Night Court (2023 TV series)

2023 American television series

Night Court (2023–present) is an American sitcom, airing on NBC, about the night shift of a Manhattan court, presided over by Abby Stone.

Melissa Rauch

Season 1 Edit

Pilot [1.01] Edit

[First lines of the series]
Abby Stone: Wow, that was a tricky clasp.

Abby Stone: Okay, so who threw the first punch?
Grant, Brant: [At the same time]
[each pointing to the other]
Grant, Brant: He did!
[they face one another, pointing at themselves]
Grant, Brant: I did?
[then pointing to one another again]
Grant, Brant: YOU DID!

The Nighthawks [1.02] Edit

Dan Fielding: Twenty bucks.
Donna Gurgs: Fifty. Or I'll do it for free if you can tell me my name.
Dan Fielding: You are... getting fifty bucks.

[A man pulls the chandelier out of the ceiling with his hands. Pigeons are flying in the courthouse.]
Donna Gurgs: We destroyed their home, and now they're coming for ours!
Dan Fielding: If it makes you feel any better, your dad used to make birds appear in this courtroom all the time! I think I recognize one of them!

Just Tuesday [1.03] Edit

Dan Fielding: Afraid to open a box. Huh. Well, this place hasn't changed, right down to the guy fishing dead birds out of the ceiling. Hey, you know what? I wanted to ask you something. Say a lifetime ago, you worked with a guy, right? Had your ups and downs, but on the whole, like each other, respected, even. The job ends. You go your separate ways. Life happens. You live and you love. And you lose, big time, so you close off your heart. Then one day, the child of that almost forgotten guy comes to you and asks for your help. Would you take the chance? Would you... open that heart up again, let feelings in, knowing that undoubtedly, it would hurt again at some point?

Dan Fielding: And that is why I don't open up to people. But I am not afraid to open a box.
[Dan Fielding opens the box with his hands. Snakes jump out of the box.]
Dan Fielding: Oh! Harry! Okay. I'll think about it.

Dan v. Dating [1.04] Edit

Dan Fielding: My late wife, Sarah, was in recovery for a few years even before we met, and she was always adamant about being of service to others. I often thought that she went too far. I was selfish. I wanted her to be with me. But I soon realized that it was as much, if not more, for her than it was for those other folks. And when she couldn't help someone find their way, it weighed on her. Maybe like this has been weighing on you.
Abby: What was she in recovery for?
Dan Fielding: Booze.
Abby: Me, too. How did you...
Dan Fielding: "Defects of character". Plus, now I remember you once called a surprise party a "birthday intervention".

Abby: Thanks, Dan.
Dan Fielding: And you know what? Think about it. You were right. Graziano wasn't a criminal.
Abby: So if I was right, that means that you...
Dan Fielding: Don't! Don't finish that. Now, if you don't mind, my time in the clink has made me rather hungry. Too hungry to ask.

The Apartment [1.05] Edit

Dan Fielding: He's not coming down, is he?
Abby: Something came up at work, so he had to cancel. You know, it's actually better, because I am gonna start planning how to decorate the apartment. I'm gonna get the floor plans, and I'm gonna start measuring, so...
Dan Fielding: You don't have to do that. You don't have to always try and find the positive spin. You're allowed to be mad.
Abby: I think it's better to put positive energy out there.

Dan Fielding: You know what? Let's try something for the next few minutes. Just allow yourself to be angry.
Abby: No, I don't think...
Dan Fielding: No, just try it.
Abby: No, it's just not how I...
Dan Fielding: Just try it.
Abby: Would you stop interrupting me?! I have enough going on already! Nothing is going how I planned! My apartment makes me smell disgusting! I have to eat chicken breakfast at 4:00 in the afternoon! I can't unsubscribe from any e-mail list, which has nothing to do with the move, but it's very frustrating!
Dan Fielding: Anything else?
Abby: And Rand isn't here! I want him to be here to help me with this stuff! And, no, I know it's not totally fair to make him uproot his life just for me to pursue a dream, but, ugh, I want it anyway!

Justice Buddies [1.06] Edit

Dan Fielding: Don't you think it's a huge mistake bringing children to the court? And Earth in general.
Abby: This is our chance to inspire the next generation of judges and lawyers. Like when my dad came for career day, he did a presentation and mixed in some magic. He brought the house down. Made the book fair look like total trash.

