Neville Cardus

English writer

Sir Neville Cardus (2 April 188928 February 1975) was a celebrated British journalist. He was a music and cricket writer for the Manchester Guardian.


  • For the game is everlasting only insofar as we keep returning to it for delights put into it by countless boys of all ages.
    • Cricket (1930)
  • Dear, lovely game of cricket that can stir us so profoundly, that can lift up our hearts and break them.
    • Good Days (1934)
  • Often in this our life do we begin by cursing men and end by loving them. A sense of the common fallibility of all flesh makes us kin. No man is lovable who is invincible.
    • Good Days (1934)
  • If a German or an Austrian, a Greek or a Bashibazouk, had composed Gerontius, the whole world would have by now admitted its qualities.
    • Manchester Guardian (1939)
  • Even an ordinary broken chord is made to disclose rare beauties; we are reminded of the fairies' hazelnuts in which diamonds were concealed but you could break the shell only if your hands were blessed.
  • A great composition to me is.. an incarnation of a genius, of all that was ever in him of the slightest consequence.
    • Preface to Ten Composers, August 1944.
  • Sibelius justified the austerity of his old age by saying that while other composers were engaged in manufacturing cocktails, he offered the public pure cold water.
    • Manchester Guardian (1958)
  • It is the only one in existence that might conceivably have been composed by God.
    • Of Mozart's "The Magic Flute"; Manchester Guardian (1961)

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