Myma Belo-Osagie


Myma Adwowa Belo-Osagie (née Bentsi-Enchill), is a managing partner at Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie law firm in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a graduate of the University of Ghana as well as the Harvard Law School.


  • Corona has always maintained a reputation for academic excellence. But what we were lacking at the time was a sense of the world around us. We didn’t have much general knowledge; that was why we started this quiz – to help our students appreciate the importance of knowing what is going on outside of their particular bubble


  • At the heart of the legal practice today, there are two essentials. The first is business. It is essential that a Law firm is run like a business. This means that the objective is to solve the client’s problem as efficiently as possible. In pursuit of this efficiency, there is a need for top quality support staff in addition to competent legal practitioners. The value of competent support staff is evident in the increasing number of law firms that employ the members of staff to occupy roles such as chief operation officer, head of human resources, practice managers and other similar staff. The second essential for a 21st Century legal practice is ethics. It is of utmost importance that the ethics are not compromised on.
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