Japanese manga series

Naruto is a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto, a coming of age story of young, hyperactive ninja known as Naruto Uzumaki, who constantly searches for approval and recognition from his peers. However, when his team mate and friend leaves, Naruto resolves to find him and bring him home with the story concluding in Part II. The anime series aired in Japan from 2002 to 2007, and in the United States from 2005 to 2009 .

Anko Mitarashi (みたらしアンコ, Mitarashi Anko)

  • [To Naruto] Kids like you get their blood all over this forest.
  • [To Amachi] So we meet again, weirdo.
  • Time's a-wastin' people, let's go!
  • Arriving!

Dosu Kinuta (ドス・キヌタ, Dosu Kinuta)

  • We are even for the moment, but shall we meet again we will neither run 'nor hide.
  • His eyes! He's not just looking at us, he's seeing through us!
  • Fine then, Fatso. If you want this match to end quickly, I'll just win it quickly.
  • What do you think is faster, your sand or my sound?
  • You two understand that our target is just one thing right?
  • Some look-out, you're half asleep. At least you don't have to keep watch anymore, what's the point after we've already found you?
  • Rumble!

  • It's over, Orochimaru. I'm going to snap you like a twig! It should have been done years ago!
  • [About the Third] To follow the path of the shinobi to the very end.. Was something that only you would do.

  • What does pain feel like?
  • You're a disgrace to your village.
  • People cannot win against their loneliness.
  • Shut up... or I'll kill you.
  • Bitter crimson tears flow from lifeless eyes, and mingle with the endless sands... Bestowing ever greater power upon the demon god.
  • You can make a rain of 1,000 needles. I will make it rain blood.
  • As long as I have sand, I can do anything.
  • If they look at me the wrong way, I'll kill them all.
  • By then, they realized I had... emotional problems.
  • Its so warm and wet...
  • It's too bad I don't think of you as anything. If you get in my way... I'll kill you.
  • Is that all you've got? Let me feel it a little more... There isn't enough... blood!
  • As long as there are people in this world to kill, I will not cease to exist.
  • A battle... is a gamble... where one pits one's existence against another's... and you try to kill each other... and where only the victor gets to savor the worth of his existence.
  • Orochimaru has brainwashed you well... how pathetic.
  • I was born a monster!!
  • You have someone in your life whom you honor and revere so much that every hurt on them is inflicted on you as well. And the closer they are to you, the greater the pain.
  • Perhaps the companionship of an evil person is preferable to loneliness.
  • Leave me alone, Temari. Go away. You're nothing but a nuisance. [Smacks her into a faraway tree.] I don't need you.
  • Uchiha. I don't have friends as you have. But they're not what makes you strong. It's your purpose that does it. In that way we're alike. But mine is the stronger purpose for only by destroying you and all that you represent that I can prove that I exist. Only by killing you that I know what life is.
  • Tell me what is your true purpose. Why do you seek power?
  • To live I must kill and you are my prey!
  • Repulsive aren't you?
  • I took the life of the woman I was supposed to call mother in the process of being born... in order to become the world's strongest shinobi... I became the incarnation of sand...
  • I would fight only for myself and love only myself. If all other people exist to magnify that love, then there is no more a splendid world than this one.
  • We have walked through the darkness of this world, that's why we are able to see even a sliver of light
  • I am Gaara of the Desert, wherever there's rock, wherever there's Earth, I can make more sand.
  • [ Gaara's Speech before departing for the Fourth Shinobi War] Three times now... We've fought world wars for our own nations, our own villages. We've hurt one another. We've hated one another. That hatred bred a lust for power, and that lust for power created ME. I was a Jinchuuriki, the embodiment of hatred and power. And I hated this world, and all the people in it... I wanted to destroy it with my own hands. The exact same thing Akatsuki is trying to do today. But one man, one ninja from Konoha stopped me. [Remembering Uzumaki Naruto's words]. I was his enemy, yet he wept for me! I hurt him, yet he called me his friend! He saved me! My enemy, my fellow Jinchuuriki... He suffered the same pain as me, yet bore no ill will! There are no enemies here because we've all suffered at Akatsuki's hand! SO THERE IS NO SAND, NO STONE, NO LEAF, NO MIST, NO CLOUD! THERE ARE ONLY SHINOBI! And if you still hold a grudge against the Sand, then when this war is over, come and take my head instead! Our enemies are after the friend who saved my life! If they take him, if we hand him over, our world is finished! I want to protect him, and I want to protect our world! But I'm too young to protect it all on my own! All of you lend me your aid!

  • [To Manda] I've always wanted a snakeskin wallet.
  • I'm going to settle this lackey!!
  • [When asked why he appeared by Naruto] That's the same question I was going to ask that perverted bastard!

  • Is there... somebody precious to you?
  • I want to make his dreams come true...
  • Oh, by the way... I'm a boy.
  • I'm sorry, Zabuza-Sama, I have failed you.
  • When you protect the ones important to you, your true strength will show.
  • Once... I was precious. I belonged... to... my... parents.
  • I'm sure that the boy I killed, who shared that skill, must also have grown up knowing the pain of which I speak. We are special. We are powerful. And we are feared.
  • And I was forced to accept it. That was the most painful thing... Accepting that I was alone in the world. Superfluous. Unwanted. Shunned.
  • That is when I realized that in all of the world no one needed me. I was alone.
  • Can you understand? Not having a dream... not being needed by anyone... The pain of merely being alive.
  • Often people have it wrong, mistakenly believing... that showing mercy to an enemy is kindness. They spare the foe whose life is in their hands... But don't you see? It's an empty existence... to go on living... alone and unloved... when defeat's already cost you your dream!
  • I have thought two steps ahead of you.
  • I am of no more use as his tool. Please, kill me.

  • Oh...umm...When you cheered for me...I felt like I had become stronger... After the preliminaries ended, I started liking myself a little more... To other people it may not seem like I've changed much but.. I... Felt like I was able to change... It was thanks to you Naruto-kun...
  • In my eyes... You're a proud failure!
  • When I look at you, I get an intense feeling in my heart... Because you're not perfect... Because you fail... you have the strength to get back up... Because I believe that's where true strength is... I...I think you are an incredibly strong person, Naruto-kun.
  • Good luck, Naruto-kun.
  • I have to do my best! In front of the person I admire most, who's finally seeing the real me!
  • I used to often cry and give up... I nearly went the wrong way... But you... you showed me the right way. I was always chasing you... wanting to overtake you... I wanted to be with you... You changed me! Your smile saved me! So I'm not afraid to die protecting you. Because... I love you
  • Neji just said that your life is not your own anymore...Do you understand what he meant? Your words and desires to not let your comrades die...Neither of them are lies! What inspired Neji and carried him this far were those very principles! It's not just you, Naruto. We all hold those very same words and feelings within our hearts. They are what brings our lives together and makes us comrades. If we all give up and discard those words and feelings now, Neji's sacrifice will have been for nothing. And therefore...Stand up together with me, Naruto...Because never going back on one's word...Is my ninja way too!"

  • There's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms.
  • I believe you have the potential to bloom into something even more beautiful than the cosmos.
  • Oh, I'm sorry. Her head's so empty, so I mistook her for a vase and put flowers in her. You might want to spit that out quick, though. Those can be quite poisonous.y
  • What?! Why wasn't he affected by my sexiness?!
  • Sakura, you've blossomed into a beautiful flower...
  • Yeah!!!! GO SHIKAMARU!!!!!!!
  • Billboard brow!!!
  • I'll never lose to you, Sakura cause I'm awesome

  • When a person dies, he disappears, along with his past, current lifestyle, and his future. Many people die in missions and wars. They die easily and in surprisingly simple ways. Hayate was one of them. Those who die have goals and dreams. But everyone has something as important as those. Parents, siblings, friends, lovers... people who are important to you. They trust and help each other. The bond between the people important to you ever since birth and the string that binds them becomes thicker and stronger as time goes by... It's beyond reason. Those bound to you by that string will do that because it is important.
  • It seems like the small leaves in the Leaf Vilage have inherited that "Will of Fire" you spoke of, Third. The fire on the leaves will eventually burn greater and stronger.... It will flash its light and protect this village.
  • I hate the fox, but the boy - I don't hate the boy.
  • [As a child] Why should I be sad?! My parents died protecting the village from the monster fox; they're heroes, and I'm the son of those heroes! If I cry, it's because I'm happy! I'm not even sad that they went and left me all alone...
  • [When Naruto transforms into a woman in front of the whole class] CUT THE STUPID TRICKS! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!!
  • [As Iruka protected Naruto from Mizuki.] I was so hard on you, yelling, scolding... It must have hurt
  • He is a citizen of the Leaf Village... Naruto Uzumaki.
  • [About Naruto] Well that's typical. Not happy unless he's giving people a heart attack.

