Night of the Eagle

1962 British horror film directed by Sidney Hayers

Night of the Eagle is a 1962 film about a professor who learns his wife is trying to practice magic.

Directed by Sidney Hayers. Written by Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson and George Baxt was based upon the 1943 Fritz Leiber novel Conjure Wife.
Witch or Woman, What Was It?  (taglines)

Norman TaylorEdit

  • So, each day science, founded on years of research and truth merges with feats, which put our old fashioned magicians to shame. Aladdin rubbed the lamp and the genie appeared. Today we can press a button, and the whole of mankind is obliterated.
  • I do NOT believe.


Lindsay Carr: [Speaking of an upcoming, open promotion] You don't really deserve it, you know.
Norman Taylor: Oh?
Lindsay Carr: You've got too much already - a beautiful wife, this lovely house and that cottage by the sea. Your excellent thesis, and your ability to interest the students, now what's the answer to it all, eh? You sold your soul to the devil?


  • Witch or Woman, What Was It?
  • You Must See It From the Beginning To Feel The Shock-Impact of the End!
  • The Most Terrifying Screen Experience of Your Life!
  • Do the undead demons of hell still arise to terrorize the world?


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