Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

American teen family comedy sitcom

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn is an American comedy family teen sitcom developed by Michael Feldman and created by Matt Fleckenstein that premiered on Nickelodeon on September 13, 2014 and ended on August 4, 2018. The series stars Brian Stepanek, Allison Munn, Aidan Gallagher, Casey Simpson, Mace Coronel, Lizzy Greene, Gabrielle Elyse, and Kyla-Drew Simmons.

Pilot edit

[first lines of the series]
Dawn: Ow!
Ricky: You don't just dump chemicals into a beaker willy-nilly.
Dawn: Well, I'm tired of all the waity-waity. Let's get to the dumpy-dumpy.
Nicky: Safety first. Goggles.
Dicky: Chill. If I wear goggles, how are the ladies gonna see my eyes?
Nicky: Goggles!
Dicky: Fine. Hey, babe. Let's make science.
Ricky: Are we done, children? Can we let the science fair winner--
Dawn: Runner-up.
Ricky: It's under review! I have a process, Dawn.
Dawn: Well, here's my process.
Ricky: Willy-nilly! Willy-nilly!
Nicky: Fools!
Dicky: Science is awesome.
Ricky: Look what you did!
Dawn: Me? You're the science fair runner-up! That's what you get for waiting.
Nicky: That foam is going to give you rashes!
Dawn: Yeah? Well, happy scratching!
[Nicky screams and Dicky laughs.]
[Next scene.]
Science teacher: For crying out loud! You could of gotten rashes!
Nicky: I told you.
Science teacher: Nicky, there is nothing here for any of you to be proud of. Now I’ve called your parents--
[The quads complain]
Science teacher: Save it! You can answer to them.
[knock at door]
Science teacher: COME IN!!!
[Tom and Anne enter.]
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn: Hey, mom. Hey, dad.
[Intro to the next scene.]
Tom: This is the third time this month we’ve been called away from the store to come pick you kids up.
Dawn: Sounds like quality family time to me. Am I right? Up top! Coming down.
Anne:: You know. every time I get a call from the school, I keep hoping it is finally that called that says, "Mrs. Harper, your quadruplets are amazing. And they are working together, and they are definitely not having a wet toilet paper war in the handicap stall". But it never is. It never is!
Dawn: It’s their fault! Everything always has to be their way!
Ricky: Well, I’m sorry if I care about my grade!
Dicky: And I'm sorry if i don't.

Wanted: the Sugar Beet Gang edit

Dawn: Why does Mr. Dexter always group us together for class projects?
Ricky: I thought we moved past this.
Dawn: I'll tell you why!
Ricky: Apparently not.
Dawn: He does it to torture me. And what's with those gross little white balls stuffed in the corner his mouth? What is it, cream cheese? Yogurt? Toothpa-- Oh, hey, Mr. Dexter!
Ricky: Arm floaties, huh? Going swimming?
Mr. Dexter: I'm gonna fill them with soda so I don't have to pay those outrageous prices at the movies! So swimming? Oh, yeah. In savings! Anywho, good luck on your assignment. And it's yogurt... mostly. [leaves] Muhahahahahahahaha!
Dicky: See? That would've been so much better if he had a mustache to twirl.

Nicky: There's no map. Dang it!
[He bumps his elbow into the wall, knocking paper out from behind a plague. Ricky picks it up and looks at it.]
Ricky: It's the map! And I'm in charge of it.
Nicky: No, I knocked it out from behind a plague. I should be in charge.
Dawn: No, I'm in charge. None of you even know how to read a map.
Dicky: You don't read a map, you just look at it!
[They fight over the map, tearing it apart into four.]
Ricky: Great! Now look what you've done!
[He notices that he has an X on his part of the map.]
Ricky: [in his head] I have the X. If I find the treasure, I could buy a year's supply of sweater vests! Don't look suspicious. [puts on a fake smile]
Nicky: [notices an X on his part of the map; in his head] I have the X. I could buy hundreds of beans for my chilli! Don't look suspicious. [puts on a fake smile]
Dawn: [in her head] Those are Ricky and Nicky's suspicious faces. Maybe they know I have the X. Look natural. [puts her foot on the table]
Dicky: [in his head] Dawn looks really natural right now. [looks at his part of the map] Oh, hey, I have the X! Look as natural as Dawn. [picks up his foot and stands on the other]