  • (To Sasuke) My foolish little brother... if you want to kill me... curse me! Hate me! And live a long and unsightly life... Run away... run away... and cling to your pitiful life. Then one day, when you possess the same eyes... Come back and face me.
  • You're still too weak. You don't have enough hate, and you know something...? [leans in to whisper in Sasuke's ear] You never will.
  • Even the strongest of opponents always has a weakness.
  • [To Sasuke] Go away. You don't interest me at the moment.
  • [To the police, after beating them for accusing him of Shisui's murder] Like I said before: Appearances and preconceptions aren't going to tell you anything. For instance, you've made the mistake of assuming I'm a patient man. The clan, the clan... You overestimate your own abilities with no idea of the depth of my own. And look at you now, groveling in the dirt.
  • Obsessed with the organization, obsessed with the clan, obsessed with our lineage... A worthless compulsion that enslaves us and limits our capabilities, leading us to fear what you don't understand.
  • I've had enough this. There's no hope left for this pathetic clan. The people of this clan are all the same. You focus on the trivial and lose sight of what's most important. Change is impossible in this fog of ignorance. How can we evolve when regulation is the only thing we've ever known?
  • [To Kakashi] How long can you, a person that does not possess the bloodline limit, deal with this?
  • [To Sasuke] Being the best isn't all it's cracked up to be. When you have power, you become arrogant and isolated from the world, no matter how coveted and sought after you are in the beginning. But with us, it's different, because you and I are flesh and blood. I'm always going to be there for you, even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me... That's what big brothers are for.
  • [Pokes Sasuke's forehead] Forgive me, Sasuke, maybe next time.
  • Like me, you may be one of the few who can use Mangekyo Sharingan. But there is a catch... You must take the life of your best friend. You must kill him... Just as I did.
  • [To Sasuke] People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts… their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?
  • [To Naruto] It isn't that if you become Hokage everyone will acknowledge you... It's the ones who are acknowledged that can become Hokage.
  • [Last words to Sasuke] Forgive me Sasuke, this is the last time.
  • Every jutsu has its weakness.
  • [To Kabuto, about Edo Tensei] The weakness of this jutsu, it's me!!!
  • [To Kabuto] Those who can't acknowledge their real selves are bound to fail.
  • [About the Leaf Village] The village does have its dark side and its inconsistencies, but I'm still Itachi Uchiha of the Leaf.
  • [Last words to Sasuke after reincarnation] You never have to forgive me. No matter what happens to you from here on out, I will always love you.

  • [To Orochimaru] All you need to be a shinobi is the guts to never give up!
  • [To Naruto] Oh, I'm not a little pervert! ...I'm a big one!
  • [To Naruto] You have no talent at all. Just die!
  • [To Tsunade] Flat-chested Tsunade!
  • [To Naruto] They found out I was peeking! Now my research is ruined!
  • Jiraiya's here!
  • Oh, ladies! Can you show me the way to town?
  • [To Naruto] I like them ripe and luscious with curves like that, see? And big, but not too big, know what I mean? If you bring me something like that, I will train you 'till the cows come home! (After Naruto brings him a watermelon instead of a woman) THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT, YOU MORON!!
  • [To Naruto] The Toad Mountain Sage never lies!
  • [To Naruto] Stop calling me Pervy Sage.
  • [To Itachi and Kisame] You two don't know me at all, do you? Should've done your homework. Jiraiya the Toad Sage falls victim to no woman's charm! Rare beauties drop for me like blossoms in a storm! It isn't in my nature to be duped by the wiles of women. When you've reached the stature I have, the ladies kneel and worship at your awesomeness!!
  • [Preparing to put Naruto's life in danger during his training] Forgive me, Fourth.
  • [Talking to Naruto] The only similarities between you and the Fourth Hokage are your pig-headedness and your spiky blonde hair!
  • [The most important ninja talent... is not the number of techniques one acquires. The most important thing... is a spirit that never gives up!
  • [Advising Naruto to forget about Sasuke] It's not only jutsus' and power. As Shinobi, we must be able to make sure we have proper judgment and make good decisions. If you want to live as a Shinobi, you must be wise. If you're a fool... then it will be a world full of pain. That's reality.
  • [Advising Naruto to forget about Sasuke] If you go after Sasuke... you will return with nothing, if you return at all. But a fool as great as you are may be able to make this work. When you leave the hospital, get ready, you big fool.
  • [To Naruto] A person who feels nothing at the death of those close to him is no different than a butcher.
  • [To Kakashi] I don't need that Uchiha kid.. Because there's no fun in teaching a prodigy that was born perfect.
  • [Talking to Naruto about Sasuke]A place where someone still thinks of you; that’s a place you can call home.
  • [To Nagato] When people get hurt, they learn to hate… when people hurt others, they become hated and racked with guilt. But knowing that pain allows people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow... and how you grow is up to you.
  • [To Naruto] Even I can tell that hatred is spreading. I've wanted to do something about it... but I don't know what... but I believe... that someday the day will come when people truly understand one another! If I can't find the answer, it will be up to you to do it!
  • Know me as the Mountain Toad... spirit sage who acquires immortality also commonly called the Toad Mountain Sage.
  • [To Tsunade] Now my job is to help the next generation, and set a good example for them. And for that I'll gladly lay down my life, and I’ll be smiling the whole time. It's what makes us old guys cool, you see.
  • [To Tsunade] Reject makes a man strong. In other words you cant call yourself a man without being rejected
  • [To Naruto] Never go back on your word… and never give up. That's your ninja way… and as your mentor… I have no business whining! Because… the student's ninja way should be the master's too! Isn't that so, Naruto?!
  • [To Naruto] I think we all have to acknowledge you. Gamatatsu, Gamakichi, Sakura, Tsunade… and I… we all admit you've worked really hard. But I wonder what's pushing you forward."
  • [Before dying] The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives but how he dies. It's not what they do in life, but what they did before dying that proves their worth. Thinking back on it, my story is one full of failures. Tsunade rejected me every time. I couldn't save my friend, I failed to protect my student… and my teacher. Compared with the Hokage who came before me, my accomplishments have all been petty and insignificant. I wanted to die like them…
  • [Last words] There, that ending… was a little better. The frog at the bottom of the well drifts off into the great ocean. Heh heh… yep… pretty damn honourable… pretty damn honourable… I guess it's time to put down my pen. Right… I need a title for the next book… let's see… Ah, got it… 'The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki'… perfect.
  • [To Tayuya] Tayuya, a girl shouldn't talk that way.
  • [To Choji] You know, when there are five people in a group, there will be at least one that is useless. That kind of guy will always be the fool. When the unexpected happens, he will be used and discarded.
  • [To Choji] What impressive chakra! But it's still not the main dish!
  • [To Sasuke's Retrieval Team] It must be tough on the underlings to have such a stupid leader.
  • [To Sasuke's Retrieval Team] I don't know which is more pathetic; the fool, or those who follow him.
  • Mm, she's strong and scary. I bet she's single.
  • The more you want something, the harder it is to wait for it.
  • [About the inefficacy of his attack against Tsunade] Did it not penetrate deep enough?
  • [To Naruto]Little kids think life is so easy. That's why they go on and on about their dreams. That's why they never give up.
  • [To Naruto]You've just thrown it all away! Dreams don't come true when you're dead!
  • [To Naruto]After Orochimaru died, I found myself not knowing who I was, again… Without knowing parent or country, I was taken in by the enemy… Since a young age I've moved about countries and villages as a spy… To me, things like countries, villages… they hold no firm reality in my mind. That was, of course, until I found myself under the wing of Orochimaru… but that presence is gone again. What am I anyway… The pain of not having an identity… I'd think you should understand… Naruto.
  • Orochimaru is the symbol of reincarnation, and as a goal, a greatness meant to be exceeded by me. He'll continue to live inside me.
  • [To Itachi]My name is a code… My glasses are a tool… I've been no one… From the start. From the very start… I had nothing.
  • [To Itachi]A genius that had everything will never understand. …I just want to become myself.

  • do I put this? My first impression of this're a bunch of idiots! (English dub; TV broadcast version).
  • do I put this? My first impression of you is...I hate you. (Same quote as above, but literally translated from Japanese to English)
  • Hidden Leaf Ancient Taijutsu Supreme Technique...1,000 Years of Death!!!
  • Leaf Village Secret-Finger Justu...1,000 Years of Death!!!
  • [To Team 7] In the Ninja World, those who break the rules are scum, that's true...but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum!
  • [To Naruto] Naruto, it was really cool how you removed the poison and all, but if you lose any more blood, you're going to die. Good idea to stop the bleeding now...seriously.
  • [To Naruto] A ninja must see underneath the underneath.
  • [To Zabuza] talking about the Lighting Blade I will show you my own move.
  • [Thinking] If I'm still sane by the time I finish their training it'll be a miracle!
  • [To Team 7] Hey guys, sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life.
  • [To Team 7] Sorry I'm late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way.
  • [To Team 7] Sorry I'm late. You wouldn't believe the traffic.
  • [To Team 7] My name is Kakashi Hatake. What I like...I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future...hmm...never really thought about for my hobbies...well, I have a lot of hobbies.
  • [To Naruto] I'm telling you this because you don't get it, and you think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it. Get it?
  • [Regarding Sasuke] They say that the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered down.
  • [To Naruto] Don't look away...When you live like a Shinobi, this is how it ends.
  • [To Sasuke] Let it go, you've got to forget about revenge. Believe me, in this work I've met a lot of guys who feel the way you do. Trust me, for those who follow the path of revenge, it never ends well. You'll only tear yourself apart and even if you succeed with your revenge, what would you have then... nothing, emptiness.
  • [To Sasuke] I've been around longer than you have kid. And I've had my share of troubles. You are not the only one who knows how it feels to lose somebody. So, it looks like neither of us have lived a charmed live exactly, have we?. Still. We're not all that bad off. At least you and I have been lucky to find new comrades to feel the void. Anyway, I do know how you feel.
  • (Whenever Might Guy rambles, especially if it's about Lee) ...I'm sorry, did you say something?
  • [To Might Guy] I don't know what this boy means to you, Guy, but I shouldn't have to tell you that we never bring our personal feelings into play. I didn't think you were capable of it.
  • [To Might Guy] Guy...what I said earlier...I was out of line. I was being a self-righteous fool. I realize now that if I'd been in your shoes, I probably couldn't have stopped him, either.
  • [To Team 7] YOU!...pass!
  • [To Yugao, about Obito's name engraved in the Memorial Stone] This place makes me think about the mistakes I've made in the past… and I've made so many of them.
  • [When his students treat him to ramen to get him to remove his mask] Maybe it'll snow...No! Or are you guys hiding something?
  • [To Naruto] You can't kill the client, Naruto. It doesn't work that way.
  • I never let my comrades die.
  • [When he sees an advertisement for "Make Out Paradise: The Movie] My favorite going to be a movie? I'd better buy my tickets in advance!
  • [To Obito, In Kakashi Gaiden] Whether you hate me or not, I'm the leader. If the team is scattered, there's only one leader. Therefore, you must follow the instructions of the commander. Obito, you haven't got any strength. Because of that, I'm the leader.
  • [To Obito, In Kakashi Gaiden] To abandon your duty is not courageous. Below the courageous, there is nothing. Those are the previous Hokage's words.
  • [Talking to Inari about Naruto] He's always trying his best to get people to acknowledge him...For that dream, he'd risk his life at anytime...He's probably sick and tired of crying, He knows what it really means to be strong. Just like your father.
  • [After pinning Sasuke to a tree] Sorry, I knew you wouldn't want to sit still for a lecture, so, I figured I'd have to pin you down.
  • [To Kakuzu] The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It's one of those never-ending cycles in life.
  • [To Pain] The people from this village are different from your average village. Even if it means dying, there's not a single one of us, who would sell out a comrade.
  • [To himself regarding Sasuke] Now i know how the Third Hokage must have felt.
  • [To Sasuke] Sasuke, I don't like to repeat myself, but I'll say this one more time, you must forget about revenge.
  • [To Sasuke] Sasuke, you're more than just your clan, you're more than just hatred. Look deep inside your heart once more.
  • [To Iruka] You can not open the mind of another if you do not have an open mind yourselves.

