Nguyễn Phú Trọng

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (top leader) since 2011

Nguyễn Phú Trọng (born April 14, 1944) is a Vietnamese politician who has been the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the highest position in Vietnam since 2011. In addition, Trọng served as President of Vietnam from 2018 to 2021. As general secretary, Trọng heads the party's secretariat in addition to being the de facto head of the politburo, the highest decision-making body in Vietnam, which currently makes him the most powerful person in Vietnam.

Nguyễn Phú Trọng

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  • At different Party Congresses, we issued resolutions on the task of Party building and rectification, considering it a key long-term task. Each Resolution has its own focus, but there is always one constant point that all sectors of different levels, cadres, Party members and the entire people all are aware of the necessity to regularly and continuously take care of implementing the task of Party building and rectification.
  • A new spring is coming, bringing along with it a new vitality and confidence. To take full advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges, our entire Party, army and people should strengthen solidarity, join their forces and unanimity, and uphold their spirit of patriotism, skills, virtues and long-standing traditions of Vietnam, continuing to try their best to put the Party’s Resolution into life and determine to make our Party stronger and more transparent, making our country to further develop, and our people’s lives more prosperous, well-fed and happier.
  • The struggles against phenomena of degradation in political thoughts, morals and lifestyle are not yet carried out with due vigor. It is exhibited by the insincere and superficial process of self-criticism and criticism in a number of places from time to time. It also includes the unwillingness to admit but blame the mistakes on external circumstances, and hesitation in confronting wrongdoings. Inspections and supervision are executed irregularly and irresolutely with limited scope. Early warning and prevention of violations remain inefficient.
  • The international and domestic landscapes are changing rapidly, in complicated and unpredictable ways, with opportunities intertwining with challenges and adversities. This poses new, more complex and more urgent questions to our cause of nation-building, renewal and development. The revolutionary cause of our Party and people is still faced with a multitude of hardships and challenges. The four threats warned by our Party still remain relevant, perhaps even more severe in certain aspects. Hostile elements are relentlessly working to subvert the revolutionary cause of our Party and people through denying the leadership of the Party and dividing the Party from the people, with the aim of overthrowing our Party and polity.
  • The many-thousand-year-long history of our nation has proved that the love for the country, the preservation of the country, the resolute fight against foreign invasion, and the defense of national independence, sovereignty and unification constitute an extremely precious tradition of our people. Building on this tradition, since the mid-19th century when our country was invaded by the French colonialists, never subjugated to slavery, our people had kept rising up in continual and forceful patriotic movements characterized by multiple paths and tendencies, ranging from national salvation paths chosen by scholars to rebellions by peasants and bourgeois-styled revolutionary paths, etc. However, despite their staunchness, wholeheartedness and immense sufferings, all those movements ended in failure due to historical limitations, most notably the lack of a judicious line. A new path was dictated by history.

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