Quaddy-Shack edit

[Madison and her friends arrive at Get Sporty's new golf course.]
Madison: I would say this place is awesome, ~but it's not.
Dawn: [annoyed] It's the But-er and those snobby country club kids.
[Madison's group walk up the the Quads.]
Madison: Dawn.
Dawn: Madison.
Spalding: Ricky.
Ricky: Spalding.
Lacey: Nicky.
Nicky: Lacey.
Hamilton: Dicky.
Dicky: Other guy.
Hamilton: [correcting] Hamilton.
Dicky: Really? Okay. Hamilton.
Dawn: What are you doing here?
Madison: We heard you dad opened up a new golf course and we wanted to check it out.
Spalding: [looks around] Spaceships, lasers, aliens...this place is like Cirque de Sole Lame in here.
[He and the other country club kids laugh.]
Madison: Mini golf's to be played outdoors with wooden windmills and real wind.
Ricky: I couldn't agree with you more. Now get out.
Madison: Fine. Dawn.
Dawn: Madison.
Spalding: Ricky.
Ricky: Spalding.
Lacey: Nicky.
Nicky: Lacey.
Hamilton: Dicky.
Dicky: Guy whose name I still can't remember!
Hamilton: [annoyed] Hamilton!
Dicky: Hamilton! Why won't that stick? [muttering] Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton. Hamilton!

Diary of an Angry Quad edit

Dawn: [writing in her diary] Dear diary...
Dicky: [walks in] Hey, whatcha doing?
Dawn: Nothing. Wait, what are you doing in here?
Dicky: Oh, I'm in here all the time, usually when you're not.
Dawn: Oh! Get out.
Dicky: What's behind your back?
Dawn: Nothing, get out.
Dicky: Oh, 'cause it said diary and you said "Dear diary." So I figured it was a diary.
Dawn: It's not a diary.
Ricky: Ooh, you have a diary?
Dawn: No.
Nicky: Anything in there about us?
Dawn: Look, diaries are for private thoughts, like rooms with signs on the door that say "No boys allowed."
Nicky: Huh, is that new?
Ricky: Yeah, I think that's new.
Dawn: No! It's been there since I moved in! Look, I respect your privacy and I would really appreciate it if you would respect mine.
Nicky: Don't worry. You can trust us.
Ricky: Totally.
Dicky: Absolutely.
[Later in Dawn's room. Nicky, Ricky and Dicky sneak in.]
Nicky: Coast is clear.
Ricky: We got to find that diary and see what she writes about us.
Dicky: No diary, just this weird ear-warmer thing.
Ricky: These aren't ear-warmers. [puts it over his face] They're an old-timey toothache cure.
Nicky: No, they're workout bands. [stretches] Whoo!
[Dawn enters. The boys freeze in place.]
Ricky: This is not what it looks like.
Nicky: We didn't come in here to play with your workout bands.
Dawn: Those are my sports bras.
Ricky: Ew, that was on my face!
Dicky: Gross, mine too!
Dawn: [takes her sports bras] Just go! I have a very long and angry diary entry to write.
Ricky: Oh, by the way, where do you keep your diary?
Dicky: Yeah, we looked everywhere for it.
[Dawn cracks her knuckles. Soon, the boys are in the hallway tied up by Dawn's bras.]
Anne: You were in Dawn's room again without permission, huh?
Nicky, Ricky & Dicky: Yep.