  • But I want to play around before some noisy people come!
  • You tick me off. I hate short people anyway. And you're so impertinent for someone younger than me. It makes me want to break you.
  • Bring 'em on!
  • You're making this too easy.
  • He wanted me to attack. So he can get his creepy crawlies into Crow's body. Now they are going after my chakra puppet strings.
  • [Thinking] What a sucker. He doesn't know I can re-establish control over my puppet with a blink of an eye. It's what makes me an expert puppet master. And so what if Crow's body is out of commission? I don't need his body. Every part of him is a lethal weapon. [To Shino] Looks like you underestimated me, bug boy. For the last time! There's enough poison on that to drop an elephant, so you're dead.
  • A fair warning... we ninja of the Sand aren't as easygoing as those of the Leaf. But getting close to Kuroari so carelessly...isn't good!
  • I can't retreat after he's underestimated me!
  • [Thinking after Naruto says he doesn't like him] This toast!
  • Let me show you my puppets performance

  • Akamaru's gonna fight too!
  • Yeah, I got Naruto! This one's an easy win!
  • I must be a pretty pathetic owner for you to have bitten me, Akamaru....
  • Hinata, untie the ropes before you faint.
  • [to Naruto] Hokage?! You can't even beat me! Who'd respect a Hokage like you?! Tell you what though... I'll become Hokage in your place!!
  • I'm always ready for action! Yahoo!
  • [After learning that he and Ukon might be sharing his body] I see.. In that case.. [Stabs himself] [Struggles] What if I do this?!
  • [After Hinata faints] Okaay. Here's an idea. How 'bout you cut our ropes first, then you can faint all you want.
  • A wall's a wall and there's no wall I can't punch a hole through!
  • It's not bad enough they buried us alive in the oversized dung heap, but now they're stealing our chakra. You gotta give these guys credit for thoroughness!
  • I called you an idiot, idiot!
  • I have no idea what's going on but I'm always up for getting wild!
  • Time for you to die.
  • Akamaru, what's wrong boy? Have you forgotten my scent? We've always been together haven't we? We grew up together. Akamaru please, somewhere in there, there has to be a part of you that remembers. Show me that you remember. AKAMARU! Forgive me. Can you? I know that I've brought you nothing but pain and suffering. I broke my word. I swore I'd always protect you. Akamaru I'm sorry. Sorry I wasn't a better master. I'm here. Here for you. Forever.
  • If we miss, we'll have died for nothing.
  • Let's go Akamaru!
  • I will study your ability thoroughly and find your weak points.
  • I was told that if I get seriously hurt, it would damage my nervous system and I would not be able to mold my chakra. That was very close.
  • Once my Kumo Nenkin(Golden Spider Spines) is exposed to air, it transforms into a metal alloy. Also, it doesn't allow chakra to pass through it.
  • What's going on here !? How did he... (sees the hole in Neji's shoulder) What gives? How could I have missed it by 15 centimeters?
  • Game Over.
  • The weakest one in the game always goes down first.

  • If Tayuya comes back, I'll kill her.
  • Is there really a god? If there is one, why does he keep me confined in here?
  • [to the Sound Ninja Four] Which do you prefer? To die, or to obey?
  • Lets see, how should I kill you?
  • You've only seen one of my dances.
  • I see...since I am no longer going to be Lord Orochimaru's vessel, my duty is to protect the vessel.
  • I will see the truth of this world... LORD OROCHIMARU WILL SHOW ME!!!
  • I am not his pawn...! He is the one, the only one who ever gave my life meaning!! But how could the likes of you EVER UNDERSTAND THAT?!?
  • Gaara...
  • I've been wondering.. There must be a purpose for people being born into this world. Why are we here? What does it mean? I've been thinking about that a lot lately. I realized that finding our purpose IS the meaning. That's why we're here. And the ones who find it.. They're the only ones who are truly free.
  • I don't hate the darkness. It was IN the darkness.. That I was raised.
  • [After Naruto does his Shadow Clone Jutsu] Oh, there sure is a lot of garbage scattered around here. But, trash is just trash after all. It simply needs to be cleaned up.
  • "Against the power of will I possess.. The capability of my body is nothing."

  • Konoha's Uchiha clan and the Mist's Seven Shinobi-gatana seem petty before his name.
  • I'll enjoy shaving you to death.
  • Hmm... Itachi... it would be annoying if he moved around a lot. Perhaps we should cut off a leg or two?
  • Hmhmhmhm, I think I will play with you a bit before killing you!
  • (talking about Asuma to Itachi) He bothers me. Shall I kill him?
  • [After learning Guy Sensei's name; Might Guy] Yeah, mighty stupid looking guy!
  • [Last thoughts, reflecting over his and Itachi's first conversation] Itachi-san... It seems I'm not that terrible after all...

  • I wanted to kill and eat you all, but I can't with my mouth shut like this.... The next time we meet, be ready to face the consequences!
  • I'd eat you both right now, but I won't be swallowing solid food for weeks thanks to this hole in my mouth. If we ever meet again, well you better hope we don't.(English dub)
  • Orochimaru, I expect 100 sacrifices for this.

  • All your hard work will prove worthless... unless you believe in yourself!
  • Oh! That was so hip of you, Kakashi!
  • Lee, if you die, I'll die with you.
  • You guys are in the springtime of your youth!
  • I see your team didn't do too bad, Kakashi. They must have gotten real lucky. Of course with my team still around, your team is doomed to failure. After all, what matters on the next test is ability, and we've got you far outclassed. Well, I guess that part of growing up is learning to deal with heartbreak, huh, Kakashi?
  • Grr... Alright, Kakashi, you win this round. Boy, that drives me nuts when he acts so cool! There's no way I'm gonna let you get the best of me!
  • Now run, run into the sunset and suffer. But don't mess up your hair!
  • You put in so much effort, the operation will definitely succeed. For sure, the way to success will open. Just in case... no, suppose the worst happened... we will die together. Since I met you, my purpose has been to make sure that you become a great ninja. That's a promise.
  • Who wants to have an intense "man battle?"
  • Not just fast, but powerful too.
  • [to Lee when he begins to doubt whether he can succeed with hard work alone] All your hard work will prove worthless unless you believe in yourself!
  • OOOHH!! You make me so mad, Kakashi! OOH! Why do you always have to act so cool?!!
  • People who are born as prodigies aren't happy. But those who believe in themselves to the end, and work hard with a fiery spirit, are.
  • Look into my eyes and accept my dearest apologies. While your at it notice my handsome, manly features.