Abby and Gurgs: Welcome, Justice Buddies!
Dan Fielding: If there's one thing I know about this generation, it's they love a banner.

Abby: Mr. Fielding, would you like to meet your Justice Buddy?
Dan Fielding: I reject the premise that I have a Justice Buddy.

Train Court [1.07] Edit

[first lines]
Abby: Alright, everybody, it's court o'clock, and you made it during Abby Hour. All decisions half-price.

Dan Fielding: A mini-horse. Nay, a seeing-eye mini-horse. And according to New York vs. Pongo, mini-horses are allowed on public transit.
Abby: Obviously, I gotta get a look at this guy.
[A horse is in the courthouse.]
Abby: Upstate, I used to guess horse sizes at the county fair. And that one is a "big".
Dan Fielding: Your Honor, um, I call for a mistrial. I've just learned that the defendant and Ms. Moore have an existing relationship. They share a daily commute, the 5:42 downtown 6 train at Hunter College Station.
Abby: Slow down. I think we just blew right past the big news here.

Dan Fielding: Well, you're not helping. You know what? We just plead guilty. How do you put up with her?

Blood Moon Binga [1.08] Edit

Abby: And it's attempted murder because?
Dan Fielding: They're vampires.

Abby: I'm going to be honest. I don't care about garlic or virgins. But I am very excited to hear that the Barenaked Ladies are back together. At the end of the day, you 2 found someone who accepts you for who you are. That's special and worth fighting for. And since this is your first offense, the state is willing to drop the charges if you agree to couples counseling. Before you say "no", remember, you're only one "yes" away from the rest of your life.

Two Peas on a Pod [1.09] Edit

Abby: Oh, Dan, good. I need your opinion on something. I've been listening to my voice, and is this really what I sound like?
Announcer: (high-pitched voice) 4 score and 7 years ago, our forefathers brought forth on this continent...

Dan Fielding: No, no. Listen to me. You can't do the interview. As a matter of fact, you have to bar that podcast crew from the courthouse.
Abby: Why would I do that?
Dan Fielding: When I was listing my many accomplishments, I may have implicated myself in just a smidge of malfeasance. I started talking about cocaine a lot. Now Remecca's out to take me down.

Marathon-Thon-Thon-Thon-Thon [1.10] Edit

Dan Fielding: Well, um, look, I didn't want to have to do this, but I've run out of options. I need you to use your judicial powers to declare a piece of furniture my emotional support bench.
Abby: Do I look like a local radio deejay to you? 'Cause I don't take requests! Very sorry. I'm just coming down from beast mode.
Dan Fielding: This is why the only marathon I've done is 50 back-to-back episodes of Monk on the USA Network.
Abby: The marathon isn't to blame for this, I am. I became a version of myself I didn't like very much, and I'm not even talking about the version that gave me a herniated disc. I didn't like the one that felt that she needed Rand's advice to make friends. I think since I moved down here, I've been able to do things my way, and I liked it.
Dan Fielding: If you know the kind of person that you want to be, you're miles ahead of most of the people on this planet. Yeah, sure, it might be difficult adjusting to the fact that, since you moved, things are changing. Probably difficult for Rand, too. Gotta figure out how he fits into your new life.
Abby: He definitely doesn't fit into the jeans he got in the Meatpacking District.
Dan Fielding: Change is part of life. You either accept it, or one day a guy tries to take your bench away, and you briefly consider dressing it up like a very tall, weird-looking man and sneaking it past a near-sighted maintenance worker.
Abby: Is that a metaphor?
Dan Fielding: I wish it were.

Abby: I mean, it's insane. He just lights up when you're around.
Rand: Hey, I'm really sorry I made you do beast mode. I just should've stayed out of it.
Abby: You were just trying to help. If Olivia doesn't want to be friends with me that does belly balloons, then I can live with that. Looks like I'm gonna be handing out water with you at the marathon.
Rand: Hey, Neil signed up, too. He's doing it to impress some girl he has a crush on. She has a boyfriend, but apparently he's, like, super tall and really annoying. But, uh, you know, Olivia will be happy to see us.
Abby: Wait. She told you she's still running?
Rand: Oh, whoa, whoa.
Abby: Then I'm running too.
Rand: You're in a lot of pain right now, aren't you?
Abby: Tremendous amount.

