New Order

English rock band

New Order are an English rock band formed in 1980 by Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitars, synthesisers), Peter Hook (bass, synthesisers) and Stephen Morris (drums, electronic drums, synthesisers) – the remaining members of Joy Division, following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis – with the addition of Gillian Gilbert (keyboards, guitars, synthesizers).

New Order (2005)

Song lyrics edit

All lyrics by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, except as noted.

Singles edit

  • This is why events unnerve me.
    They find it all, a different story.
    Notice for whom wheels are turning,
    Turn again and turn towards this time.
    All she ask's the strength to hold me.
    Then again the same old story.
    World will travel, oh so quickly
    Travel first and lean towards this time.
    • Ceremony, written by Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner (1981)
  • There is no end to this.
    I have seen your face,
    But I don't recognize all these things
    You must have left behind.
    It's a problem, you know
    That's been there all your life.
    I try to make you see the world without a view
    That just turns black and white.
    At night it gets cold and
    You'd dearly like to turn away.
    The escape that fills that makes you want to turn on heel
    Alone, alone, alone, alone.
  • Help me, somebody help me.
    I wonder where I am.
    I see my future before me,
    I'll hurt you when I can.
  • Heaven, a gateway, a hope
    Just like a feeling inside, it's no joke.
    And though it hurts me to treat you this way,
    Betrayed by words, I'd never heard, too hard to say.
    Up, down, turn around,
    Please don't let me hit the ground.
    Tonight I think I'll walk alone.
    I'll find my soul as I go home.
  • No, I've never met anyone quite like you before
    Bolts from above hurt the people down below
    People in this world, we have no place to go
  • You just can't believe me
    When I show you what you mean to me.
    You just can't believe me
    When I show you what you cannot see.

    You're hiding from feelings, searching for more,
    Sharing and hoping, untouched for so long.
    Our lives still change from the way that we were
    And now I'll tell you something I think you should know.

  • I've watched your face for a long time;
    It's always the same.
    I've studied the cracks and the wrinkles.
    You were always so vain.
    Well, now you live your life like a shadow
    In the pouring rain.
  • That's the way, Shellshock.
    Hold on! It's never enough.
    It's never enough until your heart stops beating.
    The deeper you get, the sweeter the pain.
    Don't give up the game until your heart stops beating.
    • Shellshock, written by Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, John Robie, and Bernard Sumner (1986)
  • You can walk, or you can run.
    You don't have to be someone.
    I went on a summer cruise
    Upon an ocean born to lose.
    My brother said that he was dead.
    I saw his face and shook my head.
    Can you see where we can't be?
    We're losing our blood in the sea.

    Cause it's the state of the nation
    That's holding our salvation.
    Yes, it's the state of the nation
    That's holding our salvation.
    Oh, the state of the nation
    Is causing deprivation.
    Oh, the state of the nation
    Is causing deprivation.

  • I feel so extraordinary;
    Something's got a hold on me.
    I get this feeling I'm in motion,
    A sudden sense of liberty.
    I don't care 'cause I'm not there.
    And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow.
    Again and again I've taken too much
    Of the things that cost you too much.
  • He told me to close my eyes.
    My gift would be a great surprise.
    I saw tears were in his eyes.
    He never meant to hurt me.
    Oh, God, Johnny, don't point that gun at me.
    There's so many ways our lives have changed.
    But please, I beg, don't do this to me.
    Johnny, don't point that gun at me.
    Can I save my life at any price?.
    For God's sake won't you listen to me?
  • I was standing by the ocean when I saw your face I couldn't look at you
    I guess you knew it, but I never realised that we were through.
    And now I'm down here all alone
    With every feeling that I own.
    You can't take that away.
    And with every breath we take,
    And the illusions we create
    Will come to you someday.
  • Express yourself;
    Its one on one.
    Express yourself;
    Its one on one.
    Express yourself;
    You can't be wrong.
    When something's good
    Its never gone.
  • Who is this man
    That follows me?
    This blue eyed boy
    Who wants to be

    This worthy cause
    Of human kind,
    This pawn set up by time.

Movement (1981) edit

  • My promise could be your friend,
    A given end to your dreams.
    A simple movement or rhyme
    Could be the smallest of signs.
    We'll never know what they are or care.
    In it's escapable view,
    There's no escape so few in fear
    Give in a changing value.
  • Those steps which seem to take a lifetime,
    When eyes just turn and stare.
    The day begins, collapsing without warning,
    You fade from sight, there's nothing there.

    No hope allowed, calls are answered daily.
    Questions are on your side.
    Deeply moved, beyond all consolation,
    You felt the pulse, now hear the cry.

    In my mind, thoughts are becoming clearer.
    I'm watching every move you make,
    Counting time spent in observation.
    A single blow, a false mistake.

Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) edit

  • Won't you please let me go?
    These words lie inside, they hurt me so.
    And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
    Just what I want to do.
    I'm not the kind that needs to tell you
    Just what you want me to.
  • How does it feel
    To treat me like you do?
    When you've laid your hands upon me,
    And told me who you are.

    I thought I was mistaken.
    I thought I heard your words.
    Tell me, how do I feel?
    Tell me now, how do I feel?

