Nicola Bombacci

Italian politician and revolutionary (1879-1945)

Nicola Bombacci (October 24 1879 – April 28 1945) was an Italian politician and revolutionary.

Nicola Bombacci

Quotes Edit

  • Mussolini is clever, demagogic, devoid of scruples, and he has learned a great deal from the Russian Revolution.
  • Fascism has made grandiose Social Revolution, Mussolini and Lenin, Soviet and Fascist corporate state, Rome and Moscow. Several stands already taken had to be rectified, we have nothing of which to ask pardon for as both in present and past we are impelled by the same ideal: the triumph of work.
    • La Verità journal, 1936
  • Stalin will never make socialism; rather Mussolini will.
    • 1945, to a crowd in Genoa, as quoted in Mussolini (2011) by R.J.B Bosworth, p. 511
  • Long live Mussolini! Long live socialism!
    • 28 April 1945, during execution at Dongo, as quoted in Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism (2002) by Joshua Muravchik, p. 171

Quotes about Nicola Bombacci Edit

  • I saw that it was this that tormented him the most: the attraction that fascism exercised upon the extreme left. He had been a teacher with Mussolini in a little Italian village, he knew him well and even while hating him liked him a little.

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