Nellie Cashman


Ellen "Nellie" Cashman (1845 – 4 January 1925) was an Irish gold prospector, nurse, restaurateur, businesswoman and philanthropist in Arizona, Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon.

Nellie Cashman in 1874

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  • Looking for nuggets is like hunting for a whisper in a big wind. You have to have an occupation to fall back on while you’re searching for a strike.
  • Every man I met up north was my protector, and any man I ever met, if he needed my help, got it, whether it was a hot meal, nursing, mothering or whatever else he needed. After all, we pass this way only once, and it's up to us to help our fellows when they need our help.
  • When I saw something that needed doing, I did it.
    • Interview, Daily British Columnist, 1898 (Partnow)

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