Nikolay Przhevalsky

Russian soldier, explorer, & geographer (1839-1888)

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Przhevalsky (April 12, 1839November 1, 1888) was a Russian geographer and a renowned explorer of Central and East Asia. Although he never reached his ultimate goal, the holy city of Lhasa in Tibet, he traveled through regions then unknown to the West, such as northern Tibet (modern Tibet Autonomous Region), Amdo (now Qinghai) and Dzungaria (now northern Xinjiang).

Nikolay Przhevalsky

Quotes about PrzhevalskyEdit

  • Between November 1870 and September 1873, accompanied by only three men and with ridiculously small pecuniary resources, he crossed the Gobi desert, reached Peking, and, pushing westwards and south-westwards, explored the Ordos and the Ala-shan, as well as the upper part of the Yangtsze-Kiang. He also penetrated into Tibet, reaching the banks of the Di Chu river. By this remarkable journey he proved that, for resolute and enduring men, travelling in the central Asian plateaus was easier than had been supposed.
    • “Prjevalsky, Nikolai Mikhailovich” in Encyclopædia Britannica, (11th ed.), 1911
  • No amount of adventure satisfies a traveler, and Prejevalski was not satisfied with the excursions he had already made.
    • "Sketch of Nicholas Prejevalski", in Popular Science Monthly Volume 30, January 1887

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