My Super Psycho Sweet 16

2009 television film directed by Jacob Gentry

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is an American teen horror slasher film, based on the popular MTV show, My Super Sweet 16. The film follows two girls: an outcast named Skye Rotter, and Madison Penrose, a girl who has been spoiled throughout her life. Madison convinces her parents to re-open the Roller-Dome (that Rotter's father once owned) for her sweet sixteenth birthday party. The Roller-Dome had been closed because a series of brutal murders took place. Ten years later, the killer comes back to wreak havoc during her party.

A party to die for. (taglines)

Madison Penrose

  • What the WTF is she doing at my sweet 16!
  • The only reason Brigg would talk to a psycho like you is if he felt sorry for you.
  • You can't ruin my birthday! No one can ruin this night!
  • Idk Olivia!
  • Who wants to party!?


Madison Penrose: You psycho skank! You ruined my party!
Skye Rotter: It wasn't me! [figure appears] It was my father.

Madison Penrose: [after Olivia's corpse collides with her birthday cake] MY SUSHI CAAAAKE!!!!
Madison Penrose: You actually like that loser? What, do you have a serial killer fetish or something?

Kevin: Hey! Hey, weirdo!
Brigg: Leave her alone, man!
Kevin: No no no. You'd give your left nut to do it with this guy, wouldn't you?
Skye Rotter: Sounds like you'd give your left nut to do it with him.
Kevin: What'd you-what'd you say freak show?
Skye Rotter: Nothing I just think that Brigg can do better than a quarterback like you.
Kevin: Haha funny. Idiot! I'm not a quarterback, I'm a receiver.
Skye Rotter: I bet you are.
Kevin: What? That's not what- Look I'm not gay for Brigg!
[He looks at Brigg who is trying to hide his laughter.]
Brigg: I'm sorry.
Kevin: Okay you know what? [points to Skye] Screw you. [points to Brigg] And I'll see you at practise.

Brigg: That was sweet.
Skye Rotter: Yeah well Kevin makes it easy. [awkward silence] Well see you later.
Brigg: Okay. [turns around] Hey Skye- you're in Mr. Neely's bio class right? Um did you finish the lab? [she stares at him] What?
Skye Rotter: Um nothing. I'm just not used to popular people talking to me.
Brigg: Well relax. I'm just like everybody else. Except way cooler. [both laugh] Yeah.

Madison Penrose: All right Olivia, what are you peeing your pants about?
Olivia: I just saw your ex flirting in the hallway with Skye Rotter!
Madison Penrose: Tell me you did not just say that.
Olivia: It's true! They were totally digging on each other!
Chloe: I can't believe Brigg is into that freak. I mean Skye Rotter is a psycho!
Madison Penrose: He's not into her. We just broke up. Besides when he sees me at my party, he'll be begging to get back with me.
Chloe: Definitely.
Olivia: I don't know Madison. There was a vibe going on there. I think she's trying to move in on him.
Madison Penrose: Well then we'll just have to remind Skye that there are some boys who are out of her league.

Derek: Okay, let's make a pact. If I haven't lost my virginity by the end of this semester, you'll take it from me.
Skye Rotter: Like by force?
Derek: Trust me, that won't be necessary.
Skye Rotter: I'm not going to sleep with you, Derek.
Derek: Oh come on look. We're best friends ok? Best friends sleep with each other. Please? I'd do it for you.
Skye Rotter: Have faith. You'll find some poor pathetic girl who will give it up.
Derek: You keep saying that. I just don't see it happening.
Skye Rotter: So I think Brigg was flirting with me this morning.
Derek: I think you're off your meds!
Skye Rotter: No seriously we had like a moment.
Derek: You and the Brigg-man huh? Yeah I mean that- that's that's cool. That's awesome. And it could happen. I'm not saying it couldn't. I mean you're cute. And you- you're really starting to fill out that A-cup.
Skye Rotter: Screw off. [puts her head on his shoulder] You're right it was probably nothing.
Derek: This is nice.
Skye Rotter: You seriously weird me out.

