New X-Men

2004 comic book series

New X-Men (2001) by Grant Morrison was a comic series published by Marvel Comics. As part of a line-wide revamp of the X-Men family of books, Grant Morrison updated the X-Men for the 21st century, transitioning them into new uniforms, new enemies and a new status quo.

Volume 1, issue #114, E for Extinction Part 1 edit

Beast: Sunspot activity, manic depressive mood swings, I feel like a Hindu sex god, Jean. I'm going to write a paper when I relearn how to use a pen.

Professor Xavier: Thoughts on the new school uniforms?
Wolverine: Suddenly I don't have to look like an idiot in broad daylight.

Cyclops: We have work to do in Ecuador.
Wolverine: Which is more than most people in Ecuador have.

Cassandra Nova:Forget your dental practice, Mr. Trask. Your future lies in genocide.

Volume 1, issue #115, E for Extinction Part 2 edit

Donald Trask: Well. When I got out of my bed this morning I didn't expect to exterminate fifteen million people.
Cassandra Nova: They're not people, Mr. Trask. They're dirty, stinking mutants.

Cyclops: Relax. I've survived more jet aircraft crashes than any other mutant. Insurance takes care of everything.

Wolverine:You know what I admire most about you, Summers? Your icy calm lunacy under pressure.
Cyclops: Call me Cyclops during missions, Wolverine. It keeps things straight.

Professor Xavier: But my brain, you brain is a lethal weapon. If some enemy were to hijack it...I have to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, if need be. Or the ultimate gamble.

Cassandra Nova: Were the doctors who wiped out the entire smallpox species evil? In a world without values or morality, good and evil are just choices on the menu of the mighty.

Volume 1, issue #116, E for Extinction Part 3 edit

[assisting in disaster response, upon finding an intact skeleton]
Beast: I don't know how to break this to you, but your dating days may be over, my friend.

Jean Grey: Trust me, I compensate for unnaturally thin wrists and ankles with an extremely buff mind.

Professor Xavier: You severed her vocal cords, Wolverine?
Wolverine: Executive decision, Chuck. She was voice activating the sentinels.

[upon discovering her secondary mutation, which allows her to transform her skin into diamond]
Emma Frost: I do look rather spectacular in the light, don't I?

Jean Grey: What makes you such a bitch, Emma?
Emma Frost: Breeding, darling. Top class breeding.

Beast: Logan, stay still. I have enough painkillers to send a brontosaurus to Happyland.
Wolverine: Save 'em for your brontosaurus, bub...she's getting away.

Emma Frost: I've just had an epiphany, like St. Paul on the road to Damascus.

Volume 1, issue #117, Danger Rooms edit

[After a shared kiss with Jean Grey]
Wolverine: We both know the deal. We always have. It would never work between us.

Cassandra Nova: Is this your special mutant gift manifesting itself, Henry? This slow crawl backwards down the evolutionary spiral? Where will your next gift take you, I wonder? Will you become an insect? A worm? A slithering, incoherent slime mold still trying to charm human women with its awkward poetry?
Beast: I...I am a member of the evolved species homo sapiens superior...I...I have a doctorate degree! I can the periodic table into a dirty rhyme if that's what it takes to get you out...

Beast: You're right! Every day I wake up and I look in the mirror, and I feel like more of a monster than the day before...every day! So why not just rip off your face with my teeth? Shall I tell you? Because I believe in art... and music and literature and...and reason! Because I don't believe in the law of the jungle!

[Just before boarding the Shi'ar flagship]
Cassandra Nova: Imagine the responsibility of all that destructive potential. The power to crack the firmament and extinguish suns...imagine that in the wrong hands.

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