  • I see a ship in the harbor.
    I can and shall obey.
    But if it wasn't for your misfortunes,
    I'd be a heavenly person today.

    And I thought I was mistaken.
    And I thought I heard you speak.
    Tell me how do I feel?
    Tell me now, how should I feel?

    • Blue Monday

Low-Life (1985) edit

  • Oh I've just come
    From the land of the sun,
    From a war that must be won
    In the name of truth.
    With our soldiers so brave
    Your freedom we will save
    With our rifles and grenades
    And some help from God.
    I want to see my family,
    My wife and child waiting for me.
    I've got to go home,
    I've been so alone, you see.
  • I stood there beside myself
    Thinking hard about the weather.
    Then came by a friend of mine,
    Suggested we go out together.
    Then I knew it from the start,
    This friend of mine would fall apart.
    Pretending not to see his gun,
    I said let's go out and have some fun.
  • I like walking in the park
    When it gets late at night.
    I move round in the dark
    And leave when it gets light.
    I sit around by day,
    Tied up in chains so tight.
    These crazy words of mine,
    So wrong they could be right.

Brotherhood (1986) edit

  • Every time I think of you,
    I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue.
    It's no problem of mine,
    But it's a problem I find
    Living a life that I can't leave behind.
    But there's no sense in telling me;
    The wisdom of the fool won't set you free.
    But that's the way that it goes.
    And it's what nobody knows.
    Well every day my confusion grows.

    Every time I see you falling,
    I get down on my knees and pray.
    I'm waiting for that final moment;
    You say the words that I can't say.

Technique (1989) edit

  • I just can't help thinking what you've done to me.
    You built a wall of love and tore it right down in front of me.
    And you think you know what's going on.
    You keep telling me that I am wrong.
    I don't care about what you do,
    Cause if you mess with me, I'll get rid of you.
    The picture you see is no portrait of me.
    It's too real to be shown to someone I don't know.
    And it's driving me wild;
    It makes me act like a child.
  • Answer me, why won't you answer me?
    I can't recall the day that I last heard from you.
    Well you don't get a town like this for nothing.
    So here's what you've got to do.
    You work your way to the top of the world,
    Then you break your life in two.
    Well what's the use in complaining
    When you've got what you don't need?
    Anyone would think you were hardened too.
    What do you want me to believe?

Republic (1993) edit

All lyrics written by Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Hague.

  • Maybe I've forgotten the name and the address
    Of everyone I've ever known.
    It's nothing I regret.
    Save it for another day.
    It's the school exam and the kids have run away.

    I would like a place I could call my own.
    Have a conversation on the telephone.
    Wake up every day that would be a start.
    I would not complain of my wounded heart.

  • I turn sideways to the sun,
    Keep my thoughts from everyone.
    It's a jungle, I'm a freak;
    Hear me talk, but never speak.

    So I'm stepping out of time
    Because breaking is a crime.
    And it may all be too late
    But I've no passion for this hate.

  • Some people like to deceive you,
    While others may feel that they need you.
    While I do the best that I can,
    Keeping my life in my hands.
  • We could break every rule
    Anytime we wanted to.
    Don't be afraid to live this way;
    Let's defend the things we say.

    I want to be up in the air;
    I could be anywhere.
    Tell me I'm wrong, at least till tomorrow.
    Set me free and I will follow.

Get Ready (2001) edit

  • We're like crystal, we break easy.
    I'm a poor man, if you leave me.
    I'm applauded, then forgotten.
    It was summer, now it's autumn.
  • I don't know if I told you, but I'm seeking sanctuary.
    You'll never guess the things that I do.
    I'll have the devil round for tea.
    Don't you know that I'm here beside you?
    Can't you see that I can't relax?
    When I saw you in my rearview,
    You could've stopped me in my tracks.

    I'll be there for you when you want me to.
    I'll stand by your side like I always do.
    In the dead of night it'll be alright.
    'Cos I'll be there for you when you want me to.

  • This can't be real.
    My heart is burning.
    How does it feel?
    Well let's say I'm learning;
    It had to come.
    The ship has landed,
    It's time to run.
    The crew are stranded.

    We're having the time of our lives,
    We're lost in a cruel paradise.

Waiting for the Sirens' Call (2005) edit

All lyrics written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, and Phil Cunningham, except as noted.

  • What does this ship bring to me?
    Far across the restless sea,
    Waiting for the sirens' call.
    I've never seen it here before.

    There she plies the lonely trail,
    Getting through the breaking winds.
    Drifting slowly from the coast,
    She is lost forever more.

  • Some people get up at the break of day,
    Gotta go to work before it gets too late.
    Sitting in a car and driving down the road,
    It ain't the way it has to be.

    But that's what you do to earn your daily wage.
    That's the kind of world that we're living in today.
    Isn't where you wanna be;
    And isn't what you wanna do.

  • Can you wait?
    My plane will be arriving shortly.
    Right there at the gate.
    I pray that you'll be waiting right there for me.

    This time could be what
    We've both been searching for.
    Our whole lives waking up
    And coming back for more.

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