Na Kyung-won

South Korean politician and lawyer

Na Kyung-won (born 6 December 1963) is a South Korean judge-turned-politician. She is a member of the conservative United Future Party, which is the main opposition party, formerly called the Liberty Korea Party. She is a four-term lawmaker and the first female floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party, a post she held from December 2018 to December 2019.

Na Kyung-won in 2013


  • Korea’s perception on gender has not yet reached an advanced level.
  • One of the things I envy while watching American television dramas is an office with a sense of openness. The offices of senior executives are made of glass and are transparent. Here (in South Korea), the higher the status, the more closed the space they have – even as far as a personal bedroom.
  • Discipline and abuse are different, but there is a culture (in Korea) that identifies them and says they are a family issue.
  • More state power should be used to intervene in child abuse cases as children are the most vulnerable members of our society and find it difficult to express themselves.
  • For child abuse, there are various related institutions, such as organizations dedicated to child protection, the police and government offices. The thing is that they do not share information with each other.
  • If the United States accepts North Korea as the de facto nuclear state through a small deal, acquiring nuclear weapons is the only viable path for us, some people argue. With a small deal, demand for deploying strategic nuclear weapons will increase.