Nilo Cruz

American playwright

Nilo Cruz (born 1960) is a Cuban-American playwright and pedagogue.

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  • I am interested in beauty. I think with beauty comes poetry, comes the lyrical. I think beauty is concerned with justice…
  • I think that's beautiful when you also find contradictions, or you find ambiguity with your character. Ambiguity is a good word in the world of art.
  • I can only respond as an artist, because that’s what I am. I’m not going to become a politician all of a sudden. I am a politician in terms of the plays that I write, the way I embrace culture, the way I embrace characters that, in my particular case, have to do with the Latino world. And I embrace the Latino experience…
    • On whether he feels pressured to represent the Latino community after winning a Pulitzer in “Nilo Cruz by Emily Mann” in BOMB Magazine (2004 Jan 1)
  • I believe it’s something that happens when one is around art, and when one is close to books: they seep into your system, into your blood, and start to activate something in your life. We start living in the way that some of these characters live, with some sense of their sensibility. It’s almost as if the reader becomes the writer and the writer becomes the reader…

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