Neighbours (TV series)

long-running Australian soap opera
For other uses of "Neighbours", see Neighbour.

Neighbours (1985–present), is an Australian soap opera focusing on the lives of a cul-de-sac community in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough.



[At the Robinson house, Jim is not too pleased with being the last to know of Scott and Charlene getting married]
Jim Robinson: They're just a couple of kids. It's an insane idea!
Scott Robinson: [having had enough of Jim's resistance] There's is just no way to please you is there, whatever I do. Well, too bad. Charlene and I are getting married, whether you like it or not.
Jim: Don't be ridiculous, Scott!
Scott: [brushes off concerns to calm] You're not gonna change your mind -
Jim: All right, all right, go ahead and do it, but don't expect me to be at the wedding! [goes to dining room]


[On Christmas Day, Paul spins out in his car and is knocked unconscious. A voice calls out to him from a hanging Christmas bauble]
Voice: What have you done now?
Paul Robinson: [sees that the bauble has a vision of his late father, Jim] Dad?
Jim Robinson: Twenty-five years and you still haven't learned.
Paul: Oh God am I... am I?
Jim: No you're not dead
Paul: What the... Dad, how are you here? You know I am huh, [exasperated] It's so good to see you dad. I missed you so much.
Jim: I tried to teach you right from wrong son, but no, you always had a mind of your own.
Paul: Oh Dad I know it looks bad.
Jim: You killed a man once before.
Paul: I was sick, Dad, I had a brain tumor.
Jim: And what's your excuse this time? Tossing your enemies into the bush? Covering your tracks?
Paul: I didn't do this for me, Dad, I did this for my own son, Leo. That's right you never met him, or his brother David. They're good kids. Really good kids. Oh and Amy, she's back in my life too.
Jim: And these are the doubts you wanted set for them? How long before you drive them away? Cameron is dead, Robert's in jail, and Amy and Andrew on the other side of the world. How many wives have you had?
Paul: This is not the man who I wanted to be!
Jim: And yet, you keep making the same mistakes.
Paul: But I want to change.
Jim: Do you?
Paul: Yeah, yeah, I do. And now, I have a real chance now with Jane.
Jim: Ah, the lovely Jane.
Paul: Yes, she wants a future with me, but if I go to jail, she will be gone, and I will lose everything.She said that you'd be proud of me Dad but you know what? Not proud of anything I've done.
Jim: It's never too late to be the man you want to be, son.
Paul: [sees bauble image fade] Dad? Dad, don't go!

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