Nanabhoy "Nani" Ardeshir Palkhivala (16 January 1920 – 11 December 2002) was an Indian lawyer and jurist. Being lead counsel in cases such as Kesavananda Bharati v. The State of Kerala, I.C. Golaknath and Ors. v. State of Punjab and Anrs., Minerva Mills v. Union of India garnered him international recognition and cemented his reputation as one of India’s most eminent advocates. Between 1977 and 1979, Palkhivala also served as India's Ambassador to the United States.


  • It has been my long-standing conviction that India is like a donkey carrying a sack of gold - the donkey does not know what it IS carrying but is content to go along with the load on its back. The load of gold is the fantastic treasure - in arts, literature, culture, and some Sciences like Ayurvedic medicine - which we have inherited from the days of the splendor that was India.
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