Dicky: Wait, what did coach say?
Ricky: Who cares what coach said? [suspiciously] Is there anything you two would like to tell me?
Nicky: No. Do you and Dicky have anything you'd like to tell me?
Ricky: I don't know what you're talking about.
Dicky: Me neither.
Nicky: Look, this is silly.
Dicky: Yeah. We all trust each other, right?
Nicky and Ricky: Right!
Nicky: [in his head] Those two are definitely up to something.
Ricky: [in his head] I don't trust those two at all.
Dicky: [in his head] I really wanna know what coach said.

Dicky: I shaved my head!

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Sicky edit

Dawn: Now we can practice for our sleepover at the history museum.
Dicky: Practice sleeping? I can do that with my eyes closed.
Dawn: No, practice not sleeping. This is finally our year to go on the big class trip and something epic always happens. And if it happens in the middle of the night, I want to be awake so I can say: I was there when...
Dicky: [puzzled] When what?
Dawn: It's a saying.
Dicky: That says what?
Dawn: That says we saw the epic moment that became the stuff of legend.
Dicky: When?
Dawn: It hasn't happened yet.
Dicky: Then how did we see it?
Dawn: We didn't, but we're hoping to be there when it happens.
Dicky: When what happens?
Dawn, Nicky and Ricky: THE EPIC MOMENT!
Nicky: Like the year Nick Powell got his pants stuck on the saber toothed tiger and pantsed himself in front of everyone.
Dawn: Hey, I wonder what's gonna happen this year.
Ricky: Oscar is always sticking his head in stuff. Maybe he'll get it stuck in something at the museum!
Dawn: That would be epic. But nobody really gets their head caught in stuff.
Dicky: Uh, guys?
[His head is caught in the railing.]
Dawn: [sighs] Dicky.
Dicky: I just wanted to see if it would fit.
Ricky: Turn your head the other way.
[Dicky does so and gets out.]
Dicky: Whoa.
Dawn: Well, time to not get to sleep.
Ricky: Dawn, we're just as excited as you are. But don't you think it's best to get as much rest as possible before we go?
Nicky: He has a point. Shouldn't you be doing the exact opposite of what your plan is?
Dicky: Even I see the value in a good night's sleep.
Dawn: You play like you train, and you don't train for a marathon by sitting in a chair.
Nicky: I would.
Ricky: Sounds smart.
Dicky: [on the chair with a bowl of pretzels] I'm training right now.
Dawn: Fine, don't stay up. But if this epic moment happens while you guys are all asleep, I'm not waking you.
Nicky: Alright, we'll stay up all night. How hard can it be?
[Later, Nicky, Ricky and Dicky are asleep.]
Dawn: It's only been five minutes, you wimps!

Dawn: I can't believe this. After all we've done to get here, now we're going to miss the epic moment.
Nicky: Well, none of this would have happened if we had just admitted we were sick and let Principal Tarian "gone" us.
Ricky: No, none of this would have happened if Dawn didn't get us all sick.
Dawn: Well, it's not my fault somebody shut the unfindable door.
Dicky: Well, it's not my fault.
Nicky: It's not my fault.
Ricky: Well, somebody needs to be blamed!
Nicky: [points at Ricky] Then I blame you!
Ricky: [points at Dicky] And I blame you!
Dicky: [points at Dawn] And I blame you!
Dawn: And I blame all of you.

Ricky: Me sick.
Dicky: Me sicker.
Nicky: Me sickest.
Dawn: Not... a contest.

New Kid on the Block edit

Dawn: How did we get this reputation? We are not bad kids.
Dicky: Yeah, we're good kids.
Ricky: Yeah, we're so good, they could make a TV show about us.
Nicky: Yeah.
Dicky: Totally.
Dawn: Dawn! Nicky, Ricky and Dicky.
Ricky: No, it'd be called "Ricky! Dawn, Dicky, Nicky".
Dicky: No, it'd be called "Dicky".
Ricky: And?
Dicky: That's it, just "Dicky".
Nicky: You guys are all wrong. It'd be called "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn".
Dawn: That's ridiculous.
Ricky: Yeah, right.
Dicky: Who'd watch that?

