Nicholas Hoult

English actor and model

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult (7 December 1989–) is an English actor.

Nicholas Hoult


  • Obviously humans are kind of creatures of habit in a way, and you pick up, even if you’re kind of hanging around a group of people, you kind of start to mimic them or speak like them and end up becoming more similar. So it’s safe to assume that at times, if you’re hanging around on a set where everyone’s talking in this rhythm, or you using that to kind of dialogue a lot, it’s safe to assume that at times it might slightly infiltrate the real world as well. Not negatively hopefully, but it’s kind of one of those things whereby I think hopefully the thing that you take is kind of the knowledge of just what it was like working with those people, the directors, the cast, and playing that character and what it felt like and you’re kind of always learning on this job.

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