Neil Cavuto

American television news anchor, executive, commentator, and business journalist

Neil Patrick Cavuto (born September 22, 1958) is a television anchor, commentator and executive for FOX News Channel and FOX Business Channel.




  • They (the Iraqi people) scraped by to get morsels. You skulked by to get contracts. They couldn't realize a penny from the oil that made Saddam rich. You didn't seem to care, as long as it made you rich. You opted for profit over principle. And deals that made a dictator richer and his people poorer. … You are as crass as you are cunning. As phony as you are pathetic. … You were sickening then. You're sickening now.
    • Referring to "the French, the Germans, the Russians, … all those who opposed the liberation of Iraq". "Stomping on Saddam",, (April 9, 2003).
  • Now may I suggest you take your column and shove it?
  • Part of the problem with service in this country is we don't honor it like we once did. There's nothing wrong or evil about having a bad day. There's everything wrong with making others have to have it . . . with you.
  • It's a good thing Winston Churchill was around before the shallow age of television. He might never have become one of the greatest leaders of all time and — for my money — one of the most charismatic. And, what the hell, also one of the sexiest.
  • The argument that the countries use for the sheer increase in Muslim doctors is the sheer increase in the Muslim population. In for example Birmingham, England where a lot of these guys came from, where one of these plots was hatched, it's up to 30% of the population. Maybe that's the problem?
  • Loaning to minorities and risky folks is a disaster. … [W]hen you and many of your colleagues were pushing for more minority lending and more expanded lending to folks who heretofore couldn't get mortgages, when you were pushing homeownership … Are you totally without culpability here? Are you totally blameless? Are you totally irresponsible of anything that happened?


  • I give up. Game over. The blame game is not over. Try as I may to get this administration to move on and claim ownership for this economy it's still, still blaming the prior administration for this economy. More than a year in still copping out. The mess we inherited, the bailouts we had to figure out, the banks that went bust, not on our watch but their watch, blah, blah, blah.
  • White House is open to a compromise on extending these Bush tax cuts. He is not open to it, he has to. What changed? The election, that's what changed. Not only with all those Republicans winning and causes near and dear to the president he knows he is losing. Like whacking fat cats. Fat chance... Folks are rising up and saying enough of this class warfare... we're not at war with each other, we're at war with the government...


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