Nicholas Samra

American bishop

Nicholas James Samra (August 15, 1944–) is an American prelate of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church who serves as the eparch of the Eparchy of Newton.

Nicholas Samra


  • We need to re-establish our dialogue with our Orthodox brothers and sisters, especially of the Antiochian tradition. It existed under Archbishop Tawil and now it is time to resurface it. We are the same people-broken by history, and we will not throw the blame on each other. The break was caused more by political disunity. We need to become closer so that when unity takes place, we are one Church. Do I believe unity can take place? Most assuredly. If God could break the clutches of communism overnight, he can certainly break the pride of many overzealous church leaders and bring back unity to His body. God calls men and women to religious vocations. And I believe he also calls married men to priesthood. We need to study this situation in our country and develop the proper formation for men who are truly deemed worthy of this call.

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