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Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda (born 23 June 1992), better known by her stage name MzVee, is a Ghanaian singer, afropop, dancehall and R&B artiste.

MzVee in 2014


  • I am from a very poor background so I only need to work hard to achieve success and be who I was before i became a star and that had made me very unique and to remain simple as well.
  • I like to mind my business all the time so I’ll advise that you also mind your business, and you’ll avoid all the wrinkles. Also, be grateful and content with what you have. I know we hear this all the time, but someone doesn’t even have what you have.
  • You think you have only 5 cedis, but guess what, someone doesn’t even have anything, so be very grateful and just keep fighting. As for the Akpl3, that’s the number one secret to my evergreen forever young looks, but the other one is that I mind my business.
  • The song Destiny, basically, I'm taking control of my life, and I am the one in charge of it. Nobody else can move my life in any other way. Just me. It's inspired by everything my life is saying today. Like, I have just been moving like this at my own pace, in my own time.
  • Destiny just has to do with me as a person and my journey so far. I started from, like, a very low point in my life. Very timid, very shy, not confident at all. I had so many... If I say mental, people will take it out of context, but I was not very okay here (head) and here (heart). But just going through life, going through music, people I've met on the way, it just brought me to a very beautiful point.
  • I think music is free. You can't tell a painter what to paint because they are from Ghana. It's a feeling so when you enter the studio and you feel like singing a French song, sing's a creative art so people you can't force anyone into a box.
  • I’m not an expert in dating. So, I didn’t know how to read red flags and all that, but now I can spot a red flag from a man. You have to be a Christian. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in God, who is not saved.
  • I picked home economics because I was lazy. I didn’t want to learn. I came to understand that it is one of the toughest things to actually do. Because the practical consumes so much of your time that you are unable to read your book. It was tough, and that’s where I learned my first lesson: nothing in life is easy. Everything is difficult. So far as you want to succeed at it, it is difficult,
  • Coming this far has not been easy, I feel older and wiser now. It also feels good, it has been an interesting journey with a lot of highs and lows, loads of lessons learnt which have all made me a much better person. Just like anyone else in this world, life is not a bed of roses all the time, somethings have come through from learning from one’s mistakes, but we thank God for where we are right now.
  • It's sad because there are women who are making it through hard work and just going through the way life is. So, people shouldn't judge quickly but at the same time, at the end of the day, people also have their own opinions. Most at times, some of these opinions are not true...People should just mind their own business.
  • Thinking about it, my lows have brought me this far, so I can't even complain and highs have been that I have just grown into myself a bit, the confidence is there, the music is more matured, yeah, I'm just loving everything I'm doing, the exposure is great, I'm meeting amazing people, just learning from them and my pocket is full.
  • This music thing was never a part of my plans at all, I grew up really confused, I had no idea what I wanted to become so every time my mind was changing on what profession I want to do. Music is a blessing I stumbled upon because I was so confused about what I wanted to do until it just came to me accidentally, coming into it from my life before where I was very reserved and quiet.
  • Our generation is so pressed! So fast! And so unhappy. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.
  • It was fantastic, this is actually my first event that I have planned with my team like this is the first time I've been very involved in a concert concerning me. So it was very interesting to see how the process was like and it was very nice to know that I have so much love from my colleagues in the music industry.
  • I get a lot of people trying to get me into trouble by saying things about me that are untrue. I hear stuff about me that I sometimes want to respond to but when I look at my brand and my focus, I intentionally forget about everything and let it go. Staying out of trouble is so easy for me but I wonder why some celebrities are not able to do so.
  • Going online to exchange words or explaining myself about a particular issue about me is the last thing I would ever do. Ignoring my haters is so simple for me. I have been doing it over the years and it has really helped my brand. That is the reason my issues are not out there. More so, I want to work with serious brands and I know good brands don’t want celebrities with too much drama around them.
  • I am very emotional and the last thing I want to see is for a friend or someone I know to betray me. I cannot just stand that so I keep very few friends I trust so that I don’t get hurt. It takes a while for my heart to heal when it gets broken.
