Next of Kin (film)

1989 film by John Irvin

Next of Kin is a 1989 American action thriller film about a Chicago cop, brought up in Appalachia, who sets out to find the killer of his brother. Meanwhile, another of his brothers decides to find the killer himself.

Directed by John Irvin. Written by Michael Jenning.
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Truman Gates

  • They're coming for you, Willy. I know you'll take a couple of them with you for sure, but they'll take you just the same. Or we can take a ride to the station together, just a couple of boys from the hills. You got my word on that. I know you ain't scared to die, Willy. But this ain't no place to leave your ghost.
  • [to Joey Rosselini at the cemetery] It's your mistake, Rosselini. When you set up my brother, you forgot to kill me.
  • I got three counties' worth of kin that expect a certain amount of justice for that death! I'm just trying to save both of us a lot of bloodletting.

Briar Gates

  • This land's mine!... I can go out and take a piss on it in the middle on the night if I want to!
  • [after shooting the arcade games and the mob's Chinese food with his shotgun during the interrogation] How's your memory doin' now, boys? Gerald Gates, shot in the back of one of your trucks.
  • I found out more in two hours than you did in two weeks. I know who killed Gerald.
  • I should have waited for you. We could have whooped 'em together.

Joey Rossellini

  • [after Briar Gates shot the water cooler above him, soaking him] You just made the worst mistake of your life!
  • Find him, take care of him. I don't care if you have to go through every flophouse in Uptown!
  • [outside the Jimmy Woo Chinese restaurant yelling after seeing the line "You forgot one" on the car's windshield] ANYWHERE HE WANTS!!!! Any fucking place he wants!
  • [to Truman Gates at the cemetery] That's why I'm here.


Truman Gates: [about his family] Listen, you'd best wait here. They ain't real quick to strangers.
Jessie Gates: I'm your wife.
Truman Gates: No I ain't talking about you, honey. I'm talking about me.

Truman Gates: I'm just trying to make things easier.
Gerald Gates: Bullshit. You're just as bad as Briar. Just smoother.

Joey Rosselini: You know, Gerald, I've dealt with niggers, kikes, pollacks, chinks, spics. God made it, I've seen it. But you fucking hillbillies, you are the dumbest that I've met!
Gerald Gates: [Spits on him] Go to Hell!
Joey Rosselini: [Takes out gun] You know, Gerald, I gotta hand it to you, you got balls. Stupid as shit, but major balls.

Lawrence Isabella: I've heard a lot about you.
Joey Rosselini: Yeah? Good things, I hope.

Lawrence Isabella: I haven't done anything illegal.
Truman Gates: Oh really? Well I had an interesting talk with a fellow last night who claims different. My man says you were in the back of the truck when my brother was killed.

John Isabella: I'm truly sorry about your brother. It's too bad.
Truman Gates: Oh no sir. You ain't seen bad yet, but its coming.


  • An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth.
  • A man murdered in cold blood. But they didn't count on his brother's revenge!


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