Brigg: You need a ride?
Skye Rotter: Uh no thanks. I'm good.
Brigg: It's a long walk in flip-flops.
Skye Rotter: You know I shouldn't even be talking to you. Your crazy girlfriend is the reason I'm rocking this one-piece.
Brigg: Ex girlfriend. Come on, I definitely owe you a ride home. Get in the car- come on.
[Brigg accidentally drives up on the curb.]
Brigg: Oh! Whoa. My bad. Look I'm really sorry Madison's been messing with you.
Skye Rotter: Yeah I guess she thinks there's like something going on between us...Weird right.
Brigg: So what- what are you doing Saturday night?
Skye Rotter: The usual, I mean me and Derek will probably just go to the mall and make fun of all the other kids that have no lives.
Brigg: Cool.
Skye Rotter: Um but I mean you know that's not set in stone or anything. I mean if something else came up...
Brigg: Actually I was wondering if you might want to hang out with me on Saturday.
Skye Rotter: What about Madison?
Brigg: What about her? We're broken up.
Skye Rotter: She wants to kill me.
Brigg: Don't worry, I got your back.

Skye Rotter: You know just once I would love to be a normal human being!
Derek: Well then you should crash Madison's party with me.
Skye Rotter: Yeah that's a terrible idea.
Derek: No no no Skye look. Maybe it's a really great idea? You always um..
[Woman on the computer moans.]
Skye Rotter: What are you looking at?
[Woman moans again.]
Derek: How do you clear your browser history?

[Doorbell rings]
Skye Rotter: Stay out of my underwear drawer.
Derek: That was one time. It was just once.

[Skye sees that Brigg is at the door.]
Skye Rotter: Wish I wasn't wearing sweats right now.
Brigg: Hey.
Skye Rotter: Hey...Something on your mind?
Brigg: Yeah. Listen about- about Saturday night. I'm not gonna be able to go...
Skye Rotter: Brigg it's cool. I mean, I get it. It's the party of the year.
Brigg: No no no no no it's not that. It's just- it's complicated me and Madison have historyand it's a big night for her...
Skye Rotter: Don't- don't even- don't even worry about it.
Brigg: Let me make it up to you.
Skye Rotter: Okay. Um...You and I both know this isn't gonna work. [He gives her a look] I mean you' and I' know.
Brigg: It's not like that.
Skye Rotter: It's exactly like that. I mean, I just need to accept the fact that I'm always going to be...
[Brigg kisses her.]
Brigg: I like you Skye and I wanna spend more time with you. I just have to go to this party. And- and after that you and me are gonna go out. Nice sweats by the way.
Skye Rotter: Shut up!
Derek: Was that Brigg!
Skye Rotter: You still wanna crash that party?

Madison Penrose: Why are you doing this?
Skye Rotter: Because he thinks you deserve it.
Madison Penrose: That's not true. Tell him it's not true.
Skye Rotter: I tried to tell him Madison. I tried to tell you're a good person. That he's got you all wrong.
Madison Penrose: It's true. I-I am a good person.
Skye Rotter: But you're not. You're a monster.
Madison Penrose: I'm a monster? What about your crazy-ass, mask-wearing dad? He killed my friend! He killed the boy you like!
Skye Rotter: The boy you tortured me for liking.
Madison Penrose: That was a joke!
Skye Rotter: You're a bully Madison.
Madison Penrose: So I'm a bully, I'm a huge bitch. I don't deserve to die for that!

Madison Penrose: Help me, you freak!
[Skye closes the gate, trapping Madison with the killer.]
Madison Penrose: What are you doing? You can't do this!
Skye Rotter: Have a super birthday, Madison.
[Skye leaves Madison shouts after her.]
Madison Penrose: I always knew you were a psycho! You loser! You're nothing! You're a nobody! You suck!


  • Every girl dreams of turning 16 and celebrating in style, but things don't go as planned.
  • Madison's party is about to go from super... to psycho.
  • This October, everyone's invited, no one escapes.
  • Madison Penrose is turning 16 and it's a party full of surprises no one will forget.
  • Things are about to get psycho.
  • A party to die for.


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