Niagara (1953 film)

1953 film directed by Henry Hathaway

Niagara is a 1953 film noir in which two couples visit Niagara Falls and tensions between one wife and her husband reach the level of murder. Unlike other film noirs of the time, Niagara was filmed in Technicolor and was one of Fox's biggest box office hits of the year.

Marilyn Monroe as Rose Loomis.
Jean Peters mends Joseph Cotten's hand in Niagara
Directed by Henry Hathaway. Written by Charles Brackett, Richard L. Breen, and Walter Reisch.
Marilyn Monroe and "Niagara" a raging torrent of emotion that even nature can't control!taglines

George Loomis edit

  • Why should the Falls drag me down here at 5 o'clock in the morning? To show me how big they are and how small I am? To remind me they can get along without any help? All right, so they've proved it. But why not? They've had ten thousand years to get independent. What's so wonderful about that? I suppose I could too, only it might take a little more time.
  • Too bad, they can't play it for you now, Rose.
  • I met her in a beer hall. She was the most popular waitress they ever had.

Dialogue edit

Customs Officer: How long do you plan to be here?
Ray: Three days.
Customs Officer: Honeymooners?
Polly: That's right.
Customs Officer: That isn't liquor you have in that case under your coat, is it?
Ray: Uh, books. I'm going to catch up on my reading.
Customs Officer: Reading!

Polly: Fine thing. I tell him we're on our honeymoon and you drag out a copy of Winston Churchill! He must think I'm a pretty hard article.
Ray: You should have told him we're on a delayed honeymoon.
Polly: Delayed or not, we agreed to treat it like a regular one, didn't we? [quick kiss]
Ray: I'm game. And it'll be just as good as a regular honeymoon.
Polly: Well, it should be better. I've got my union card now. [Lascivious glance]

George: Let me tell you something. You're young, you're in love. Well, I'll give you a warning. Don't let it get out of hand, like those falls out there. Up above... d'you ever see the river up above the falls? It's calm, and easy, and you throw in a log, it just floats around. Let it move a little further down and it gets going faster, hits some rocks, and... in a minute it's in the lower rapids, and... nothing in the world - including God himself, I suppose - can keep it from going over the edge. It just - goes.
Polly: Don't worry. I'm one of those logs that just hang around in the calm.

[Polly catches Rose Loomis in a passionate embrace with her lover]
Polly: Didn't that Mrs. Loomis say she was going shopping?
Ray: Yeah. Why?
Polly: Well, she sure got herself an armful of groceries.

Ray: [Upon seeing Rose Loomis in a low-cut, tight-fitting red dress] Hey. Get out the fire hose. [Pause] Why don't you ever get a dress like that?
Polly: Listen, for a dress like that you've got to start laying plans when you're about 13.

George: You smell like a dime store. I know what that means.
Rose: Sure. I'm meeting somebody, just anybody handy, as long as he's a man! How 'bout the ticket seller himself? I could grab him on the way out, or one of the kids with the phonograph. Anybody suits me. Take your pick.

Polly: Goodbye Mr. Starkey, and thank you.
Inspector Starkey: I know you've seen enough of the falls for one trip, but don't cross us off your list. Goodbye.
Ray: Goodbye, and my thanks.
Inspector Starkey: I bet that was the first time anyone ever used "scuttle it" as a prayer.
Ray: And had it answered.

Taglines edit

  • Marilyn Monroe and "Niagara" a raging torrent of emotion that even nature can't control!
  • A raging torrent of emotion that even nature can't control!
  • Marilyn Monroe and Niagara the high water mark in suspense!

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