The Tell-Tale Art edit

Ricky: Nothing says first day of the new quarter like a freshly laminated schedule.
Dicky: Who needs laminating when you got a hand? This period, I have... [looks at his hand] ...Mystery.
Dawn: You mean history.
Dicky: No, I have no idea what this says.
Nicky: Well, the three of us have art class. [puts on a beret] Finally, a reason to wear this beret.
Ricky: Plus, art's an easy A. But then again, aren't they all?
Dawn: Wow. New quarter, same old Ricky already bragging about his grades.
Ricky: To be clear, it's not bragging, it's just talking.
Dawn: Well, it sounds to me like trash talking.
Ricky: No, this is trash talking: "I'm gonna get a better grade than you in art class, and then I'm gonna brag about it".

Ms. Gressle: Pablo Picasso once said that art is a lie that tells the truth.
Ricky: [puzzled] What does that mean?
Ms. Gressle: Exactly! I believe we all have an artist who lives inside of us, screaming to get out. [screams loudly] So today, I want you to create a piece that expresses you, your hopes, your dreams, your truth.
Dawn: Oh, can I paint a self portrait?
Ms. Gressle: Any subject.
Nicky: Uh, can I make something out of food?
Ms. Gressle: Any medium.
Nicky: Sweet! Or salty. Haven't decided yet.

Quadsled edit

Tom: idk but....

Quadshank Redemption edit

Ricky: I can't believe we're stuck in this hoosegow.
Dicky: Yeah, we're all in this moose cow.
Ricky: [annoyed] Hoosegow!
Dicky: [confused] I don't know whose cow it is. You're the one who brought it up.

YOCO edit

YOCO: Nicky Harper turned house temperature to 95 degrees.
Dawn: That's insane! YOCO, turn house temperature down to 70 degrees.
[Nicky comes downstairs wearing a bathrobe and towel on his head.]
Nicky: YOCO, 95.
Dawn: YOCO, 70.
Ricky: Why would you want it to be 95 degrees?
Nicky: Because I didn't want it to be cold when I got out of the bath.
Dawn: Nicky, Mom told you not to use her bathroom, and you better not be using all her expensive shampoo.
Nicky: Hey, it's not like- OW, YOCO! I finished the shampoo.
YOCO: Finished the shampoo. Ordering more.
Dawn: Wait, what just happened?
Ricky: I think Nicky just made YOCO order more shampoo.
YOCO: Ordering more shampoo.
Dawn: Ugh, great! Now you just made YOCO order two shampoos!
YOCO: Ordering two shampoos.
Ricky: Great! Now you just made YOCO order four shampoos!
YOCO: Ordering four shampoos.
Dicky: Guys, stop! Nobody say "YOCO order more shampoo". Because every time you say "YOCO order more shampoo", she orders more shampoo. And if we keep saying it, we're accidentally gonna make YOCO order 50 shampoos.
YOCO: Ordering 50 shampoos.

Lasties with Firsties edit

[last lines of the series]
Tom: Well, at least nothing's ever boring in the Harper house.
Dawn: Nothing ever will be.

Episode Cast edit

  • Aidan Gallagher as Nicky Harper (youngest of the quads)
  • Casey Simpson as Ricky Harper (second oldest of the quads)
  • Mace Coronel as Dicky Harper (second youngest of the quads)
  • Lizzy Greene as Dawn Harper (oldest of the quads)
  • Gabrielle Elyse as Josie Cooper
  • Kyra-Drew Simmons as Mae Valentine
  • Allison Munn as Anne Harper (mother of the quads)
  • Brian Stepanek as Tom Harper (father of the quads)

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Harper Family edit

  • Tom
  • Anne (wife)
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (quadruplet sons & daughter)

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