Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Japanese anime television series from 1990–1991

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (ふしぎの海のナディア, Fushigi no Umi no Nadia?, lit. Nadia of the Mysterious Seas) (1990-1991) is a Japanese animated television series inspired by the works of Jules Verne, particularly Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and the exploits of Captain Nemo. The series was produced by Studio Gainax and aired on NHK from 1990 to 1991, and is available on DVD in English from ADV Films. The series follows a young inventor named Jean and a former circus performer named Nadia, who wishes to return to her home in Africa.

Season 1


A Crowning Performance by the Gratan [1.10]

[Hanson and Sanson are by themselves in the Gratan, attempting to move the mines that block the Nautilus' way, unaware that Jean is onboard. They have a first mine but the engine is not giving enough power]
Sanson:: The engine is gasping. Hanson, open up the air cylinder a bit.
Hanson:: How can I? I've got my hands full right now.
[Jean opens the air cylinder]
Jean: Okay, its open. Is that enough.
Sanson:: Yeah, thanks.
[Both Hanson and Sanson look surprised and see Jean sitting there]
Sanson, Hanson:: Jean.

New Recruits for the Nautilus [1.11]

[Everyone but Marie has run out chasing after King the lion. The navigator looks in and sees Marie still eating]
Marie: Some people need to learn PROPER manners for the dining table!
Navigator: What a strange bunch.

The First Kiss [1.25]

[Jean has been eating mushrooms and begins to hallucinate. Marie enters and to Jean looks like a big fat chicken]
Jean: So, this is the main dish, tonight.
[Marie understandably gets scared and starts backing away]
Marie: W... What the...
Jean: It's so big and fat. It must be good.
[Marie gets angry at this and picks up a book that Jean had dropped earlier]
Marie: Jean, you idiot.
[At this, Marie whacks Jean on the head with surprising strength for a 4 year old]
Marie: I have a baby shape, but not fat.


[Jean is lying down in the hut, still high on shrooms, with Nadia looking down at him]
Nadia, talking to Jean: I had a dream while you were gone; I realize
that none of us can live alone, we need each other. I had never really
thought about us that way before, but now I know it to be the truth.
Jean: I had a dream once about a talking sausage.

The Floating Island [1.28]

[Marie, King, Nadia and Jean along with Ayerton have been cornered by the Grantan which they believe to be a monster. Grandis, Hanson and Sanson come out and can't be seen properly]
Grandis, Hanson, Sanson: Whether it's convenient for you or not! Here we are The Grandis Corps.
[Their faces are seen. Everyone is surprised]
Jean: Grandis.
[One by one, Grandis, Hanson and Sanson look down at them, Ayerton who is captured in the claws of the machine looks up]
Grandis: You are Nadia.
Hanson: Jean.
Sanson: Marie and King.
Grandis, Sanson, Hanson, Jean, Marie and Nadia: You are alive.

[Grandis has allowed Nadia to try and cook first. She is cooking fish and she is a vegetarian]
Grandis: Keep adding the spices until you think it's little bit too hot.
Nadia: [Wearing a mask] How am I supposed to check the taste?
[Marie, Grandis, King and Ayerton all have a look of forboding on their faces]