  • I never give up... I never go back on my word... thats my ninja way!
  • Believe it!
  • [About Sasuke] Why are they so obsessed with him? Sasuke, Sasuke! I don't get it, what's the big deal about this guy?!
  • My dream is to become the greatest Hokage, that way the whole village will stop disrespecting me and treat me like I'm somebody, somebody important.
  • Sakura-chan, you sure do love Sasuke, don't you?
  • I'm Naruto Uzumaki! What I like is ramen, especially the kind at the Ichiraku Ramen shop. What I dislike is the three minute wait after you pour in the boiling water. My hobbies are eating ramen. And my dream... is to be the next Hokage!
  • Dattebayo! (Note: this nonsensical phrase is attached to sentences for emphasis; it is a compilation of the verb endings "da" "-tte ba" and "yo", but there's no real translation of the word. The English dub replaces it with "Believe it!")
  • If you lay a finger on my sensei... I'll kill you!
  • Bring it on, you jerk! Anything you throw at me I'll give it back a thousand fold!
  • My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm going to defeat every one of you believe it!
  • When I'm with Iruka-sensei, I think if that's what having a father is like.... When I'm with you, I think if that's what having a brother is like.
  • Sakura-chan looks so sad lately.
  • Sasuke, I always knew you were alone. In the beginning I was glad because I knew you were like me - I wanted to talk to you! And you answered my every question. We're both popular and all, So I decided that you would become my best friend. I didn't want to lose because I was called a loser all the time. Even when we became Team 7, I still thought this way. I always tried to lie but... but the truth is... I always wanted to be like you. I aspired to be like you. Because of that... I was glad that you wanted to fight me.
  • The pain of being lonely... is out of this world, isn't it?
  • [To Sasuke at Final Valley] Sever it just like that, huh!? Then why do you even bother wearing that headband anymore?
  • Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! What does he have that I don't have?!
  • The only weird thing here is your haircut!!!
  • I will bring Sasuke back for sure. This is a promise of a lifetime!
  • Sasuke won't give into someone like that! He's strong enough as it is, I promise!
  • After all that talk about your destiny, you don't really believe in it, do you?
  • So shut up about "destiny" and... how people can't change! 'Cause... unlike me... you're not a "failure".
  • [To Neji] Because somebody told me I was a failure! I'll prove them wrong!
  • [To Neji] When I become Hokage, I'll change the Hyuuga clan!
  • Lay a finger on my sensei, and you die!
  • [to Sasuke] Are you okay, buddy?
  • [To Sasuke in his second Curse stage] So you're special, huh?, you won't be so special when I'm through with you!
  • [To Sasuke] I won't let Orochimaru have you! I will stop you even if I have to break every bone in your body!
  • [To Simon before using the Rasengan] Until I reach my dream, I refuse to die.
  • Nothing wrong with crying when you're happy.
  • DARN IT!!
  • It's not the face that makes someone a monster. It's the choices they make with their life!
  • [While looking for fake-Naruto] Where you hiding, you big fake fraidy-cat?! Show that handsome face already!
  • I'm going to prove that in this world.. Heroes do exist!
  • Real strength is not what you have when fighting for only yourself. When you have something special that you want to protect, only then can you become truly strong!
  • [After finding out Haku's a boy] HUH?! NO WAY!! HE'S PRETTIER THAN SAKURA-CHAN!!!!!
  • [Fighting with Idate] Yeah? Well the Hokage would do all that and more and he'd do it two times a day!
  • [Talking to Gai Sensei] Huh? Oh Bushier Brow, it's you!
  • [To Gaara] It's almost unbearable, isn't it… the pain of being all alone. I know that feeling, I've been there, in that dark and lonely place, but now there are others, other people who mean a lot to me. I care more about them than I do myself, and I won't let anyone hurt them. That's why I'll never give up, I will stop you, even if I have to kill you! They saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness, they were the first to accept me as who I am. They're my friends.
  • [To Sasuke, in Shippuuden] How can someone who can't even save his friends become Hokage...? Isn't it so, Sasuke?
  • [To Tsunade] Because unlike you, I want that title one day. To be my dream.
  • I'm going to make everyone recognize my existence.
  • [To Pain] You should give up...on me giving up!
  • [To Nagato, reciting a line from Jiraiya's first book] Then I will break that curse. If there's such thing as peace, I will find it. I won't give up!
  • [To A] Yes, he might have died... but together, he and my mom protected Konoha from the Nine-Tails! They protected me! It may have only been for a second, but in that second, they gave me so much... their faith! Faith that I could finish their jobs! Faith that I could fulfill the role of a "savior!"
  • [To Jekylnaruto] If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be...!
  • [To Nine-Tails] Because if I ever second guess myself...that'll be the day when it's all over!
  • [To Nine-Tails] Hey Nine-Tails, I wanna get rid of all that hate of yours someday!
  • Being with a tailed beast isn't such a bad thing
  • [To Nine-Tails] You aren't a monster fox anymore. You're one of my teammates from the Leaf Village...
  • [To Neji] After all, unlike me you're not a failure!
  • [To Naruto's true image] Because you existed, I became strong. Thanks to you I made this far!
  • I will break that curse.If there is any such thing as peace, I will seize it. I won't give up dattebayo! Naruto to Pain
  • [In Road to Ninja] Someone once asked me what a ninja was. My sensei told me that a ninja is one that endures
  • Believe it!
  • [To Obito and Madara] "You guys irritate me so much that I can't even express it in words… So I'll just tell you something about me… I'm no trash!! And I'll never become trash!! And I won't let you kill my comrades!!"
  • "[to Obito Uchiha]" I swore I'd tear that mask right off your face!
  • "[to Hyūga Hinata]""Thanks Hinata! Earlier, I was feeling uncharacteristically depressed, but now I feel great!!...You know about you...I always though that you were just a plain looking, dark weirdo...But a person like you...I really like!"
  • "[to Hyūga Hinata]" Hinata thank you t's thanks to you that stayed at my side

  • So you're not going to withdraw? Then don't blame me for what happens to you.
  • So this is the full extent of the main branch's strength?
  • Hinata... this is the unalterable difference in strength... the distinction that separates the elite from the failure. This is the unchangeable reality. From the moment you said you wouldn't run, your defeat was inevitable. The only possible outcome was your present despair... Withdraw!
  • I can see with these eyes.... It's taking all your strength just to stand! You were burdened from birth with the destiny of the Hyuga clan's main branch.... You've hated and punished yourself for your own weakness and frailty... but you can't fight your nature... or change your fate. But you need not suffer anymore. Be at peace!
  • [after being stopped from attacking Hinata] Why are you and the other Jounin getting involved? The head family gets special treatment, huh?
  • Hey... you! Loser! I have two pieces of advice for you. First of all, of you intend to call yourself a shinobi, stop that stupid cheering of yours- it's disgraceful. And second... Once a failure, always a failure! You can't change that!
  • Naruto, sometimes, your eyes are even better than mine.
  • He will be saved. It's because, Naruto, you saved me from the darkness.
  • You are the strongest enemy I've ever met... but I have a reason why I cannot lose. The strongest opponent I ever met said this to me: "Unlike me, you're not a failure." I have always been called a genius; and I cannot lose, for the sake of those who believe I am a genius!
  • Fear. That is what we live with. And we live with it everyday. Only in death are we free of it.
  • Father, I can't be sure if a person's destiny is like a cloud floating on a fixed current that it can't escape.. Or if people are able to ride on whatever breeze they choose. I don't know. I don't completely understand it yet. And maybe the destination is the same, no matter what you choose. Just when you choose one course, along comes someone who's picked a different path, one that's devoted to living life to its fullest. There's real strength to be found in that love of life, I finally understand that because of this latest battle. Now father, I have only one goal: To become stronger so I won't lose to anyone again.
  • [Looks out the window] Father, I wish you could see these birds flying. They're finding their freedom too.
  • The only destiny that every person shares.. is death.
  • No one can determine another's destiny.
  • I cannot lose. Even if my enemy is far stronger. Even if my body should fail me. I cannot lose. There is a reason. I cannot lose!
  • Everyone, I leave the rest up to you...
  • A loser is a loser
  • [to Naruto]...Naruto. Hinata-sama... is willing to die.. for you... that's why... your life... is not the only one...apparently my life, too... was... ono of... yours... to Naruto
  • [to Naruto] In the past you freed me from my cursed fate
  • [to Naruto]Because...You told me...that I'm a genius...
  • [to Lee] FORGET IT!!

  • I wasn't crying! There was dust in my eyes.
  • You see, while coming here, I ended up having to help an old lady who had too much luggage crossing the street.
  • I am Obito Uchiha of the Uchiha Clan! And one day I'm going to surpass you...once I awaken my Sharingan!
  • [Asked if he knows what happens to rule-breakers] I do, and that's why the White Fang was a true hero.
  • Sure, in a ninja's world, those who break the rules are considered scum...but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum! If I'm scum, the rules are no good to me! And if breaking them makes me the wrong kind of Shinobi... I'll crush that idea of Shinobi!
  • I'm the only one who didn't get you something for becoming a Jonin, Kakashi. I was..wondering what to give you...and I just had a thought. Don't worry, it's not some useless, extra baggage. I'm giving you...this Sharingan of mine. Whatever the Village may are...a great Jonin. That's how I please accept it.
  • I'm..about to die. But...I'll become your eye and...see the future..for you.
  • Kakashi..take care of Rin...
  • [Before he dies] Just when Kakashi and I were...finally getting along..I couldn't tell Rin I loved her. I wish...I could've spent more time..with everyone...
  • [To Minato, in his own mind] Minato-sensei, this, all of this… this entire world… I don't care about it anymore.
  • The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate.
  • I'm no one… I don't want to be anyone. All I care about is completing the Eye of the Moon Plan. This world is completely worthless… there is nothing left in it but misery.
  • [To Kakashi] You've seen reality, you should be able to understand… No wish can become true in this world. That's why I'm pursuing the dream of infinite Tsukuyomi. I want to build a world where heroes don't have to make pitiful excuses in front of graves.
  • …There is no such thing as a victory in this world. Hope… is merely an illusion.
  • [To Naruto after Neji's death] This is what happens when you talk about hope and ideals… This is reality. Naruto… what do you have in this reality? You have no father and mother… your master Jiraiya is dead, and as long as you keep opposing, your friends will die one after the other. No one that acknowledges you will survive. And you already know what lies ahead of all this… Loneliness. There's no need to be in this reality, come here Naruto!
  • [To Kakashi] Look! There is nothing in my heart! I don't even feel pain!! You don't have to feel guilty, Kakashi. This windhole was opened by this hell of a world.
  • [To his mother] Damn Girl! You're looking fine

  • There probably isn't any meaning in life. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive. Like how you found that flower. Like how I found you.
  • This child seems quite exceptional...unlike you. His bloodline is that of the Uchiha clan, and his face and his body are very beautiful. He could be the perfect vessel to succeed me.
  • Well, I sort of have a goal, and if I were to state it in words, I like to see moving things. They're boring when they don't move. A windmill that is not moving can be nice from time to time, but most of the time, it's not even worth looking at. Now, I want to move the windmill with the wind called the Destruction of Konoha....
  • All things with a form will eventually perish.
  • I have eternal youth. I live forever.
  • The body ages, but the mind is immortal.
  • [To Sarutobi] What nonsense! In the grand scheme of time, you're nothing more than a trivial footnote in the brief history of a cluster of huts called the "Leaf Village"! In time, the Hokage Stone Faces will crumble and be worn down to nothing...
  • There is a limit to stupidity!
  • The title of Hokage is a piece of crap. Only an idiot becomes one.
  • How tranquil... or rather... how naïvely peaceful this nation has become... while all other countries are busy with military expansion races....
  • I want to master all techniques to understand the truth of this world.
  • Aging is pointless. That's how I feel when I look at you.
  • The petty mock battles end here. Starting now, history is made!
  • Darkness... When everything that you know and love... is taken from you so harshly... all you can think about is anger, hatred, and even revenge... and no one can save you.
  • You know how the game of chess is played... pieces must be sacrificed!
  • [To Tsunade] I've always wondered what it would be like to strangle that pretty little neck of yours!
  • [To Tsunade] You were the only one I would have spared.
  • The best cure is always the hardest one to find.. Right?
  • It's human nature that people won't realize the true value of something unless they lose it.
  • I can sense your fear and desperation... it's only natural... the prey must never let down its guard, not even for a moment... in the presence of its predator.

