Nevile Henderson

British diplomat

Sir Nevile Meyrick Henderson (10 June 1882 – 30 December 1942) was a British diplomat who served as the ambassador of the United Kingdom to Germany from 1937 to 1939.

Nevile Henderson


  • He failed to realise why his military-cum-police tyranny should be repugnant to British ideals of individual and national freedom and liberty, or why he should not be allowed a free hand in Central and Eastern Europe to subjugate smaller and, as he regards them, inferior peoples to superior German rule and culture. He believed he could buy British acquiescence in his own far-reaching schemes by offers of alliance with and guarantees for the British Empire. Such acquiescence was indispensable to the success of his ambitions and he worked unceasingly to secure it. His great mistake was his complete failure to understand the inherent British sense of morality, humanity and freedom.
    • Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador to Germany, final report to the British Foreign Secretary (20 September 1939), quoted in The Times (18 October 1939), p. 7
  • If Hitler wanted peace, he knew how to insure it; if he wanted war, he knew equally well what would bring it about.
    The choice lay with him, and in the end the entire responsibility for war was his.
    • 1940 in pg 227 of memoirs "Failure of a Mission" published in New York by G. P. Putnam’s Sons

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