Nigel Slater

English food writer, journalist and broadcaster

Nigel Slater (born 9 April 1958) is a British food writer.


  • Food is, for me, for everybody, a very sexual thing and I think I realised that quite early on. I still cannot exaggerate how just putting a meal in front of somebody is really more of a buzz for me than anything. And I mean anything. Maybe that goes back to trying to please my dad, I don't know. It's like parenting in a way I suppose.
  • Good kitchens are not about size; they are about ergonomics and light.
  • It is the deep, salty stickiness of food that intrigues me more than any other quality.
  • Well let's face it, who on earth besides antique dealers and gay couples actually still give dinner parties?
    • Slater, Nigel (2005-11-13). "In this month's OFM". The Guardian (London). Retrieved on 2010-05-20. 
  • Almost anything is edible with a dab of French mustard on it.
  • I have never eaten a boiled egg, but I have had a soldier or two.
    • Eating For England, Fourth Estate Ltd, ISBN 0-00-719946-5, October 2007)("Soldiers" can refer to slices of toast cut into long thin strips for dipping into a boiled egg.)

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