Nasr ibn Sayyar

General and governor of Khurasan (663–748)

Naṣr ibn Sayyār al-Lāythi al-Kināni (Arabic: نصر بن سيار الليثي الكناني;‎ 663 – 9 December 748) was an Arab general and the last Umayyad governor of Khurasan in 738–748.

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  • Asad died in 738, and his successor, Nasr ibn Sayyar, stymied the rebellion by defeating and killing both Kursul and al-Harith. He also moved to take the wind out of the rebels’ sails by promising to end the collection of the jizya from non-Arab Muslims, and the widespread exemption of non-Muslims from paying the jizya. At Marw, Nasr declared:
    Verily, Bahramsis was the protector of the Magians [majus]; he favored them, protected them and put their burdens on the Muslims. Verily, Ashbdad son of Gregory was the protector of the Christians, just as Aqiva the Jew protected the Jews. But I am protector of the Muslims. I will defend them and shield them and make the polytheists carry their burdens. Nothing less than the full amount of the kharaj as written and recorded will be accepted by me. I have placed Mansur b. Umar b. Abi al-Kharqa as my agent [amil] over you and I have ordered him to act justly toward you. If there is a man amongst you who is a Muslim and from whom jizyah has been levied, or who has been charged an excessive amount of kharaj, thus lightening the burden for the polytheists, then let him raise that with Mansur b. Umar so that he may take the burden away from the Muslim and place it upon the polytheist.46
    • Nasr ibn Sayyar , as quoted from The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS (2018), Robert Spencer ch 3.

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