Napoleon (1995 film)

1995 film directed by Mario Andreacchio

Napoleon is a 1995 Australian family film directed by Mario Andreacchio, and written by Michael Bourchier, Mario Andreacchio and Mark Saltzman about a golden retriever puppy who runs away from his city home to be a wild dog.

He's Boldy Going Where No House Pet Has Ever Gone Before. (taglines)




Cat: Time to rid my house of the mouse.
Napoleon: Huh? What?
Cat: The mouse.
Napoleon: H-huh... good thing I'm not a mouse...
Cat: You can't fool me with that pitiful disguise. I'll rip it off you!

Cat: That's it! No more games!

Conan: What? Oh, no! Oh, no! It's my mother!
Mother Penguin: I'm telling you, he came down here!
Conan: Quick, you gotta hide me!
Mother Penguin: Pengi!
Conan: Maybe, I can hide behind these rocks.
Mother Penguin: Pengi!
Conan: Oh, no! It's too late!
Mother Penguin: Pengi, come home with us! I don't need this aggravation!
Father Penguin: What are you, nuts? You're trying to give us all a heart attack, Pengi!
Conan: My name's not Pengi! It's Conan and I'm not leaving!

Napoleon's Mum: I want you to promise me you'll never run off like that again!
Napoleon: I won't. And I want you to promise me something too.
Napoleon's Mum: Anything!
Napoleon: I want you... to call me Napoleon!
Napoleon's Mum: [laughs] From now on, you're my Napoleon.


  • He's Boldy Going Where No House Pet Has Ever Gone Before.
  • An all-Australian, all-animal, all-action tale for the whole family!
  • Meet a pup with a nose for adventure.
  • He's a little dog with a big thirst for adventure!
  • He's a hero who will capture your heart.
  • He's living the adventure of a lifetime. Meeting new friends. Seeing new sights. And facing new dangers. NAPOLEON. The tale of a little dog with a big thirst for adventure.

Voice cast

  • Jamie Croft as Napoleon (Real name: Muffin), a golden retriever pup.
  • Philip Quast as Birdo, a galah.
  • Carole Skinner as Cat.
  • Mignon Kent as Nancy.
  • Michael Wilkop as Sid.
  • Susan Lyons as Penny (Napoleon's mum) and other wallaby.
  • Brenton Whittle as Owl, Frog, Wombat, other wallaby, and desert mouse.
  • Anne-Louise Lambert as Delena cancerides.
  • Frank Whitten as Koala.
  • David Argue as Galah, and Frill necked lizard.
  • Steven Vidler as Snake, galah, Desert mouse, turtle.
  • Fiona Press as other wallaby, galah.
  • Stuart Pankin as Perenti lizard, Father Penguin.
  • Catherine Lambert, Tracey Canini, Annabel Sims, Neusa Timms, Debbie Horn, Lucia Mastrantone as the lorikeets and the rabbits.
  • Frank Welker as Horses
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