  • The lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice! When we meet again, I shall be a stronger man.
  • [Thinking] Guy-sensei is just the coolest person ever! I mean, he is so cool, he practically glows with cool!
  • Your Sharingan is obviously a gift. Then why am I able to beat you? A dropout will beat a genius through hard work!
  • I do not try to hide or disguise my moves. I do not have to. Even if you can read them, you cannot stop them. You are too slow. Your eyes may be quick enough to stay one step ahead of me, but if body cannot keep up, what good does it do you?
  • I am the valliant green beast of the Hidden Leaf Village!
  • Okay! You caught me!! As soon as I said I wanted to be last... I tricked them! It is a natural law... You can throw a stone at a telephone pole time and again and never hit it... But the minute you aim to miss, you end up hitting the thing dead center. I did not really want to be the final act anyway!
  • Facing you so soon... makes me very happy!
  • Let's sweat our young sweat together!
  • If I catch 20 leaves before they hit the ground, Sakura will begin to love me.
  • Neji...Sasuke...and...[Naruto's face appears in his mind]I can not be the only one who loses here!! Guy-sensei, please let this work! It is now... or never! The Third Gate! Gate of Life...Open!
  • I get an extra surge of power when I know that Guy-sensei is watching me.
  • If I can't do 400 push-ups I'll hit the dummy 800 times! If I can't hit the dummy 800 times, I'll do 1000 jump ropes!
  • [In the middle of a battle] Please wait, I have to take my medicine.
  • [To Kimimaro when drunk] What are you looking at?! Don't you know it is impolite to stare?!
  • [To Kimimaro when asked if he is drunk] I'm not drunk. Besides, underage shinobi should not partake in the consumption of alcohol!
  • Naruto! Let us work up a sweat in vigorous battle!
  • There are lots of Narutos. Did I get drunk again? (Curry of Life thread)
  • Please be my girlfriend! I vow to protect you with my life!

  • Cha!
  • Ino-Pig!
  • My name is Haruno Sakura. What I like is (looks at Sasuke) or more like the person I like is (looks at Sasuke) and my dream for the future is (Looks at Sasuke and sqeals). What I hate is NARUTO!
  • If I fail this I'll be separated from Sasuke. This is a test for my love.
  • Ino... you like Sasuke too, right? That makes you... my rival..
  • Well... I guess that means... we're rivals from now on...
  • On that day, you taught me that solitude is painful! I understand that so well right now. I have family, and I have friends, but if Sasuke leaves... to me... it will be the same as being alone!
  • Don't worry about it Naruto. Next time, we'll do it together!
  • All I've been doing is watching you two from behind... Now, get a good look at my back!
  • If you leave, then I'll scream!
  • SHANNARO! [Inner Sakura. It doesn't have a real meaning, but can be translated into "Hell Yeah" "Hell No" or "Dammit" depending on who is translating it. The English version has changed it into "CHA!"]
  • Hehe... so predictable. My choice is the daffodil... It's a persistent flower that shows its beautiful face even in the blaze of the winter... patiently waiting for a reprieve without bowing to the monstrous savagery.
  • Naruto... only you... My only wish... Please... bring Sasuke back!
  • [Inner Sakura] Ka-ching! My absolute love conquers all!
  • I'm sorry, Sensei. I tried to stop him, but he didn´t listen to me! [Inner Sakura] Set him up and knock him down! That was AWESOME!
  • It's not scary to die... for the people who are precious to you!
  • I always considered be a true ninja. I said I loved Sasuke...and I always lectured Naruto, like I was better then him. But it's all empty words. So, this time,'s your turn to watch my back!
  • This isn't meant for you!
  • Sasuke-kuuuuuun!
  • Didn't you know? Women have to be tough to survive.
  • [About Anko] She reminds me of Naruto

  • [To Naruto] Hey scaredy cat, you're not hurt are you?
  • A ninja waits until the time is right. When the enemy sleeps and drops his guard. When his weapons lie forgotten in the stillness of the night. That is the moment for a ninja to strike.
  • A blond kid with a stupid face who is around my age together with a man with white hair?
  • No matter what darkness lies ahead, I will pursue that path. No matter what, I will obtain power!
  • I only share one bond - that of hate with my brother. Naruto... Come! Let me break those bonds!
  • Why...? Why did you come so far for me?
  • My only goal in life... is revenge.
  • [In the death forest, Sasuke wakes up] Heh... I've never felt better...!
  • [To Naruto] You're such a
  • [To Sakura] It's...okay. I've got your back.
  • I'll show you the true strength of Sharingan.
  • Naruto, don't let... your dream die.
  • [Running from Itachi as a child] Please! I don't want to die!
  • You know what they say, don't you Naruto...When two Shinobi are powerful enough...They read each other's thoughts, simply through an exchange of fists. Without ever uttering a single word...Get it. You've always been naïve...Naruto. Tell me...Do you know my thoughts? Can you tell what's on my mind?!
  • Did you know... This place is called "The Valley of the End." It's the perfect stage. Right... Naruto?
  • The only one who's going to eliminate me!
  • [To Itachi] It's just like you said, Brother. I fostered my hatred for you all this time. I've lived my life for one single purpose: to see you die! It ends here!!
  • I never want to see another important person die in front of me again.
  • [To Naruto] Just shut up for once... What the heck to you know about it? It's not like you ever had a family in the first place. You were on your own right from the beginning! What makes you think you know anything about it, huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties. How on earth could you possibly understand what it feels like to lose all that?!
  • It's too late for me, Naruto...It's just too late.
  • [To Sakura] I knew it... I'm not the same as you. I'm traveling a path the rest of you can't follow. I know that the four of us have worked together, and for a while I thought I could take that path instead. But in the end, I've decided on revenge... That's always been my reason for living... I'll never be like you and Naruto.
  • [Cursed Seal Form 2 emerges] There's no question that you were special... Unfortunately, you're not quite as special as I am.
  • Sakura...Thank you for everything.
  • I have no idea what scheme you sand-village clowns are pulling but i'll stop it, no matter what it is.
  • My dreams are not of the future. My dreams are of the past.
  • [To Sakura in Death Forest] Sakura, tell me...who did that to you?
  • My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I dislike, considering there is almost nothing I do like. It is pointless to talk about "dreams"...That's just a word...But one thing I have is determination. I am going to restore my clan and there is a certain someone who I have kill.
  • [To Naruto] I will acknowledge that you are strong. Because.. You are someone who knows the same pain of loneliness that I do. And.. That pain makes a person stronger.
  • Naruto, you are one of the one's I want to fight the most.
  • [To Naruto] I have woken up...don't you see..? That guy who dreamed of a happy future full of peace and friendship... he was the one who was asleep. That's why I left the village, that's why I've gone in search of's not the future I've dream of anymore...only the past.. that's where my dream lies.
  • [In thought,when Naruto transforms into Nine-Tails] Naruto... Just what exactly are you?!
  • [To Tobi] If you think I'm just a foolish kid ruled by his emotions, that's fine. Following Itachi's path would be childish, the whispering of fools who don't know hatred. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I'll slaughter everyone they ever cared about. And then maybe they'll understand what it's like to taste… a little of my hatred.
  • (To Team Kakashi) "I finally… I finally got my first bit of revenge for Itachi... it's like the disgrace of the Uchiha clan is being cleansed. Like I'm separating the Uchiha clan from the rotten ninja world. You might even say it's what Konoha always wanted. You always repudiated the Uchiha clan, so now we will disappear from your memories just like you always wanted. When I kill everyone in Konoha! By severing the bond, we will be purified! That will be the true revival of the Uchiha clan!"[88]
  • (To Itachi) "I can forgive you… But I can never forgive Konoha!!"[89]
  • (To Itachi) "I guess anything I say now would be pointless… When I saw you… I decided to follow you here to confirm whether or not what Danzō and Tobi told me was true or not. But that wasn't the only reason… When I'm with you I remember the way it used to be. I remember time spent with the brother that I looked up to… that I loved. That's why… The closer I get to you… The more I'm able to recall what those days felt like… And the more I'm able to understand you. The more I'm able to hate Konoha for the suffering they put you through. In fact, it's becoming even stronger than before. I do understand what you want me to do. It's probably because you're my older brother that you feel the need to put me on the right path. But it's probably because I'm your younger brother that I'll never stop, no matter what you say. As you'll always exist to protect the village… so will I to destroy it. Goodbye… brother."[90]
  • (To Orochimaru) "I'm going to the battlefield… I won't let this village… and my brother… be wasted!"[91]
  • (To Sakura after arriving on the battlefield) "Many things happened… but I decided to protect the village, and I… will become Hokage."[92]
  • (To his former team-mates) "The Hokage created this situation. I'll become Hokage and change the village."[93]

