Neighbours (TV series)

long-running Australian soap opera
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Neighbours (1985–present), is an Australian soap opera focusing on the lives of a cul-de-sac community in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough.


[At the Robinson house, Jim is not too pleased with being the last to know of Scott and Charlene getting married]
Jim Robinson: They're just a couple of kids. It's an insane idea!
Scott Robinson: [having had enough of Jim's resistance] There's is just no way to please you is there, whatever I do. Well, too bad. Charlene and I are getting married, whether you like it or not.
Jim: Don't be ridiculous, Scott!
Scott: [brushes off concerns to calm] You're not gonna change your mind -
Jim: All right, all right, go ahead and do it, but don't expect me to be at the wedding! [goes to dining room]


[Sonya and Toadie visit Callum's room as he suddenly revives]
Callum Jones: [visualizes the woman in his dream and sees its really Sonya] Mum? It's her, I remember.
Jarrod "Toadfish/Toadie" Rebecchi: No it's Sonya.
Callum: No..
Toadie: No you had an operation.
Callum: No..
Toadie: Sonya, can you...
Sonya Mitchell: [looking at Callum] I'm so sorry, baby. [to Toadie as he looked back and forth at them] I'm his mother, Toad.


[with Callum gaining consciousness and revealing that Sonya is his mother, she tries to explain herself to Toadie at Harold's Store]
Sonya Mitchell: So I saw Callum's name on the guide dog registry eh, I couldn't believe it. I just had to see if it was the same. And then there you were. He was so charming and funny. You made it hard to stay away. I love you. Both of you. and I kept thinking, that you know I can do this. We can be a family and I can make up for what I did.
Jarrod "Toadfish/Toadie" Rebecchi: By lying to him?
Sonya: Would it have made him happy to know who I was? I know how much I hurt him. When he told me he wanted to find me to tell me how much he hated me... I never wanted him to look at me like that.
Toadie: Then you shouldn't have done what you did.
Sonya: I know, I know but please if this, I just need you to understand I know it's gonna take time. Please, Toadie.
Toadie: [calmly] I need to look after my son... and that means protecting him.
Sonya: Jarrod...
Toadie: I'm going to stay with him at the hospital tonight, but when I get back tomorrow, I want you gone.
Sonya: [shellshocked] Don't do this.
Toadie: Pack your bags and get out of the house. I never want to see you again.


[Pierce has just explained to Chloe his plans with Paul for joint business partnership at Lassiter's but Chloe's job is safe and Terese may be out as GM. Pierce shows her a diamond bracelet]
Chloe Brennan: [surprised] You could buy a car with this! What's it for, my silence?
Pierce Greyson: [as he attaches the bracelet] It's to show you how much I'm enjoying our arrangement. And I hope that we can keep it up.


[On Christmas Day, Paul spins out in his car and is knocked unconscious. A voice calls out to him from a hanging Christmas bauble]
Voice: What have you done now?
Paul Robinson: [sees that the bauble has a vision of his late father, Jim] Dad?
Jim Robinson: Twenty-five years and you still haven't learned.
Paul: Oh God am I... am I?
Jim: No, you're not dead.
Paul: What the... Dad, how are you here? You know I am huh, [exasperated] It's so good to see you dad. I missed you so much.
Jim: I tried to teach you right from wrong son, but no, you always had a mind of your own.
Paul: Oh Dad I know it looks bad.
Jim: You killed a man once before.
Paul: I was sick, Dad, I had a brain tumor.
Jim: And what's your excuse this time? Tossing your enemies into the bush? Covering your tracks?
Paul: I didn't do this for me, Dad, I did this for my own son, Leo. That's right you never met him, or his brother David. They're good kids. Really good kids. Oh and Amy, she's back in my life too.
Jim: And these are the doubts you wanted set for them? How long before you drive them away? Cameron is dead, Robert's in jail, and Amy and Andrew on the other side of the world. How many wives have you had?
Paul: This is not the man who I wanted to be!
Jim: And yet, you keep making the same mistakes.
Paul: But I want to change.
Jim: Do you?
Paul: Yeah, yeah, I do. And now, I have a real chance now with Jane.
Jim: Ah, the lovely Jane.
Paul: Yes, she wants a future with me, but if I go to jail, she will be gone, and I will lose everything. She, she said that you'd be proud of me Dad but without you? Not proud of anything that I've done.
Jim: It's never too late to be the man you want to be, son.
Paul: [sees bauble image fade] Dad? Dad, don't go!


[Toadie and Sonya are at the beach watching Callum, Nell, and Hugo play]
Jarrod "Toadfish/Toadie" Rebecchi: We shouldn't be out here.
Sonya Mitchell-Rebecchi: Where else should we be? We're together.
Toadie: I'm going to get the kids.
Sonya: No, I don't want them to see me like this, okay? So please, come sit with me. [they cuddle up]
Toadie: God, you're shivering.
Sonya: I'm all right. I'm all right.
Toadie: This is all wrong! I should be taking care of you.
Sonya: You are, you always have.
Toadie: [teary-eyed] Doesn't feel that way. Come on, let's get you home.
Sonya: No, no. You've saved me so many times, Jarrod, you have. It's okay you can't save me now...
Toadie: Come on, baby, come on let's go-
Sonya: No, just sit here. Let's just sit here and hold me. Let's watch our babies. [Toadie kisses her forehead as she breathes shallow] I'm sorry I scared you before...
Toadie: It's okay.
Sonya: In the car... Talking about death, I'm okay. I'm okay with it, I really am. What I said about heaven, I know it exists... [She looks up at him] It's with you. It's with all of you. [vision blurs more, and breathes deeper] I love you. I...
Toadie: I love you too. [Sonya passes away with one last tear. Toadie notices her falling limp and tries to revive her] Sonya? Sonya no! SONYA! SONYA NO! NO!
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