Nadja (film)

1994 film by Michael Almereyda

Nadja is a 1994 film about vampires.

Written and directed by Michael Almereyda.
Unseen. Unforgiving. Undead. taglines
tune in, chill out, drop dead


  • Life is full of pain, my pain is the pain of fleeting joy.
  • We have come for the body of Count Voivoida Armenios Ceauşescu Dracula. I believe there is a wooden stake in the heart. You will take us to him.
    • At the morgue. And possibly a reference to Nicolae Ceauşescu the leader of communist Romania overthrown a few years earlier.

Van Helsing

  • He was like Elvis in the end. Drugged, confused, surrounded by zombies.
  • He tried to change, tried to resist the usual pattern. He managed to show some restraint. But she, she died in childbirth. [...] And after that he didn't care about anything. It was back to basics.
    • Describing the Count. Back to basics could have been read by British audiences as a reference to that policy of the Conservative Party the previous year, and a derogatory reference given the context. But this could have been accidental, given the film was an American production.)


Nadja (holding Lucy's pet tarantula Bela): What does he eat?
Lucy: Potatoes. Potato salad. Deer[?]. I tried to teach him French but he wasn't interested.
Nadja: Maybe he has a learning disability.
  • "Deer" is hard to hear, maybe "Beer".


  • Tune in, chill out, drop dead.
  • Unseen. Unforgiving. Undead.
  • Hurry, The Dead Travel Fast!


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