  • What a drag...How troublesome...
  • Ugh...It's SHADOW POSSESSION. Get your Jutsu right...
  • [Cloud-watching] The clouds are nice. They're so free.
  • [Thinking about his mother] From the second I wake up, it's 'nag, nag, nag...'
  • I always get stuck fighting women...
  • I was unable to protect my friends. The mission failed. I shouldn't be a shinobi.
  • During an offensive move, the first attack is a fake. It's a basic strategy to use the second attack to end the game.
  • The most interesting thing in the rules of Shogi is that you're able to use the pieces you've captured as your own.
  • In life, nothing good comes out of hurrying.
  • He's so far out of the loop, he doesn't even know there is a loop.
  • It really doesn't matter to me if I ever become a Chunin or not, but I guess I shouldn't let myself be beaten by a female, so let's do it.
  • Sasuke isn't a close friend of mine. I don't even like him. But he is the same as us: a ninja from the Hidden Village of Konoha. He is our comrade. That is why we will put our lives on the line to bring him back. This is the way of Konoha.
  • This is why women are so troublesome...
  • [Thinking as he prepares to sacrifice himself to help Sakura and Naruto escape] Sigh...I used to really want to be just an average ninja making an average living... Marry a regular girl who's not super pretty, or super ugly, have two kids, a girl and then a boy... Retire when my daughter got married and my son successfully became a ninja...and then just spend the rest of my life playing Shogi or Go, a carefree and leisurely retirement...dying of old age before my wife...that's the life I wanted... And yet I ended up exerting unlike me...even though I wanted to reach the end of my life like a regular guy... I had to go and get myself into this tiresome situation...
  • From the second I get up its nag! nag! nag!
  • I admit that I'm not a good leader, but I'm good at one thing: believing in my friends.
  • [Thinking about Temari after she kills Tayuya] She's as subtle as a rhino. She might even be scarier than my mom.
  • [To Choji after Ino leaves] Hn. She has no clue. Despite what most women seem to believe, men don't always go for the skinny girls. Most guys I know, they like girls with a little meat on their bones. It just looks healthier. Oh yeah, and the reverse is true too, you know. I'd bet anything she'd be twice as popular if she put on a few pounds instead of starving herself. She should eat.
  • [To Choji] Like I said before, I'm just being me. And you should just keep being you. It' s stupid to talk about all the things that you're not.
  • [to Hidan] When you curse someone, you dig your own grave.
  • [To Tayuya] You'll have to excuse my bad manners. I'm not normally in the habit of slugging a lady. But then, looking at you, you don't really fall into that category, do you?
  • It only takes one move for a checkmate

  • While an ace in the hole is good, two aces are better.
  • Even if our enemy is a small bug, we will not underestimate it.
  • [After the mission; and seeing him smile and laugh for the first time] THIS NEVER HAPPENED, OK?
  • [About Sasuke's absence at the final Chuunin Exam] Confucius said "The wise do not approach the dangerous". A wise decision, perhaps?

  • You fool. One little midget, what are you going to do? And also, look what happened. Each time, in order to move forward, you sacrificed one of your members, didn't you? Is that guy Sasuke so precious to you? Just for the sake of one person... how many of your team members are you willing to lose? You mindless worm.
  • Damn it! You tricked me! "Teamwork"? Yeah right! You scum!
  • Maybe you idiots can't handle it, but I can.
  • For an idiot like you, to understand the complexity of the melody is not too bad. But there is no way that you can completely comprehend this song.
  • There isn't anyone who has listened to this song and survived.
  • [To Kimimaro] I don't care if you kill me...all that matters is you'll die, too.
  • You're mine!!
  • [To Jiroubu] Shut the hell up, you fatass!
  • Knowing what I am doing isn't the same as knowing how to stop me!
  • In order to gain something, you must throw something away.
  • You fatso, don't slow us down just so you can eat more!
  • You see that coffin? You're the one who's supposed to be carrying it so do your job you slob!
  • (To Temari) She was born to fight me!

  • Hey, you. When did you turn into such a dim-wit?
  • [To Shikamaru] Still babbling about that man and woman crap, as always. Stop acting all tough, idiot.
  • If something else happens, I'll come to help. Is that alright, Mr. Crybaby?
  • Did that clever brain of yours go bad?
  • Oh beat it... and take that sack of garbage with you.
  • Every second counts.
  • My power...isn't to be taken lightly. If that person thinks she's going to hide away while we wait for her to play her flute, she's just too naive!
  • [To Gaara] Gaara...this is your big sister asking you to stop. Please?
  • Are you afraid of being hurt?
  • By the way, you're a lot dumber than the last time our paths crossed.
  • Did I ask for your opinion?
  • I'll be here next time you need rescuing.
  • ' '[ To Tenten] Wasn't really much of a match. Kinda boring.

  • What I'm saying is, in the end, everyone is alone, right?
  • Get yourself together, Lee!
  • It's not because they're girls, you know.
  • I was hoping to save this for a final blow, but...
  • You doofus! Now isn't the time to go passing out!
  • It was just a trap, Naruto. You couldn't figure that out?!
  • the weaker you are the louder you bark
  • Amazing... The brilliance of the blade... the design. They're all beautiful! I want to take them all home!
  • Three members of Team Guy specializes in Close-Contact battles so I often render aid from the distance. I don't mind providing back up, but I was hoping to find new ninja tools that would enable me to fight on the front lines.
  • You're gonna fight Sasuke alone? And you think all of us are just gonna stand here and let you?!
  • Let's just say I don't like being kept in the dark!
  • I'm not running away and I'm not giving up. I will save this child.
  • I won't let that happen. You're not getting off that easy. No way! The people you and Raiga killed, they all wanted to live but you didn't leave them that choice! You decided for them! Well you don't get to decide this time, ok?! You're gonna live and you're going to take some responsibility for all those people's lives you cut short!
  • I can't stand weak and indecisive people!
  • I want to be a great and powerful ninja! To walk in the footsteps of the legendary kunoichi, Tsunade!
  • It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman in battle.

  • When a person hates and doesn't acknowledge another's existence...The eyes that they use when looking at him...are frighteningly cold...
  • True strength comes from more than jutsu!
  • I am the Third Hokage, you know.
  • The Will of Fire. I wonder if you have it young as you are.
  • [To Iruka in regards to Naruto and the Village] How it must feel…so much hatred and hostility…to be treated with an animosity so intense as to be annihilating…to have around you many who would deny you even the right to exist...
  • [To Orochimaru] Hmph, you've never understood that it's far more than a mere 'cluster of huts'. It is a place where every year, Shinobi are born, raised, grow old, fight, and die to protect their home. These people are precious to me. We share a home, we share a life, and though we may not share ties of blood... they are precious to me! They are my family!
  • You only get one life. There's no need to choose an impossible path. It's fine to live as you like and die as you like, however.. Protecting a precious person.. You must not forget this no matter what path you choose.
  • [To Orochimaru while Dying] We will meet in another world, my apprentice...
  • [Last words] Where the tree leaves dance...One shall find flames...The fire's shadow will illuminate the village...And once again tree leaves shall bud anew.
  • When the people reject someone's every existence and then look at that person, their eyes become cold, cold as an ice storm in the deepest winter.
  • It doesn't matter you do if you live and die as you like, however, no matter what road you end up taking, remember to protect the people that are precious to you.
  • [To young Jiraiya] You will always find the answer in your training!
  • I hope you aren't bothering me with trivia and don't tell me it's Naruto again.

  • The title of Hokage is a fool's game. Only an idiot becomes one.
  • I told you...from now on...I'm gambling everything, too...I'm putting my life on the line!!
  • The title of "Sannin" will have one less holder as of today!
  • Nawaki... Dan... I hope you are watching this. That boy, Naruto... will surely complete what you started.
  • [To Orochimaru] You said that everything eventually decays and fades away...but these feelings...will never cease to exist.
  • [To an Unconscious Naruto] To be your dream Naruto...isn't it? [Heals Naruto's injuried hand] One more time...just one more time...[Gently lifts Naruto's head and places the Hokage necklace around his neck] for the last time...[places her hand on Naruto's cheek] I want those words to be true [Smiles lovingly as her tears fall]
  • People become stronger because they have memories they can't forget.
  • [To Naruto when he calls her "Grandma"] Stop calling me that!
  • [To Sora] Who are you callin' Old Lady?!

  • I, Zabuza Momochi, was called the Demon of the Hidden Village of Mist.
  • Ahh, Shadow Clones!? And you've made quite a few of them.
  • What can you possibly do in this situation? Spit at me?
  • Can you...see my ragged hands?
  • By your age, my hands were already soaked in blood.
  • And once we're in Hell, I can take my time to show you over and over who is or is not a "baby demon"!
  • You say my future is death...? I've had enough of your bluffs.
  • I warn you, friendship, comfort and encouragement...I do not need these things-nor should you expect them from me.
  • I really did find a treasure in that think he'd grant me this marvelous chance in the end!
  • Why...? Why... can't I keep up...? Damn it!!
  • Forgive me...Kakashi. Our fight is over...I no longer have any reason to want to assassinate Tazuna...which settles our differences.
  • You talk too much..and your words...they cut deep-deeper than any blade...
  • [Dying] If possible..I'd like to go to the as you're going to..
  • I'm taking you with me... to HELL!!!
  • [Seeing snow falling] Is that you, Haku...? Are you crying...?
  • Dang it! He did it again! My eyes! It burns! This is no ordinary pee, it's a strong acid!
  • Let's tear them to pieces.
  • The older brother up the younger brother.
  • The first and only
  • You're gonna die kid, wipe that grin off your face
  • You're pathetic, Sakon.


