not discuss them. Today there are a number of questions that are "unmentionable". We should take them back. Not until then can we have a constructive debate.
    • Nils Funcke (Swedish journalist and expert on freedom of expression) in interview with Sanna Trygg, October 2010.[1][2]

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