Ready or Knot [1.11] Edit

Dan Fielding: In case you were worried, the Finkboners were married by a stripper/priest. It was beautiful.
Abby: I can't get everything I want.
Dan Fielding: Because your father isn't here.
Abby: I think that the real reason I haven't wanted to jump back into wedding planning. He was just so involved in all of it. He was gonna do magic. This thing where my finger would keep falling off right before Rand put a ring on it. It was gonna be epic.
Dan Fielding: Well, you know, big moments make us really miss those who are gone. It's inevitable. But you have to live your life. And it's time you start a life with "Again, Rand? Rand!". I mean, it's almost like a name, but not quite.
Abby: Isn't your real name Reinhold?
Dan Fielding: Uh-huh. Okay. So you know stuff.

Abby: What is this?
Dan Fielding: Well, Harry and I, all of us, really, we spent so much time downstairs in that courthouse that we would come up here for breaks, fresh air, and talk down the occasional jumper. I thought it might be a-a way to make you feel like your father was part of your wedding. I mean, plus, you can't beat the beautiful view that way. Don't look that way. Those people need to invest in some curtains.
Abby: It's perfect. Rand is gonna love it. I mean, he is terrified of heights, but it's time we work on that anyway. I'm not giving up roller coasters for anyone.

DA Club [1.12] Edit

Abby: Okay, my presentation materials are running a little bit late, but I think we should just dive in. My first slide was a word cloud which I will now describe from memory.

Abby: Dan, what are you doing? I told you I got this.
Dan Fielding: Yes, I know. No, I'm just helping. Look, these guys are trickier than the cow tippers and Jet-Ski hooligans you dealt with upstate.
Abby: We have some tough customers back home. Biff Cratchit, Wink Honeycrisp, Colonel Ciderman.
Dan Fielding: Okay, fine, fine, fine, I don't need a rundown of the corn crime all-stars. I've known this guy for 30 years and you're not going to get any traction with him until you figure out what it is he wants from you.

Past Apps [1.13] Edit

Dan Fielding: Alright, what the hell's going on?! I haven't seen you this worked up since they pulled the Shamrock Shake early.
Abby: It should be all of March. You just have to trust me. Investing in Brock's app is a bad idea. I can't say anything else about it.
Dan Fielding: Well, luckily you don't have to, because I'm a master at reading people, and you're a master at having absolutely no poker face.
Abby: I have a poker face. I just haven't showed it to you yet.
Dan Fielding: Alright, then. Have a seat. Now, I am going to ask you a series of questions. All you need to do is respond "no". Do you understand?

Dan Fielding: Hey, you know what? It's worth the risk for me. You don't get a whole lot of billion-dollar ideas coming through here, you know.
Abby: But you're not just risking your own money. You're risking everyone else's. You're being selfish.
Dan Fielding: Oh, am I? Or maybe I'm being selfless, thinking that Brock may have changed, that he deserves a second chance, and all the other nonsense that you talk about.
Abby: You don't believe the nonsense I talk about.
Dan Fielding: No. No, I don't. But I do believe that one day, I could be so rich that I will never die.

When Abby Met Gabby [1.14] Edit

Abby: Oh, by the way, I'm Abby.
Gabby: I'm Gabby.
Abby and Gabby: It's so nice to meet you!

The Honorable Dan Fielding, Part 1 [1.15] Edit

Abby: A judgeship. It's an incredible opportunity.
Dan Fielding: Yeah, being a judge is kind of a dream I had given up on. Think about it. I've been judging people my entire life for free. Now I'm gonna get a paycheck for it.
Abby: I can't blame you for following your dream. It would inspire me to follow my dream, but my dream's impossible. I want to be a twin.
Dan Fielding: Truth is, I was a bit adrift before you came and dragged me out of retirement, forced me to take this job. So, thank you.

The Honorable Dan Fielding, Part 2 [1.16] Edit

Dan Fielding: Okay, uh, you will not agree with everything I am going to say up there, but just know that I'm doing what is best for my client.
Abby: I trust you. It's why I brought you back here. You're the best lawyer I know, the best lawyer my dad knew.

Season 2 Edit

The Homecoming [2.01] Edit

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