  • Genma: When captured birds grow wiser, they try to open the cage with their beaks. They don't give up, because they want to fly again.
  • Kaiza: Protect whatever is important to you with these two arms, no matter how tough or sad it is, even if it costs you your life.
  • Shizune: Tsunade-sama! Think about Dan and Nawaki! Would they have wanted this? Answer me!
  • Shikaku: [To Shikamaru] And what are you? You're not a man, that's for sure. As far as I can see, you're nothing but a coward. You think if you quit, the missions will stop? Someone's gotta do it.. Your comrades will be sent out again, on other missions, with someone else leading them. They'll face the same risks and some of them might not make it, ones you might have saved if you'd been there to lead them. How are you going to feel then?.. You've got a chance to reflect on your mistakes and to learn from them. Use your failures to make yourself a better leader. You won't help your friends by running away. Instead, you should be trying to make yourself stronger for their sake, so that the next mission goes perfectly and everyone gets back safe. The choice is simple. You're either a leader or a coward. So.. Which are you?
  • Kurenai: Every single one of us has a fanged beast hidden within the depths of our minds. It lies there, waiting in the dark reaches of a person's soul and it appears in our lowest moments. It doesn't matter how strong you think you are. When the beast comes, it is impossible to control. It can even end up hurting those who are closest to you. But if the monster can be tamed, reigned in with the strength of your will, it can become a magnificent power.. And can even make your dreams reality.
  • Ibiki: Those who can't put their destinies on the line.. Who cling to the uncertain future of "There's always next year".. And then walk away from their chance.. Those pieces of trash who can only make cowardly choices.. Don't have the right to become chuunin.. That's how I feel!
  • Genma: Even when injured, to believe in victory and to think ahead.. The power to believe in yourself.. That becomes the power that changes destiny.
  • Hizashi: I have hated the main family.. Honestly, I still do. That's why it's not for you as a member of the main family that I do this.. I want to die and save you as my brother.
  • Yashamaru: Love is.. Care and devotion you feel for the precious ones around you.
  • Yashamaru: (Cuts his finger) Wound your body and the blood will flow, following fast on the heels of pain, but as time passes the pain eventually fades away. With the help of medicine it heals even faster. But even more dangerous is a wound dealt to the heart, because there is nothing that has more trouble healing.
  • Shikaku: Even the roughest woman is tender to the guy she loves.
  • Shizune: Lady Tsunade? Are you actually... STUDYING?!?!?!


Kakashi: [On Haku and Zabuza, seeing through Haku's tracker ninja disguise] They look pretty chummy to me. I'd say they've been pulling scams like that for a long time.
Sakura: He's got some nerve facing us again after a trick like that!
Kakashi: And hiding behind a mask. Who does he think he's fooling?
Sakura: Speak for yourself, Sensei!
Sasuke: That's it. I'm taking him out.
Sakura: Huh?
Sasuke: Who does he think he's fooling, hiding behind that mask like some sort of clown?
Sakura: Sasuke! You're so cool!
Kakashi: [Thinking] Wait a sec, didn't I just say that? She'll never change...

Gato: I-if you're in such a be reunited with your little friend...go alone!
Zabuza: I... have no intention...of going to the same Haku..
Gato: Wh-what are you babbling about? Ugh..!
Zabuza: Heh..I'm taking you with HELL!! Even an ogre in name only...a washout from Kirigakure village...can become a real demon in how he meets his death. Once we're in Hell, I can take my time, and show you over...and over...who is, or is not, a "baby demon"!

Kakashi: Ninja are not supposed to seek their reason to exist. It's important that they exist as a tool. That idea exists in Konoha, too.
Naruto: Does becoming a real ninja really mean that? I... kind of... don't like that.
Sasuke: [To Kakashi] Do you think so, too?
Kakashi: Well, no. That's why ninja unconsciously suffer from that idea. Like Zabuza and that boy.

Chunin Exam Arc

[English Dubbed version; Episode 23] [Naruto has just called out the other Chunin Exam applicants to his classmates' dismay.]

Kiba: Uh...could ya say that a little bit louder? I couldn't quite catch that.
Shikamaru: You moron! Are you trying to get everyone in here to hate our guts or what?

[Naruto chuckles; Sakura puts him in a strangle hold]

Sakura: NARUTO, YOU JACKASS!!!!! Why'd you always say something like that? YOU OBNOXIOUS, LITTLE...!

Zaku: I thought for sure that would work. Do you think she saw the paper bomb we put on the squirrel?
Dosu: No, that wasn't it.
Zaku: Than what was it, what are you thinking?
Dosu: I'm thinking we need to go closer and find out, so let's get going.

Ino as Kin: I don't understand you guys, what kind of monster would attack their own teammate?
Zaku: I guess, monsters like us.
Dosu: You see, we don't play this game by your rules, it's not the scrolls we're after or even passing this test.
Ino as Kin: What then?
Dosu: Sasuke!

Zaku: Did you really think you could beat us? Face it, you ninja are a bunch of hacks!
Dosu: From a second rate village.
Neji: Then I guess your village is third rate.

[English dubbed version. Episode 43] (Shikamaru has just hit Kin with his Shadow Possession Jutsu, forcing her to replicate his movements)

Kin:So we mirror each other's movements, so what? A cute trick, but what do you gain by it?
Shikamaru: Man you're annoying. Shut up and watch.

(The two of them take out Shuriken. Shikamaru grins ominously)

Kin: You must be insane! If you throw that shuriken at me, you'll just be attacking yourself!
Shikamaru: Makes it kind of interesting, doesn't it?
Kin: You wouldn't! You couldn't!
Shikamaru: Yeah? Like a game of chicken, let's see who ducks first!
Kin: You're crazy!

(They throw their shuriken at each other. At the last moment, Shikamaru leans backwards, out of the shuriken's path)

Kin: Big deal! I'll do that too! (leans back, causing her head to crash into the wall behind her, knocking her out)
Shikamaru: And that's what I call using your head!

[Kurenai takes Hinata's pulse]
Kurenai: [thinks] Oh, no. She's going into cardiac arrest. [glares at Neji] Was he really trying to kill her?
Neji: [smugly] I really wouldn't waste your time glaring at me when you really should be taking care of her.

Kankuro: You're an interesting guy, I like you.
Naruto: You're not interesting, I don't like you.
Kankuro: [Thinking] This toast!

Jiraiya: Stop saying that! I am not a little pervert!
Naruto: Oh, yeah? Then what are you?!
Jiraiya: [Lets out a huge laugh] ...I'm a big one!

Might Guy: Its formal jutsu name is Chidori, and its secrets lie in the almost impossible speed of its stroke and the immense chakra focused in the arm that transforms it into a blade that can cut through anything. But... how could you have taught him such a reckless move...?
Kakashi: Like you really have the right to criticize me... [Turns to Rock Lee] Right, Lee?

Invasion and Tsunade Arcs

Episode 80 - Third, Farewell Forever...

Naruto: It's almost... unbearable, isn't it? The feeling... of being all alone...
Gaara: (Gasps at the sincerity in his voice)
Naruto: I've been there... In that same dark and lonely place... But I've found others... others who accept me for who I am... That's why I will protect them... even if I have to kill you.
Gaara: But why?... Why would you do this... for anyone but yourself?
Naruto: Because... they saved me from myself... They're my friends. They are precious to me...

[Overlooking the Leaf Village after Orochimaru's failed invasion]

Kisame: Looks like the Leaf Village managed to survive, but just barely.
Itachi: ...Not long ago, this village was at the peak of its glory. Look at it now...
Kisame: [scoffs] You sound almost sad. Don't tell me you still have feelings for your old home?
Itachi: No... None.

Kakashi: You're after what lies within Naruto. It's the Nine Tails, right? You're moving, but you're not the only ones who know. The organization was called... Akatsuki, was it not?
Asuma: Akatsuki?
Itachi: Kisame, get rid of Kakashi. These people need to disappear.

Episode 81-Return of the Morning Mist (needs confirmation)

Kisame: Well, who have we here?
Might Guy: The Leaf Village's fiercest beast of battle, I'm Might Guy!
Kisame: You're Might Guy, huh? Mighty stupid looking Guy!

[English dubbed version. Episode 108]

Kakashi: Let it go. You've gotta forget about revenge.
Sasuke: [Shocked] What?
Kakashi: Believe me. In this work, I've met a lot of guys who feel the way you do. Trust me. For those who follow the path of revenge, it never ends well.. You'll only tear yourself apart. And even if you succeed and you get your revenge, what will you have then? Nothing. Emptiness.
Sasuke: Shut up! What makes you think you know anything about it?! It's easy for you to talk. You have NO idea!
Kakashi: Just try to calm down.
Sasuke: [Angry] Maybe if I was to kill the most important people in YOUR life, everyone who's ever meant anything. Maybe THEN I'd listen to you because maybe THEN you'll have some idea how I feel!
Kakashi: Hmm. It's an interesting theory. But I'm afraid you're a little late to put it to the test. [Smiles softly] Everyone you're talking about has already been killed.
Sasuke: [Eyes widen in shock]
Kakashi: I've been around longer than you have, kid. And I've seen my share of troubles. You're not the only one who knows what it's like to lose somebody... So, it looks like neither of us has led a charmed life, exactly, have we? Still, we're not all that bad off. At least you and I have been lucky enough to find new comrades to help fill the void.

Sakura: If you leave, I'll scream!
[Sasuke appears behind Sakura]
Sasuke: Sakura... thank you.
[Sasuke knocks her out]

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

[English Dubbed Uncut Episode 112] [Just found Sound Five]

Naruto: Alright! I can finally bring back Sasuke!
Kiba: Hold on a sec. I wanna show 'em my moves first!
Chouji: Me too!
Shikamaru: Wait a minute. First we make a plan...then we nail those bastards.

Naruto: I'll crush you!
Kimimaro: You shouldn't make promises you can't keep.
Naruto: Shut up!

[Temari comes to assist Shikamaru]

Tayuya: Who are you?
Temari: Konoha's allies....

