Nikki SooHoo

American actress

Nicole "Nikki" SooHoo (August 20, 1988–) is a Chinese American actress.

Nikki SooHoo


  • I know I’m also the girl who’s Chinese family doesn’t speak Chinese, and I’ve grown up watching Western philosophy movies teaching me that I should follow my heart and that I can do and be anything I desire. It almost feels like sometimes I’m too Asian, and then other times I’m not Asian enough. I don’t know... I’m not typical. I don’t fit the box. I’m just ME… Moments like these push me to grow and become better and all I can do is be the best me I can be and trust that what’s right for me will come along.
  • So often, people ask me what is the key to success in this industry... or what would be my best advice to give to new comers... and though there are many things I could tell you from my personal experience, persistence and consistency seems to be a common thread to everything I have to say.

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