  • I’m really grateful for the love, truth is, I was not expecting it like that and I am grateful to everyone. I must say, the love and affection shown me since I my come back is more than before and I’m humbled. You see, there are others who take a break, come back and it doesn’t work out for them but I have been showed something different.
  • Music is what I do, I love music so yes it has been worth it, it was very necessary that I come back and I’m glad I did.
  • I am not one of those who concentrate on regrets, I believe everything we go through are life lessons, the mistakes, they all make us better people.
  • Our (music) industry is one that has a lot of things going on; everyone is fighting for fame so I will say it is a dirty one but in the sense that, the industry is really crazy so they have to be patient.
  • The music industry is progressing, I don’t see Ghana music today the same as it was. Things are getting better every single day; the shows and security have become better. There’s more room for improvement on everyone’s side.
  • I was deeply sad all the time. Very angry all the time, I didn't want to talk to anyone...I was just really away from everybody. Depression gets to a point where you don't even know what in particular is worrying you. It's so many things you've harboured for so long and you explode at a point and you don't know why but you are just sad. I've always known that I was not okay but 2018 was the height of everything.
  • If we don't speak up, nothing will change. Join me in taking a stand against all forms of child abuse. Be a Ghanaian Against Child Abuse.
  • Most often, we talk and act like we can do things on our own but that is not the truth, we all need help at some point in our lives and I believe our music industry is not different. We first have to admit we need help, put down the kind of help we need and we move from there.
  • If I was not doing music, my life would have been boring. I do not see what I would be good at, I can’t do an 8 to 5 job. I am the kind of person who wants to be on the go every time, music is my everything.
  • Girls, we are a different breed, we have too many things going on with us and girls live by what they hear and how they feel. Girls easily fall for pressure. If you are not brought up with that confidence and you don't have people who keep telling you being you is 100% enough you will fall really easily.
  • I am not jealous at all. You know per the human nature, it is expected that someone gets jealous when things like this happen but the truth is, I am not all because for me, music is not a race or a competition, it is about passion.
  • When I started music, some people were telling me to deviate a little bit from my personality, that is, wear something more explicit and sing more explicit songs, but I told them it wouldn't last because I couldn't sustain it. I have been this way from the beginning and I would not change, and that is why my brand has lasted.
  • It hasn’t been an easy journey on a truthful note, God has been good to me. Many people started long before I ever dreamt of charting this path but I can boast of awards and many international nominations as well. I think it’s not by my might but the handiwork of God that I have reached this height of my career.
  • Dance moves do not make me good in bed neither am I what they perceive me to be when they see me on stage or in my music videos. The truth of the matter is that, I love to dance and I am good at twisting and winding my waist which so far, I think has been very helpful to me as a performer.
  • Well, I am that kind of person who just does her work and any awards that comes surprises me. I don't put my mind on awards or anything like that so when they come they do surprise me.

Quotes about MzVee

  • If she (MzVee) says she does everything on her own, I wrote most of her songs, I don't think it's disrespectful. I wrote Daavi, Come and See My Mother featuring Yemi Alade, and I Don't Know so she didn't do anything by herself. She doesn't do stuff on her own, as she claims. I have helped, so I'm just hoping that she will appreciate rather than making it look like I never did anything for her. Because I never took even GHS1 from her.
  • I watched MzVee's recent interview with Delay, she is not cured. MzVee is still depressed because depression is not cured - it's manageable. The church does not manage depression, it would rather give you false hope. MzVee currently into the music scene is no different from the depressed MzVee. She broke bounds from the house, an indiscipline behaviour that she should be disciplined.
  • Yes - her (MzVee) colleague musician Efya could offer help but that's not enough. The last time I watched her interview with Delay critically, she's still going through depression. When you're treated properly out of depression, the sort of things that earlier made you feel bad, you'll be okay with it now no matter how long they say to offend you. We call it total recovery in professional counselling. She needs to seek professional counselling if she wants to go ahead with her music, else whatever happened to her when it's being repeated, she'll break down.
  • MzVee and I work together a lot so we spend a lot of time together. We have become good friends and nothing more, there is nothing romantic between us.


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