[Kankuro has come to assist Kiba]

Kankuro: The shinobi...

[Gaara has come to aid Lee]

Gaara: Of the sand!

Temari: We owe you a favor now, don't we?
Shikamaru: No, we just repaid you a favor, that's all. We'll do an even better job if something like this ever happens again.
Temari: Well, I'll acknowledge that you did so-so this time.
Shikamaru: There you go again! This is why I hate women!

Temari: [having just indirectly killed Tayuya] Well, it's over....
Shikamaru: What a violent person. She's even scarier than my mom.

Kimimaro: Without sand, you can't do anything.
Gaara: As long as I have sand, I can do everything.

Episode 127 - Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!

After barely winning against Kimimaro
Gaara: It was sheer luck... I should have been killed.
Rock Lee: No, it was not meant to be. My Sensei has often said to me: "A good ninja makes his own luck."
Gaara: ...That meddlesome mother hen...
Rock Lee: (offended) Guy-Sensei is nothing of the sort! Yes, he stepped in, but only that once, and only because I was not strong enough. I am very grateful to you for having saved my life, but I warn you, I will not abide of anyone speaking ill of my Sensei.
Gaara: So you're another one, eh?
Rock Lee: Huh?
Gaara: You have someone in your life whom you honor and revere so much that every hurt inflicted on them is inflicted on you as well. And the closer they are to you, the greater the pain.
Kimimaro: (memory) --I will live on. I am not alone. A part of me will live on in Lord Orochimaru's heart forever. --He is the one, the only one who gave my life meaning!! How could YOU ever understand that?!?
Gaara: To feel so strongly for someone you would fight for them...and die for them. You and Naruto Uzumaki have that in common. However, what if this person you honor and would even die for is not a virtuous person?
Rock Lee: Impossible! Such a person would be unworthy of honor or respect.
Gaara: No...perhaps the companionship of an evil preferable to loneliness...

[English dubbed version; Episode 130]

Sasuke: Is that really all you've got? Come on! After all that big talk...that's it?! That was your Way of the Shinobi?!
Naruto: Hmph!
Sasuke: [Sees Naruto coming out behind a tree] Hmph! You still think we're on the same team don't you? If you're not convinced yet...[Charges at Naruto] I'll just have to spell it out for you! [Lands a punch at Naruto]
Naruto: [Takes the punch, and moves away from Sasuke]
Sasuke: [Moves toward Naruto] What are you waiting for?! [Land punches as Naruto defends and dodges] I want to see what the Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja has got!

Other Episodes

[English dubbed version. Episode 144, Flashback]

Hiruzen: It's hard to believe it's been a year already. Your instructors tell me you're among the most playful of their students, always full of fun. You're very brave. It's hard to hide sadness behind laughter.
Iruka: [As a child] What makes you think I'm sad about anything?! It's a noble thing to die in the line of duty, right? My parents gave their lives to protect this place from the fox demon. I'm the son of heroes. How can I be sad when they died that way?! I'm not even sad because they went and left me all alone..if I cry, it's 'cause I'm proud.
Hiruzen: It's all right, Iruka. I know that somewhere inside of you, there's a boy curled up in a ball of pain. But remember this, you are not alone. Inside every ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village burns the Will of Fire.
Iruka: The Will of Fire?
Hiruzen: It's what gives us the strength to defend our village. It's the unbreakable bond that ties us all together. It's what makes us a family. I wonder, do you have it yet, young as you are?

[English dubbed version; Episode 176]

Kiba: Okay, those guys need to be stopped. Naruto and I can handle that. Meanwhile, you head back at your own pace. Be careful. Your leg is still injured so don't push it.
Hinata: [Nods] I won't overdo it.
Naruto: Here's the plan. Head home at your own pace but be careful. That leg is still hurt, you know.
Kiba: Didn't I just tell her that? Were you paying attention?!
Naruto: What's that? I zoned out.
Hinata: [Blushes] Thanks, Naruto.
Kiba: [Grunts] Come on, idea boy. [Pulls Naruto by his collar]

Other Dialogue

[Naruto, with beads of sweat pouring down his face, nervously turns his head.]

Naruto: [weakly]: It was an accident!! I swear!
Sakura: [shaking with fury] Naruto.... [Cracks her knuckles] YOU MAKE ME SICK!
Naruto: [whispering] Why are you...?

[Soon after, Naruto is seen with smoke rising from his hair, a bruised and swollen face, and scratches all over his body.]

Naruto: You know, I always thought of you as...
Hinata: [thinking] What? What?
Naruto: A dark, timid and weird person. [Hinata slumps her shoulders in disappointment] But you know, I like people like you... ["people like you" echoes in Hinata's mind]

Fugaku: Stop it, Itachi! What in the world is the matter with you?! Itachi, you've been strange lately.
Itachi: There's nothing strange about me... I have my own duties to fulfill. That's all.
Fugaku: Then why didn't you come last night?
Itachi: To achieve the next state....
Fugaku: What are you saying?
[Itachi draws a kunai, throwing it at a wall with an Uchiha crest]
Itachi: I've had enough.... There's no hope for this pathetic clan.

[Kimimaro and the Sound Four are staring each other down after Orochimaru gives Kimimaro the Earth Seal.]

Kimimaro: Which do you choose? To die... or to obey?
Sakon: Obey... is what you will do!

[They all jump down at Kimimaro, but are easily defeated. Jirobou and Kidomaru collapse.]

Kimimaro: This is all you can do, four against one? I will ask once more. Which do you choose?

[Tayuya and Sakon look at each other and then bow down.]

Kimimaro: Very good. From now on, we're the Sound Five.

Sakura: Hey Sasuke, when we get back do you want to do something with me?
Sasuke: Uh, I don't think so.
Sakura: Oh....
Naruto: Hey Sakura, I'll do something with you.
Sakura: Hey you, that was a private conversation!

Sakura: What's wrong?
Naruto: Well, Kurenai-sensei is leaving Team 8, so I'm going to talk to Grandma Tsunade about it.
Sakura: I don't think it would do any good. Probably—
Naruto: It'll be fine! I know where she hides her sake! If I reveal that to Shizune..

Naruto: Hey, Sasuke! what do you call a Nine-tailed fox with half a brain?
Sasuke: Ha ha ha! Beats me, Naruto. What?

(both laugh')'

Shino: We need to have a good, leisurely talk for a change. This is also part of teamwork. I would like to hear what your mission was like.
Kiba: Well, it sure was something! Though you wouldn't understand it even if I explained it to you. [thinks] I won't let Akamaru go through that ever again. For that, I need to polish my techniques more, and...
Shino: No, I would like to hear about it properly. Because that's what teamwork is all about.
Kiba: Are you sulking because you were left out? [Shino stops walking but says nothing] So you are.

Naruto: There are no bad people among ramen lovers!
Choji: No. That is incorrect, Naruto.
Shikamaru: Tell it the way it is, Choji.
Choji: There are no bad people who like Ichiraku Ramen!

Ino:: So that old man Gennou wasn't a bad guy?
Choji: Didn't I say in the very beginning, "Anyone who enjoys eating Ichiraku Ramen can't be a bad guy"?
Ino:: Huh? Didn't that guy actually hate ramen?
Choji: Ichiraku ramen is different.
Shikamaru: It's impossible to eat something you hate very day.
Choji: Exactly!

[Naruto finishes his ramen and sees Gennou's reflection in the remaining soup]

Naruto: It's kinda hard to eat myself. Oh, it's yummy! Hinata, you'll definitely be a good wife someday!
Hinata(thinking): A wife...

Naruto(Talking about Hinata): I never knew Hinata was this incredible...
Rock Lee: She's very similar to you...
Sakura: Oh yeah...she was always watching you.
Naruto: Huh?

Sakura: They're insane.
Naruto: Probably.

Baki: Gaara, where are you going?
Gaara: To remind myself I'm alive.

Jirobo: Man, it's no wonder you never had a boyfriend. You're such a-
Tayuya: Shut it, fatso.

Shikamaru: [Whispers] Hey! Dad.
Shikaku: What is it?
Shikamaru: What on earth made you want to marry such a crabby woman like mom?
Shikaku: [Ponders for a moment] That's a good question. Even a crab like your mom can be gentle sometimes. She has her moments.
Shikamaru: [Slightly frustrated] That's the reason?

Naruto: (Spots Hinata and Sakura) There she is. Hey, Hinata!
Sakura: What is it?
Hinata: What's going on?
Naruto: Hinata, you're the one I want.
(Hinata and Sakura gasp not realizing that he is just asking for her help and not asking her out on a date)
Sakura: What the heck is wrong with you? You idiot, saying stuff like that right now!
Hinata: I never knew. I don't know what to say.
Naruto: I need you, Hinata.
Hinata: Oh Naruto, I never knew you could be so impetuous.
Naruto: (Gets frustrated and sees Neji) Never mind, I'll ask Neji. See ya!
Hinata: Huh?!
(Fake Naruto runs into Sakura while she's carrying books)
Sakura: (Upset) Something maybe you'd like to say?! Like... Oh, I don't know, "sorry"?!
Fake Naruto: (Laughs) Ha, ha, ha, ha... Check it out! You're so clumsy you landed right on your butt! (Taunts) What's the matter? Can't walk and carry books at the same time? Some ninja you are, you big klutz! (Runs off)
Sakura: (Stands up angrily) By the time I'm done with you, Naruto, you won't have a butt... (Yelling) 'cause I'm gonna kick it all over the village!
Naruto: Sakura! Get out of the way!
Sakura: (Glares from behind her) Naruto! Shut up!!! (Punches Naruto in the chin, sending him soaring)
Naruto: (Slurred) What was that for?
Sakura: (Clueless) Wait a minute... If Naruto ran off in that direction... (points to her left) did he come by the other way so quickly? (Points to her right)

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