Nicholas Lore

American social scientist

Nicholas Ayars “Nick” Lore (born July 12, 1944) is a social scientist specializing in career design methodology and multiple intelligences, best-selling author, and the founder of the Rockport Institute.

Nicholas Lore


  • How can someone say they’re successful if they’re not happy doing their work?
    • New York Times September 7, 2010, Job Satisfaction vs. a Big Paycheck by Phyllis Korkki
  • Since you may never discover the truth, invent it.
    • NOW WHAT? The Young Person's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career, Simon & Schuster, 2008. ISBN 9780743266307
  • Everyone else on the planet, from the lowest amoebae to the great blue whale, expresses all their component elements in a perfect dance with the world around them. Only human beings have unfulfilled lives.
    • Wholeliving, 2004
  • Go for vitality, not comfort.
    • Entrepreneur Magazine, March 1998
  • Just because you have long legs doesn't mean you'll be happy as a Rockette.
    • The Rising Sun Mumbai
  • The way to “find” the perfect career is to give up the notion that you will ever find it, stumble across it, or that it will somehow magically find you, and to get to work designing it.
    • University of Texas Law Alumni site

The Pathfinder (1998)


The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success, Simon & Schuster, 1998. ISBN 978-0684823997

  • The willingness to feel fear and keep going forward distinguishes the living from the merely breathing. In fact, it is not just the so-called negative emotions that are uncomfortable. When you choose to live fully, your palate of experiences, thoughts, emotions, and possibilities expands. This leads you onto new ground in other areas of your life as well. And, folks, all that newness swirling around just ain’t comfortable.
  • The question is not whether to take risks, but which ones to take. The peril of being reasonable is that you will miss all the fun. It’s not enough to cautiously edge your way toward the cliff. Learn to revel in taking risks for the sake of your soul. Every choice you make gives birth instantly to certain risks as surely as your shadow follows you.
  • The secret to perseverance is a simple one: have a bigger commitment to getting the job done than to attempting to control your inner feelings and sensations.
  • You are the author of your life, the inventor of your future, the agent of your intentions.
  • A passionately lived life is not always comfortable. Going for it involves being open to all of life - the joys, the sorrows, the mundane as well as the magic, the splendid victories, the most abject defeats. You might even stop closing your eyes during the scary parts of the movie.
  • It takes committed, high energy, full-tilt boogie participation to have the kind of life you want.
  • If you want great relationships, live your life fully. Your enthusiasm will spark those around you, who then become better company themselves.
  • Real friends are those people who will stand for you expressing yourself fully, who will go out of their way to support you to keep your word, to go the extra mile, to get out of the box, to make your dreams come true.
  • True independence means being free from the domination of your own internal automatic behaviors, not doing what you feel like when the urge strikes.
  • It takes courage to be the author of your life. When you are struggling through one of the difficult parts of turning your dreams into reality, you may wonder why you always get stuck with having to put up with so much fear and uncertainty. Why, you wonder, couldn't I feel more courageous, like those other people do. You don't feel courageous because courage is not an emotion. There is no such thing as feeling "courageous". It is an imaginary emotion. Courage consists of doing what you said you would do even when you don't want to. In the face of danger you have a choice to be the delegate of either your commitments or your feelings. It's as simple and as difficult as that.
  • Greatness is often born of the passionate dance between a rare talent and a noble purpose.
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