Neighbours (TV series)

long-running Australian soap opera
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Neighbours (1985–present), Australian soap opera.

ANdrew HarbelerEdit

Harold: [uncharacteristically drunk and levelling insults at Lou] Kidney thief!

Harold: [doing a rap for a coffee shop commercial under the guise of "Afro Harold"] It's Harold here. I'm in the House, of the Coffee shop where the food is Grouse. There's lasagne too Served with a smile, that part is true I'm keepin' it real, you get a great deal On a yummy snack, and that isn't wack The food is great, we're open till late. So don't be a McGuffin, come butter my muffin. Yo!

[Madge is preparing to leave hospital] Harold: Don't we need clearance or something? Madge: Harold, I'm not an aircraft.

after a lecture from Madge] Toadie: I'll have a coffee thanks Madge, hold the arsenic.

Jarrod "Toadfish" RebecchiEdit

Toadie: Will you marry me? Dee: What? Toadie: You heard. Dee: Yep. Toadie: What? Dee: You heard.

Toadie: I've been thinking about our love life. Joel: Sorry mate, you're not my type.

Toadie: You know, that woman is an insult to fruitcakes.

Stingray TimminsEdit

Stingray: Cake taker!

Stingray: Oh man! I'm such a hockey puck!

Stingray: I dropped my dacks! Nothing embarrasses me!

[Last Words] Cop Ya.

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