Nicodemus the Hagiorite

Greek Orthodox ascetic

Nicodemus the Hagiorite or Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain (Ὅσιος Νικόδημος ὁ Ἁγιορείτης; 1749 – July 14, 1809) is a saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Nicodemus the Hagiorite

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as translated by Peter A. Chamberas (Paulist Press: 1989)
  • Pleasure is like a rough file smeared with oil, which when the cat licks it up, it also licks with it the blood of its own tongue.
    • p. 84
  • Do not by any means allow yourself to open both ears to the slanderers and to draw your conclusions and decisions on the basis of what they alone have to say, and thereby judge the case in absentia without the presence of the person slandered to defend himself.
    • p. 99

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